Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Arrive At Cedars Sinai Hospital


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were snapped rushing into Cedars Sinai Medical Hospital today. Routine visit or delivery?

Splash News Online


  1. Sarah says

    Congrats to the happy couple on the delivery of a healthy baby girl today… and enews confirmed they had a little sister for violet…congrats again and they make wonderful parents!!

  2. D. says

    I think a gentleman should escort his wife, not least when she is so heavily pregnant! But then again, people tell me I’m a dreamer and a romantic.

  3. D. says

    Walking in front because of paps does not seem to be the motive- paps come from all sides, as evidenced by this very photo.
    Ben is very often walking ahead of Jen when they are spotted. No one can claim to know the reason, might not even be a reason to it at all. But I agree it is a bit rude!

  4. what? says

    “Rushing”? Looks like just another prenatal appt. to me……just like last week with the same headlines. Duh, weekly appointments? If they were rushing it was to get away from the paps.

  5. allie says

    she hasen’t had the baby yet 🙁 on and it said it was just a checkup.

  6. says

    jennifer garner looks ready to have that baby she looks like shes gonna pop i dont care if its a boy or a anthoer girl i like the names

    gabriella jennifer-girl

    jayden benjamin-boy

  7. Collette uk says

    Bet she gone in to be induced bet she has a boy today or tommrow 7+half ib to 8ib i reckon

  8. Midge says

    It looks like Ben is possibly walking in front because of photographers, which seems to be a pretty good form of support if you ask me. Either way, I hope all is well for them.

  9. Kate says

    I hope she has the baby and we hear some news soon! I can’t wait to hear about it! I bet the new baby will be just as adorable and gorgeous as Violet is!

  10. Lisa says

    Hope she has the baby soon. I look forward hearing what she has and seeing her out with Violet and the new baby. Love this family.

  11. Lauren says

    Oh I hope this is the real thing! I cannot wait for this new baby! It’s the one I’m most excited about since Violet was born! Oh I can’t wait!!!!

  12. colle says

    Here we go again!!! Hope this time it’s the real thing. This couple is on here as much as Suri.

  13. Kat says

    If they were going in for the delivery I think Ben would be a lil bit more supportive of his wife lol, instead of walking in front of her, if it’s gonna be induced. Looks like a check-up to me.

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