Ben Affleck & His Mother Pick Up Violet From School


Ben Affleck and his mother were snapped picking up Violet from school today in Santa Monica.

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  1. SbK says

    ^^^ what a generalisation. what is someone like you doing on here then?? you must obviously be lacking in the brain department too then.

  2. realitycheckp0int says

    why would anybody care about this? do you people have lives? OMG ben affleck picked his daughter up from school! which is a completely non-exciting activity, except he’s on tv so it makes it cool!

    none of you have brains. get your tubes tied.

  3. MiracleMileMom says

    Does anyone else recognize the name Seraphina from the Barbie movie The Princess and the Pauper? The princess has a cat named Seraphina.

    It’s not HORRIBLE, though. Maybe they will just call her Rose 🙂

  4. Lurker says

    #24 beat me to it!

    Seraphina Rose Elizabeth..well, I’d thought it would be a normal name..but, I guess we can all think wrong sometimes, right? :o(

  5. allie says

    Jen and Ben have named their baby Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck. it say it on and on

  6. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Violet is Jennifer’s grandmothers name.. Anne is Jen’s
    middle name…Wish Ben would take her somewhere else
    like to a mall or a store … or Some playground..

  7. MiracleMileMom says

    The weather in LA is great!! We went to Disneyland yesterday (same day it seems this picture was taken) and it was 84 degrees!! They are in Santa Monica which is a little closer to the beach and probably about 10 degrees cooler, which would have made it 74 degrees.

  8. hannahmumma says

    they live in california and don’t need a winter coat…unless they are going to the mountains!

  9. Niloofar says

    the pic is FAB 🙂

    Sorry, how is the weather in U.S!!!???, I become so surprise when see them wearing not very warm clothes!!!!

  10. joueala says

    violet is always carried by either her mom or dad.. unlike before that she’s younger, i saw her walking by herself with her mom…

  11. Stacia says

    To Bliss:
    I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING! I saw this and was like “she looks that pesi girl”…(hallie kate eisenberg)

    I think its the eyes and the dimples…

  12. Anonymous says

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  13. Suzi says

    I love this family. Keep the everyday pictures coming. Its so nice to see a happy normal family in Hollywood.
    (Love the baseball hats Ben wears: love that he is such a true fan to his hometown team) .

    Cant wait to see the new baby!

  14. Stacia says

    #4 (NSGirl)…i dont think they’ll pick a stupid name…violet is a pretty classic and nice name. it’s not like they’re gonna have one named Violet & another named Bella-Loona. haha :-p You know what i mean…they probably have a name style they like….some in general like traditional names, others like unique ones…based on “violet” im assuming the 2nd babys name will not be too out there. we shall see however…i do wish it would be released already!!!

  15. NSGirl says

    Release the damn baby’s name already! lol…I’ve been checking on here like a maniac! Please Lord make it be not stupid! 🙂

  16. NSGirl says

    Release the damn baby’s name already! lol…I’ve been checking on here like a maniac! Please Lord make it be not stupid! 🙂

  17. uk sue says

    Totally agree #2, bored with all the photos, can’t make out though which parent Violet resembles!

  18. colle says

    this is the most popular place for pics w/this family. Jen at the school, ben at the school, for goodness sakes jen and ben at the school and now they even snapped gramma!!!

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