An Expectant Brooke Mueller With Rebecca Gayheart


An expectant Brooke Mueller was snapped at Cafe Med with friend Rebecca Gayheart. Brooke is expecting twin boys with husband, Charlie Sheen.

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  1. klj says

    Yeah, I agree with all of the other posts – she looks horrendous. I would never leave the house looking like that – especially being in the public eye and knowing that everyone’s criticizing. Yep, this marriage is doomed, especially with a crazy sex addict husband. I’m sure even with the lights out he won’t bang this anymore – gross!!!

  2. nicole miller says

    Wow! These comments made by the public are so harsh. Lots of pregnant women are too tired and exhausted to waste their time with glamour. Believe me after she has the kids and she is feeling like herself again she will look like amazing. Pregnancy strain does make a woman take less interest in her looks but that is a temporary matter. Pregnant women should all be given a break. Pregnancy is tough. I think she looks happy and I hope their marriage lasts. Brook seems like a very loyal and down to earth person and Charlie has probably matured alot from his past with Denise which hopefully will make this marriage stronger. I would hate to see them fail. I think Brook and Charlie look good together.

  3. catsue says

    This was an “engineered” pregnancy. Remember all the tabloid headlines that said he didn’t want any more daughters (he has 3, at least the ones we know about) and said he wanted twin sons. Well- obviously they selected male sperm and they did the dish thing, and then she was injected with 2 male fertilized eggs.

    Let’s see how long this one lasts!

  4. says

    I just read this on PH (click on my name).

    Maybe when Charlie leaves Brooke she and her new BFF Denise will have something to talk about!

  5. madison says

    A week after their second daughter’s birth, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have announced her name, Garner’s reps tell PEOPLE exclusively.

    It is Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck.

  6. Ughhhh says

    I agree with other posters here. I think they both look awful. I have no idea where Cafe Med is or what kind of place it is, but even when I was well past my due date, I didn’t leave the house looking like that!

  7. Eli says

    Rockstar Mama! I so agree with you. I expect Brooke’s marriage to Charlie to last no longer than a year after birth of the twin boys.

  8. Rockstar Mama! says

    Brooke does look pretty worn out. I’m not criticizing because I know I was tired when I was expecting, and I can’t imagine carrying twins — I just know that if I were married to a jerk like Charlie Sheen I would try to make more of an effort before he left me for some model! LOL

    But maybe she has it made since she’s giving him his boys!

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