John Travolta's Son Dies


John Travolta’s 16-year-old son has died, Basil Rahming, the Chief Superintendent of the Grand Bahama Police, confirmed on Friday.

John’s lawyer, Michael Ossi, told, which first reported the news, that Jett suffered a seizure Friday morning at his family’s vacation home at the Old Bahama Bay Hotel on Grand Bahama Island.

He was taken to Rand Memorial Hospital in Freeport, where he was pronounced dead upon arrival, Rahming stated. An autopsy will be performed at the hospital.

Police spokesperson Loretta Mackey told TMZ that Jett hit his head on the bathtub. A caretaker named Jeff Michael Kathrain found Jett found unconscious in the bathroom around 10 a.m., Rahming said.

Jett’s body will be transferred to Restview Memorial Mortuary and Crematorium in The Bahamas on Monday, a Restview rep told TMZ.

It’s been reported that Jett had autism, which John has denied — instead saying Jett is inflicted with Kawasaki Syndrome (the six-year-old son of Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell has the same diagnosis), which can lead to heart disease.

John called Jett “my baby” in an interview with the Australian media several years ago.

“He’s my first, and he’s my heart. And he’s a very special boy,” John said. “He’s Daddy’s boy. And…we spend a lot of time together even though I’m pretty busy. He loves the outdoors and he loves to travel.

“He loves being on the plane. We fly in the ultralight together,” he continued. “And…he likes to climb trees and swim.”

John and wife Kelly Preston are also parents to daughter Ella, 8.

The family arrived in the Bahamas on December 30th.

Update: Dr. Sanjay Gupta said on Larry King Live that it is very unusual for someone to have these kinds of symptoms with Kawasaki syndrome after the age of 8, and that Kawasaki syndrome would affect the heart more than the brain. So it doesn’t all seem to fit together that it is related to Kawasaki disease.

Thoughts and prayers to John and his family.

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  1. says

    I used to be recommended this blog by means of my cousin. I am no longer sure whether this publish is written by way of him as no one else recognise such targeted about my problem. You are incredible! Thank you!

  2. Angela James says

    P.S to my comments in # 113. I do not think it is wrong for wanting to keep Jett’s autism a secret because of the lack of privacy and the fact is no one’s business.

    What I do mind is that the Travoltas are treating the public like idiots. To deny that your child has autism in today’s world when there have been so many documentaries, books, movies, and internet information detailing the signs is ridiculous.

    Just say he had it… one thinks it is a shameful disease. There are pro football players, movie stars, and other celebrities with autistic children. It is not something he did wrong for goodness sake.

    John is mocking us by saying he didn’t have it when the signs are blank expressions, stemming, walking on toes, seizures, and pulling out one’s hair (hence, the buzz cut for prevention). We can add being non-verbal on the list if no one has heard him speak. Every sign on autism is checked off.

    John and Kelly….I don’t care that you are Scientologists. Just don’t insist that an apple is orange and an orange is red when everyone knows what the “signs” of apples and oranges are. That is what is insulting.

  3. Angela James says

    I knew John Travolta had a son named Jett. I always wondered why we never saw him or heard about him (what kind of student, awards ceremony appearances, sports involvement, etc).

    Then I saw my first picture of him on the news when they announced his death. The minute the picture flashed, I said aloud, “Oh my God, he is autistic.”

    I could tell immediately by the expression on his face, deep in his eyes. Then they showed footage of the family walking outside a building. Jett was being led, like a young child. He did not carry himself like a 16 year old.

    It all fits….his appearance and mannerisms, John’s comments that he is his baby boy (men, especially men! do not refer to their teenage sons as their babies…they are too macho for that and would never risk embarrassing their teenager. On the other hand, Jett would not mind if he was mentally impaired), and the fact that he has not been seen or talked about for years.

    I have taught autistic kids and have accurately diagnosed 3 children between the ages of 3-4, whose parents were in total denial. After medical confirmation and testing of my observations, they got them immediate intervention.

