Lisa Rinna Opens Up About Motherhood, Plastic Surgery & Playboy


(In the above pic Lisa Rinna was snapped arriving at LAX with daughters Delilah, 10, and Amelia, 7, from their Miami holiday earlier this month)

Below is MomLogic’s recent interview with Lisa Rinna:

ML: How do you make sure that your daughters don’t feel the pressure to be thin when you are so famous for your fit figure?
Lisa Rinna: I really work hard at that. I think it’s so hard. They are growing up in this world. The images are on TV, in magazines — everywhere. We try not to talk about diet and exercise in front of them. But I like being fit. It’s part of me. And, obviously they are going to be aware of their bodies. They are growing up in California — and in the United States, for that matter. I’m doing everything I can so they don’t grow up with eating disorders or body image issues. I don’t go on any wacky diets. I really try to sit and eat with them. I don’t make them eat everything on their plate. I teach them that food is for sustenance and for your health, period.

ML: What is your reality show about?
Lisa Rinna: It’s called “I Love Lisa.” It’s a take off of “I Love Lucy” — it’s a scripted reality show so we won’t be followed by cameras 24/7. We shoot the pilot in the next couple of weeks. Unlike other reality shows, it’s more of a comedy.

ML: Will your daughters [Delilah Belle, 10, and Amelia Gray, 7] be in it?
Lisa Rinna: They are going to be in it as much as they want to be in it. They would like to be in it. So we said “OK.”

ML: Many have been criticized in the past for doing this. What do you say to those who say you shouldn’t put your kids on reality TV?
Lisa Rinna: They criticize us about everything we do. I don’t care about what anyone thinks. We do what’s good for our family. It’s their choice. If they didn’t want to be on it, I wouldn’t make them.

ML: Would you let your daughters be actresses?
Lisa Rinna: I have the feeling we’re going down that path. Delilah is oozing talent. She’s funny, can dance and sing. She just starred in “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.” She played Snoopy. She stole the show and I’m not just saying that. She did it with Billy Bush’s daughter. They stole the show. Josie Bush and Delilah Belle Hamlin are the comedy team of the future. But I’m not going to be driving around to auditions. When she’s 18, she can do that. I think theater is great, and voice lessons are fine, but we’re not going to be working. That’s my plan for now, but talk to me in two years … I may be schlepping her around!

ML: What’s the secret to keeping your marriage hot?
Lisa Rinna: You gotta be willing and you gotta be game. You’ve got to be able to continue [your sex life] when you are married with kids. You may say, “I’m tired and I’ve been with the kids all day,” but you’ve got to get creative. You have to figure out how to keep your man happy. We try to go away every couple of months — get a hotel. Sex is the first thing that goes. I try to make him happy. I don’t always want to and other times I really want to. It’s fun if you allow yourself to let go.

ML: What’s one of the biggest myths about you?
Lisa Rinna: That I’m a diva and I’m a bitch. People ask people who work with me if I’m difficult. I think it’s the characters I play. I get that a lot and I’m not. I’m not high-maintenance and I’m not a bitch. I’m a strong woman, but I wouldn’t consider myself either of those.

ML: Have your daughters seen your first Playboy pictorial?
Lisa Rinna: No, but we’ve talked about it.

ML: What do they think about you posing for the magazine this time around?
Lisa Rinna: They don’t know about it. They were definitely a consideration. [Posing] can be a way of expressing yourself and your sexuality. You can control it and control your image. If and when we have to go there, it will be a family discussion that will be challenging and hopefully thought-provoking. I view sexuality in a different way. It doesn’t mean you’re a victim. Doing this can be a strong and powerful choice.

ML: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?
Lisa Rinna: I’m a klutz.

ML: How much time and money would you say you spend on staying fit?
Lisa Rinna: I don’t spend a lot. I go to free dance classes because I started them with dancer Louis Van Amstel. I do the treadmill, the gym’s free, but my trainer costs $130/week. [Check out Lisa’s dance videos here.]

