Ana Ortiz & Husband Expecting Their First Child


Ugly Betty star Ana Ortiz is pregnant with her first child.

Ana, 37, and her husband Noah Lebenzon are expecting the baby at the end of July.

“They are thrilled and ecstatic,” said a friend of the couple. “They can’t wait to be parents.”

In September, Ana told People magazine that she was feeling the itch to have children partly because of the baby boom on the set of her hit show. (Earlier this week costar Rebecca Romijn welcomed twins.)

“It’s definitely something that my husband and I talk about all the time,” Ana told People magazine.

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  1. boo says

    I love Hilda:) She’s one of my fave characters on the show!! I wonder if they will write her pregnancy into the script?? I guess that would mean they’ll need to hook her up with a man soon though. Maybe they’ll rekindle her romance with “coach”???

  2. tiffer7497 says

    For #2 the rate to have a disabled baby is not very high at age 37. Yeah obviously it’s higher than a 25 year old but every person that I know that has given birth in their late 30’s gave birth to perfectly healthy and normal babies.

  3. breeZe says

    I dont want to sound harsh but 37 to have first baby,,, whats going on women there is something known as biological clock etc,… the rate to have a disabled baby is also very high!

    I dont like this new thing that people r doing especially hollywood…. having kids at 40

    far out! u should be the kids nan not mum

  4. accalia says

    Congrats. Ummm I really dont like her character on UB. I think she is so annoying. Hopefully she is not like that in real life. 🙂


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