Heidi & Seal Enjoy A Morning At The Park With Their Children


Seal, 35, and Heidi were snapped enjoying the morning in a West Hollywood park with their children Henry, 3, Johan, 2, and Leni, 4.

Heidi has such a gorgeous family!

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  1. yayaya says

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  3. Kayleigh says

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  4. yayaya says

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  7. Niloofar-1993 says

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  8. Kayleigh says

    Hello, I would just like to say it wasn’t ‘me’ posting those nasty comments about this family, I’d never be R.acist towards anybody……and Josie yes I’am sorry about previous threads.

  9. Niloofar-93 says

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  10. says

    I think Johan is the CUTEST of all Heidi”s kids — long hair and all ! Yes, his hair COULD do with a trimming….but he is still a little cutie pie 😉

  11. 2teens says

    Hey Josie, Happy 2009 to you as well! You didn’t miss much, same-old same-old with that one… you’re right, a time out is just what she needs. I hope you’re not freezing too much in Canada-land these days.

    Niloofar, I really like your comments in #30. You show a lot of understanding and maturity. Maybe you will have a future career as a therapist.

  12. Josie says

    Hi 2teens – Happy New Year!!
    I just dropped in today and I’m surprised to see what’s been going on. I missed the comments that Kayleigh wrote but based on the reaction they got, I’m sure they were nasty. I gave her a taste of her own medicine not too long ago. You know how I can dish it if need be, but I am trying to behave a lot nicer in general. She’s been getting on people’s cases for a while now. I think some time out is good for her. Although, surprisingly she did apologize to me in a previous thread for being such a brat. I think there is still hope for her.

    Heidi and Seal’s kids are very cute. I really like Johan’s (and Henry’s) afro hair!!

  13. Niloofar-93!!! says

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  16. sunny says

    Heidi is SO skinny!!! I wonder if she is just naturally that skinny or if she really starves herself alot.

  17. yayaya says

    OK Niloo, you are right, but if we don’t fight with eachother the babyrazzi is not cool.
    I like the fights of babyrazzi =)
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  18. yayaya says

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  19. 2teens says

    I am all for free speech Niloofar, but there comes a time when common sense has to prevail and when ra.ci.st commentary is directed towards children it is that time. Nobody forced WM to erase the comments… it was her choice and I think she made the right one.

  20. Niloofar says

    everybody can post a comment here, it’s FREE . so if some of you don’t agree with some comments, you shouldn’t ask for erasing them, even, those comments be REALLY RIDICULOUS, you can just DON’T CARE ABOUT THEM!!!!

    Kayleigh-I know that, you are a good girl , just be ABIT logical 🙂

  21. Charlie says

    aww what a gorgoues family .. i reckon they will add another lil one towards the end of the year and i hope they have a lil girl 🙂

  22. memphislis says

    Wow, Johan is beautiful. His skin is gorgeous! I have a friend with mixed kids and she has her boy’s hair in locs. It is adorable and looks a little neater, I think.

  23. Gaby says

    i really have no comment about heidi and seal but jus curious about kayleigh who said ” if only you knew who i was”. who are you? the kkk?

  24. 2teens says

    “…If only you knew who i was.”

    LMAO!! Nobody cares who you are. You’re a legend in your own mind.

  25. Kate says

    wow, you people are all so immature! Heidi, Seal, Leni, Henry, and Johan are such a gorgeous beyond gorgeous family! Seriously, they are all so good-looking! I love them, such an adorable family 🙂

  26. Kayleigh says

    Report me all you want lmao…ya see the thing is dear, I’ve been coming here for the past 3 years…If only you knew who i was.

  27. 2teens says

    Once again no photo of Henry. He always seems to be left out of these photo ops. I think he is such an adorable boy.

  28. Char says

    Johan and leni are definately more like heidi where henry is more like seal. Leni is soo much like her mum though it’s uncanny! Cute family though.

  29. yayaya says

    Kayleigh, I think you saw your face in the screen and ,right away you wrote your name, GORILLAS!!!

  30. joueala says

    i love leni… she’s such a doll…
    i like seeing heidi with leni.. they’re absolutely a like-mother-like-daughter pair…

  31. Just observing says

    Who exactly are you referring to Kayleigh? I do not see any animals in these pictures. I guess its easy to be ignorant when you’re hiding behind your computer screen.

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