ML: Is there any plastic surgery you regret?
Lisa Rinna: My cheeks. I had Juvederm put in my cheeks. That’s what I overdid — big time. I tried it because my girlfriends did it. I thought: I’ll do it! I saw a photo and I was like, “Oh Jesus. That’s no good. That’s NOT good.” What I learned is that I don’t really need it. You get older and insecure and you think you need it and you don’t. I learned less is more. Keep your skin good. But, I still like Botox. It’s great! It doesn’t change the shape of my face. When you change your face, you don’t look like yourself. Looking fresher is one thing. I look like a freak! I always said I wouldn’t change my face, but I did it. I can’t not be honest about it. I’d look like a fool. It’s so obvious. I don’t believe in lying. I used to feel like it was nobody’s business. But when this happened, I realized I couldn’t hide it.

ML: Who is the best-looking person on the red carpet?
Lisa Rinna: Brad and Angie for sure. They just take your breath away for a second. Jennifer Lopez – gorgeous, stunning — that skin! Nicole Kidman. John Hamm.

ML: Who is the friendliest star?
Lisa Rinna: One of the friendliest is Tina Fey. Deborah Messing, Denis Leary, Steve Carell, all the guys from “Entourage.” Eva Longoria! She’s a great interview — always game.

ML: Who are you most star-struck by?
Lisa Rinna: Javier Bardem, Tom Cruise, Kate Winslett, Leonardo DiCaprio — this is what I’m predicting for this show. I grew up in Oregon. I’m a big fan.

ML: Who do you still talk to from the old ‘Melrose’ cast?
Lisa Rinna: I still talk to Heather Locklear, Thomas Calabro, Jack Wagner, Josie Bisset, Rob Estes, Doug Savant, Laura Leighton. I would love to do the remake. I think I’m too far down on the totem poll, though. But I would pay THEM to do it! That was my favorite show I’ve ever done. I loved that show. I loved playing Taylor.

Awww…she is being too hard on herself! She is a 45-year-old mother-of-two and is in spectacular shape…spectacular enough to proudly pose for Playboy! (In 1998, Lisa created a stir when she posed for a nude pictorial while six months pregnant in the September issue of Playboy magazine.) And she seems like a very down-to-earth mother.

Below is a pic of Lisa before she started with the plastic surgery.


…and after.


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  1. says

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  2. Sunny says

    She’s absolutely beautiful in her “before” shot. She’s beautiful now, too, but I always thought the lips were alittle over done. They tend to over shadow the rest of her face.

  3. taximomuv3 says

    “Trout pout” – LMAO!!! I thought for sure her biggest regret would have been those bumper lips. Wow…. she really IS living in a different reality.

  4. Kittycat says

    Her lips look REVOLTING!! They have to be the worst “enhanced” lips I’ve ever seen! Foul. She’s obviously an attractive woman but has clearly overdone the plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, etc, and I’m sure she’d look better without all that. She talks in this interview about setting an example for her daughters. One way she could have done that is not to resorted to having so much work done on her face and having her lips abnormally inflated like that. What kind of example does that set for her daughters?! Also, I don’t understand why she sos blatantly talks about her sex life with her husband the way she does in this interview. Of course it’s natural that sometimes a person doesn’t feel like sex but at other times they do, but to say it like that in an interview just sounds tacky and unnecessary!

  5. Dnice says

    I used to think Lisa Rinna was so beautiful. She never needed plastic surgery. Her lips look ridiculous….how she can’t see it is beyond me.

  6. Anne says

    In her first photo, she resembles Suzanne Pleshette. Once her daughters get a few years older, no doubt they will tell her the truth about her face if they haven’t already. Hasn’t Harry Hamlin told her yet!

  7. lila says

    When will hollywood stars stop ruining their pretty mouths?
    Cher,Meg Ryan,+ Melanie Griffith HAD pretty mouths until they were convinced that full lips look more youthful.
    More often than not, it just makes them look deformed…and insecure about their appearance.

    I find women who age with confidence and authenticity so much more appealing.

  8. Analise says

    I love the whole women can’t be empowered because they pose nude. Brilliant posters. Brilliant. lol

    Lisa looks fine.

  9. Carol says

    I don’t understand why she dosen’t get the lips fixed. I think she likes them she did not say they are her PS regret.

    Posing for playboy, it’s the $$$$ and attention, I don’t think her husband has worked for years so she has to earn the money just like Tori Spelling.