    Does anyone know if Jett was verbal?

    I feel sorry for them because I think the Travoltas are a great family. But I bet they have been told by doctors of some kind that he will not have a long lifespan. I really don’t think this came as a shock as in a car accident of a 16 year old, etc. I think they have been told, whether they chose to believe it or not.

  4. alvie says


    And i wasn’t trying to imply that Jett was MR just making a statement. I’d also like to state that there are some good personal family shots of Jett with John that are beautiful where he seems very interactive.

  5. alvie says

    First i want to extend my condolences to the travolta’s. It’s never easy to loose a child and no you can never truly recover from it. I like most think sciontolgy is BS, and that may have stopped them from accepting treatment that could help, or maybe improved his short life, but I honestly believe they loved and cherished their son (I know a special bond develops with parents and special needs children), and were doing what they thaught best. Who knows maybe this will change their beliefs in nonmedicated treatments. Anyways my thaughts are with this family in such a tragic time.

    And P.S. Mental retardation is a clinincal term that can be used as a description and not out of malice. Doctors, my family all refer to my brother as MR(mentally retared)and we wouldn’t do it to insult him, he is one of the sweetest, most gentle, loving person you could ever meet, and he holds a special place in our family. So all this bickering over over the use of the word retardation is nulinvoid; politicly it may not be correct, but clinicly it is.

  6. Analise says

    John and Kelly have always been in denial over Jett’s Autism. ALL of scientology is. Just as they believe AIDS is a state of mind. They may or may not be partially to blame for this boys death, but they absolutely are to blame for his lack of a life. They hid him away for years, yet the articles out now after his death say the family ” was always together”. Except. of course, all the photos of John, Kelly and Ella out and about through the years with no sign of Jett.

    I said in the earlier thread that no parent should have to lose a child, especially a young one, but that doesn’t absolve the Travolta’s of their blame in denying this boy a better quality of life when he was living.

    Still, I feel for anyone who loses a child. But, it happens every day to people none of us have ever heard of.

  7. oriana says

    HI Dori, Happy New Year to you! This is indeed a tragic situation and Scientology does not acknowledge Autism. John’s brother did a Doc and wrote a book about it, Kelly and John did not attend, the brothers argued back and forth a lot about it but Joey thought that Jett definitely was Autistic.

    Jett’s Nanny/Manny is also a member of the Cult. Now, what is sad, is what they will have to go thru with their celebrity “handler” at the Center. The counseling will cost them about $1,000 an hour and they will, along with the Nanny, be having studies to determine if something in their live that they were lax on with the Scientology beliefs, caused this negative energy to have caused Jett’s death. More hocus pocus! I would love to see this tragedy turn John around and come to his senses. I do like him very much and always have.

  8. dori says

    As I understood he was found within an hour… Kawasaki disease was cured when he was a child not the cause but the problem is he was autistic and that was not treated because in scientology they don’t recognize it .,As you can see from his photos he seems spaced out most of the time. But if you didn’t live with him you wouldn’t know what was wrong with him that he was having seisures I am disappointed to think that their scientology could have been a cause of him not receiving proper medical attention. That would be tragic.

  9. oriana says

    I will be glad when the final reports are given, truthfully, once and for all. John seems like a sensitive and caring person to me, I have to wonder if he has reflected back on his Catholic roots any? I know he gave his mother a full on Catholic funeral when she died and it is hard for me to comprehend how to go from one extreme to the other like John and Katie Holmes have. A deep seated religion to an organized cult. Doesn’t make sense to me.

    But regardless, a tragic loss is a tragic loss and even Christians who believe their loved ones are in Heaven and they will see them again still feel sorrow and pain upon losing them. I hope that John and his family can get comfort from any source that they can during the weeks, months and years ahead.

  10. oriana says

    Kayleigh, people have been telling me that for the last 40 years! Maybe in 2009 I will improve on that!

