A Joyful Tom, Katie & Suri


The family was snapped looking quite joyful in NYC!

Splash News Online


  1. Carol says

    At the SAG award show Kate shocked me by being so thin and she look 7 feet tall. Is she trying to look like Nicole. She is way to thin for her hight. She does not even look like the same girl who started dating Tom 3 years ago. She look healthy then.

  2. Anne says

    What is the need to spend a fortune in clothes on Suri? Kids soon grow quickly out of their clothes-what a waste of money. Other than the shoes, how often is Suri seen in the same outfit twice?

  3. Carol says

    I care what is going on with these 3 but I really don’t understand why I care. I guess just curious about them because there has been so much negative said about Sciencetology. In reality they seem happy and I hope things keep going that way. Tommy just needs to keep his mouth shut about his beliefs when it comes to other people lives, other than that he seems like and Ok guy.

  4. anon says

    UK SUE:here is your new news.If you are here in US,prepare your income tax,you may be paying or getting tax cut.Oooops,you’ve heard this before already?????

  5. uk sue says

    So over filledwith Katie and Suri on this site, day in, day out with pictures of them, park, park, going home, leaving home…….BORING, bring us some new news for a change!

  6. anon says

    Suri doesn’t have socks.So what, she never keeps them on her feet any way.When she was a wee bit baby,she always had one sock on.Well at least now she has shoes.
    What else do we notice from this family.Gosh…enough already.
    Too much critizisms with these people.give them negative remarks when the child has coat on,no coat on,no leggings/thights on,no pants on,gloves on or not.
    As long as the child or anyone for this matter has warm clothing to wear when he/she has cold symtoms/flu,and stay at home,it wont get really bad.Somehow this poor always attacked family,knew what they are doing to their children.You don’t see the children sick or depress.They are one healthy children and loved in every possible way.You know why I know they are loved?Because when the two adopted children of Tom were newborn babies,and gave up by their parents,they were both adopted by loving people.They cherrished these children and treated them like they were their own,and not single moment,they refer them as adopted.As a result,the children are happy,healthy,and content.They are not complaining,so why are we?

  7. hellorazzi says

    this picture was taken before going up to their apartment.
    it said so on 17online…
    how could the papz. took this joyful picture of these family when it was dark during their arrival.
    as always though,they are one happy family.they both are committed into one another,and that will make marriage works.
    committ,trust,communicate,listen to each other,be faithful,honest,and love.if all of these combine,your marriage will last,unless one will break the path.
    i know by experience.been married for 24 yrs.with the same man,whom i like to argue with when sports get in the way.like sports don’t get me wrong…

  8. Kayleigh says

    I’m SO SORRY about my last RIDICULOUS COMMENTS,I know that I annoyed some of U, please FORGIVE ME!!!! 🙂

  9. Josie says

    Looks to me as if Suri is wanting to remove her jacket and her parents are praising her for leaving it on for…say, 10 seconds 🙂 Ha!

  10. url says

    Why doesn’t Katie ever put socks on Suri? It’s very cold in NY in the winter. I guess fashion and the importance of wearing ballet flats beats warmth for your child.

  11. Jordyn says

    Exciting Day!!… I always wondered what the back of Suri’s head looked like. I can tell by the way her hair is parted, she must have an adorable smile on her face. wth??

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