Britney With Her Boys On New Year's Eve





Britney and her boys, Jayden James, 2, and Preston, 3, were photographed together on New Year’s Eve prior to the intimate wedding of Britney’s brother in Louisiana.

“It was beautiful,” a source told People magazine about the wedding. “It was only close family, very small and intimate.”

Bryan, 31, tied the knot with talent manager Graciella Sanchez, 36, at Latrobe’s on Royal in New Orleans.

“The family was totally excited,” a friend of the family told People magazine. “Graciella’s wonderful. Everybody was happy about it.”

What adorable pics!

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  1. kate says

    wow catsue! rude much? he children are adorable how dare you call a child “not cute”!!!!!!!!! lets get over the fact tht she smokes b/c she is not the only smoking mom in the world. a 2 yr old with a binky is NOT bad especially since he just turned 2 torwards the end of the year. get over yourself stop acting like you’re a fricken perfect parent and just cuz she isnt doesnt mean you need to critize her, But seriously it is beyond wrong of you to talk about a child not even a TODDLERS looks like that!!

  2. catsue says

    A TWO year old with a BINKY? Better than Britney’s cigarettes I guess?
    Britney looks good but her kids are NOT cute.

  3. celeste says

    those boys are adorable! She looks beautiful!

    What is the big deal about the pacifier?!?! Maybe its a good way to keep him quiet during the wedding I would do the same.

    I never comment just love looking at the pics, but cant believe how you all judge these children. Is there set rules in regards to everything when raising a child. Every child is different. Get over yourself who think they are the “perfect parent”!!!!

  4. dori says

    ^ your statement is complete rubbish he is at an age that he still has a pacifier big deal please stop the ridiculous negative comments Just be happy for her.

  5. says

    Doesn’t everyone know the pacifier’s in there to cover up the rotten teeth? It’s the best cover for a kid on a bottle too long!

  6. Renee says

    I am glad Britney looks genuinally happy in these pictures. Maybe sometimes it takes people a while to figure their lives out. I think she holds Jayden because he is her baby and not becuase she favors him. Preston is probably more independent he is a year older and a year at that age makes a difference. In the last picture he is smiling and hugging her leg, that doesn’t look mistreated to me.

  7. Lynne says

    i can def. tell that britney seems to favor jayden more than sean.. in the one pic. she and sean are in she is completely ignoring him..

  8. dori says

    Britney and her boys look fabulous! The boys are so handsome and Brit looks so healthy and happy… So happy for her!

  9. Joanne says

    These are great pics! I loved the one of Sean Preston looking at the Nutcracker. So cute! It’s so good to see Britney looking happy and spending time with her boys!

  10. Wow! says

    Yes I can see what you mean, her smile is more natural in these pictures, she looks more relaxed. She was stretching her smile so much in some pictures in the last months, I think. Sometimes I was not sure if she was smiling or getting ready to show her dentist how clean she keeps her teeth. The kids look lovely.

  11. mommy-of-two-girls says

    i LOVE these pictures. britney looks absolutely wonderful, calm and happy. i’m so glad that she seems to have pulled through the rought patch.
    the boys are adorable, and i love the last picture, very very cute.

    as for the binky, no need to rush children to give it up. you shouldn’t raise your kids based on books, but on what feels right to you and to the child.

  12. Niloofar says

    Britney is AWESOME.

    She is great in that dress, and her little men ,special JAYDEN are adorable,….. by the way, congratulations 🙂

  13. says

    Britney looks “for real” happy, peaceful and content, for a change. These pics seem to capture all that! Keep on keepin’ on, Britney….some of us are still praying for your continued progress and stabled emotional health 😉

  14. Vivenne says

    I’ve never seen her in that dress before and I’m a big fan that goes on her fansites and everything!!

  15. Rockstar Mama! says

    She looks great but I think she’s been photographed in that dress an awful lot lately… Just saying, you know how stars are expected to not repeat outfits! But go on Brit! If I looked like that in that dress I’d repeat it too!

  16. kate says

    hes 2!! give it a rest!!! you dont just say “oh you’re t=2 now give me the binky” no you have to ease them off of it. just b/c one pic was taken with his binky in his mouth doesnt mean its always in his mouth. they all look beautiful.

  17. sed says

    there’s something in those pics that show a different side of britney but i can’t find what! lol
    i don’t know… i think she looks very peaceful and mommish! ok i know it probably doesn’t make sense but i can’t express it better!
    in fact as RnN said she’s really smiling not like other pics when the first thing you see is her smile and you think “fake” smile. in those i look her eyes and she seems happy… and proud!

  18. scarlet says

    Time to get that pacifier out of that childs mouth. He is far to old to have that in his mouth.

  19. RnN says

    I absolutely love the natural happy face she has. it’s not like some other pictures where she’s just smiling for a picture. she looks great with her boys. i love the last picture!

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