  11. oriana says

    Carleigh my dear Friend, I have learned a lot this year about different diseases, syndromes and illnesses. Very educational to me! My sister-in-law has had a terrible time of it, she has stomach cramps a lot and gets very ill if she eats certain foods. I had never heard of glutten free foods before. Many restaurants don’t have it on their menus, Outback does and she eats a lot at P.F. Changs when they go to Nashville. I was just wondering if she could perhaps have a seizure because of it?

    Yes, it is a heartbreaking sad situation, and one I don’t think they will ever fully recover from either.

    I am sure more and more stories will come out, especially after the autopsy and who knows what! Thanks for your info, I was just curious as to where John and Kelly were at, and please people, I was not trying to imply any neglect, so don’t bother to go there! I was just curious as to their whereabouts.

  12. carleigh says

    Oriana…Your relative needs to watch her diet and consult with a physician and I’m sure the condition will be fine. I was thinking the seizures could have been the result of cerebral palsy.

    It was written that Jett did take medication for his seizures but that the meds become ineffective. I am sure we are going to be hearing more and more about the strange details of this case in the coming days.

    I don’t for one second wish the death of a child on anyone for any reason. It is sad and a true tragedy. Oriana, it was stated on one of the sites I read that John and Kelly were sleeping upstairs.

    The press, the police and the Travolta camps have been trading barbs all night. Travolta’s say Jett was superbly supervised??? The cops aren’t backing down from their asserted time frame and it’s all making for some very overly sensational media coverage.

    Let the boy rest in peace, leave the parents alone to grieve and try to put their lives back together again. Enough is enough already, the press are a-holes.

  13. oriana says

    Where were John and Kelly when this happened? No one has reported that. Were they at home, were they at a party, and if it happened Thurs. night why again, was he not found till Fri. morning? Two Caretakers should have seen he wasn’t in bed Thurs. night and if John and Kelly were at home, wouldn’t they have known it also?

  14. oriana says

    It seems to me that Kayleigh started her nonsense, Nicki merely responded to her and truthfully at that! Kayleigh has been trying to start flack on here with many different ones, not just with Nicki.

  15. oriana says

    I am trying to understand why it was reported he was last seen going into the bathroom on Thurs. and not found till Fri. morning if he was “spectularly superivsed”? If he had two Caretakers and someone with him at all times, why was he found on Fri. for? Why not Thurs. when he went into the bathroom?

  16. Mae says

    Thank you oriana for answering. I thought he bore a resemblence to John. Poor Jett may he rest in peace. They will all be in my prayers.

  17. oriana says

    Mae, yes, he was their biological son and I thought very handsome. The daughter is beautiful, always has been.

    Carleigh, my sister has the Celiac disease, she has a hard time with it, not my sister but my sister-in-law, can she still get seizures at her age if not taking meds and eating glutten free foods? She is 49. I too found it strange no pictures of Jett for several years, I guess he was left home with the Caretaker and kept out of the public eye.

  18. Josie says

    #78 get another hobby – seems your attempt to enforce a ‘show-no-emotions-other-than-the-one-kayleigh-wants’ by-law on here has already been attempted and failed miserably.

  19. DJ says

    That is so so sad; my heart goes out to them. Maybe they kept him out of the public eye during that time when pictures were scarce to protect him from hurt and how mean people can be and maybe then he could not handle it. The important thing is his parents adored him and he was loved and you can tell he knew he was and they did the best they could do. Also I have heard that seizures can cause damage to the brain and possibly all the seizures over the years took a toll on him. Bless them (regardless of their religion) in this difficult time.

  20. josie.v.s.kayleigh says

    Josie, Kayleigh…c’mon you guys! why stop?
    Keep doing search in Google to find better words to say.
    You two are hillarious…I had fun reading yours posts.