  10. Could it be says

    This woman is like looking at an accident– you know you shouldn’t stare but her face is so messed up from the surgery, you just can’t turn away.

    Much better looking before. It’s too bad she felt like she had to do that.

  11. Renee says

    I think they forgot to put whatever they used in the middle of her lips. Her top one looks like its missing a chunk in the middle.

  12. Collette uk says

    Her lips are awful if u get collagen in them there supposed look natural they DONT +botox definatly too

  13. Wow! says

    There is something with the lips that women in the show business don’t know when to stop to get the pumpup. I guess they want to look sexy and all that Angelina and her look, but I think very often they just look like wrong… Maybe the men can give their opinion here, too because very often when women talk about other women’s looks people say we are jelous 🙂

  14. JennH says

    My Lord! She says she over did the cheeks? Ummmm helllllooooooo take another look honey, its not the cheeks! ITS THE LIPS!! Way over done they look horrific!

  15. Lurker says

    BIG LOL @ #10! XoD

    I agree with most everybody else..she was quite pretty in the ‘before’ picture.
    Now I think she looks terrible; almost alien or something!

    It’s definitely the lips..I can see a small difference in her cheeks I suppose, but it’s those weird looking lips that make her hard for me to look at.

    I agree, it’s got to be tough on celebs that feel the need to look a certain way to stay in the limelight..but, it’s the life they chose.

    But honestly I know next to nothing about this woman, but in reading this, there’s just something about her that I just don’t care for.

  16. phnxgirl says

    She does not even look like the same person! She’s trying to get Angelina lips but she looks like she got stung by a bee instead.

  17. MiracleMileMom says

    I’ve seen her several times in person. (at different events, and then once at Bed Bath and Beyond!) She is beautiful and has an AMAZING body, but her skin is not that great, she wears a TON of foundation.

    I do feel for actresses….. it’s unrealistic to expect them not to use plastic surgery to maintain their looks….. it’s part of the business, and it’s their most important job qualification. We can’t really expect them just to grow old gracefully can we, when there aren’t many jobs out there for older actresses? I mean, if you are a doctor, you need to continue your education, right, in order to stay up to date on the latest research? Would you go to a doctor who was trained on the latest surgery techniques, or someone who was still using techniques he learned 20 years ago? Of course he’s going to continue his training and education because his patients expect it. It’s kind of a double edge sword for those in the business.

  18. dori says

    The upper lip looks very bad. She was beautiful before and should have left well enough alone.

  19. anon says

    Nice try, Lisa – but be honest as to why you are posing in Playboy – attention from men! She claims that women’s sexuality can be empowering – true! But not in Playboy! That is just another forum for women to put their bodies on display for the pleasure of men. Tell me what’s new and empowering about that. This is just a woman trying to justify her choices to herself so she comes up with a positive spin. Plus, of course her daughters will get body image issues from her. She obsessed with her appearance as evidenced by all her plastic surgery . And why doesn’t she try teaching her daughters that eating can be for pleasure, not just sustenance?

  20. says

    Those lips are the product of injectable fillers, definitely, and the person who did them didn’t do a good job either. They’re too lumpy and disproportionate.

  21. mslewis says

    Those lips are ridiculous!!! And those cheeks!! At least she knows she’s gone too far. Women really should try to age gracefully. She looks very silly!! I guess these actresses with no talent think they have to always look young. If they have the talent of Meryl Streep, they wouldn’t have to do the botox thing.

  22. Rockstar Mama! says

    Wow, she was fine the way she was. She looks like a completely different person – and so fake now.

  23. Just me says

    She looks wwwaaaayyyy better in the first picture.
    big blomba, I don’t think she ages b/c of the surgery, fake tan and gobs of makeup. Unfortunately, I think all of that makes her look like a 45-year-old trying to be 25.

  24. big blomba says

    Geez, does this woman EVER age?????

    I remember watching her years back on some soap. She looks exactly the same. Unreal.

    Her cheeks don’t look unnatural, I don’t think. It’s her lips that look funky and I think, unattractive. But her beautiful eyes, skin and hair make up for that.

    45? She probably looks the best in Hollywood for her age – most untouched and natural.


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