  21. carleigh says

    Autism can also be the result of an untreated PKU condition, rubella or celiac disease…..and since Scientology forbids the use of medications…possibly the disorder resulted from a previously untreated condition.

    The Travolta’s had to seek medical assistance to discover their child had Kawasaki…I don’t think it’s the medical treatment they take issue with..they like Tom Cruise, ashew the use of medicines for treating “mental illness”. So IMO, based upon what I’ve read..they most likely gave him seizure medications and whatnot, but this siezure was just so bad it ended his life.

  22. carleigh says

    I read about this tragedy the other day and I must say I feel bad for the Travolta family, I can’t imagine what they must be facing and feeling, how truly sad.

    I have to say that coming from a medical standpoint something about this child did not seem quite “normal” to me. I have viewed pictures of him as a child and he does seem to be interactive and emotive when he was younger.

    There are pictures I’ve seen when he was well past the age of 2 (when he was supposed to have contracted Kawasaki disease) and he was still smiling and emotive at that time as well.

    Then all of the sudden there are no pictures of Jett Travolta anywhere for about 4-6 years, does anyone find this strange? Do some digging. The pictures of him when he was younger all show a happy, smiling child…not the picture of autism, IMO.

    Fastforward to present day and the pictures we have all seen in the past few days, the boy apparently had some form of pervasive developmental disorder, whether it be autism or some other form.

    The signs and symptoms of autism typically present themselves at a young age and can improve with therapy. BUT…lets clear something up here…autism is is NOT a disease, it’s a symptom and it cannot be treated with medication.

    Why is everyone up in arms about accusing the parents of denying the child treatment for a condition that requires THERAPY, not drugs??? I, too, believe Scientology is a cult and full of hypocrits, however, there is NO evidence that the kid had autism..there has been speculation and the parents have denied it.

    There was something obviously wrong with the kid, but who is to say what it was? Yes, some autistic chldren develop siezures in adolescence and some siezures can be controlled by medication, other times not. I really do not think the parents would deny the boy medical treatment for the disorder….at some point he had to be under medical care to determine that he HAD a siezure disorder…hello!!!!

    This whole situation is horrible and sad, no parent should ever had to bury their child. I won’t wish for God to bless them because they don’t believe in God, but however, I will wish them peace at this most difficult time.

  23. Kayleigh says

    Oh and Nicki, I have a right to post here like everyone else does.
    If you don’t like what I say, don’t read my posts! Simple as!

  24. Momof2inPa says

    #63 Nicki How Do you know what The Travoltas beleive in? Are you their personal friends or family ??Do you know them personally? then How can you truly speculate on what they beleive in . & to a few others on here that say they don’t beleive in a heaven or hell? How can you say things about someone you don’t even know personally?Wether they beleived in Scientology or not you don’t actually know them so how can you speak for them. I’m sure they loved Their Son very much and its terribly sad so why do some people have to keep talking & discussing their relegion . They know whats in their hearts & what they beleive & at least they beleive in something .Everyone that loses someone they love grieves and they need support right now not allegations about their relegion. Thats their choice to what they choose to beleive in . Thank God we have choices in this world. And as for using the term Mentally handicapped or Mentally challenged I Just think its plain decentsy for anyone to use that term when referring to a child/person with physical challenges. what ever happened to plain old respect.::::Again can’t we just let this family know were thinking of them & show some support at this tragic accident. No matter what their relegion they loved their son:::: and they are grieving the loss of a child right now .:::I Can’t even Imagine.My heart & prayers go out to Jetts entire family. I Seen an interview with John saying Jett was his baby Daddys boy very special to him his only boy . He was his only son . And as a Mom myself I Can just Imagine how Kelly is feeling right now. and to Ella that lost her only sibling her brother she is only 8 can you Imagine how sad she must be feeling??John & Kelly have to really be there for her right now . God Bless them all and help them deal with the days ahead. And can’t we just simply show them our support at this time & let them know that we all are greiving with them at this awful tragic time.No matter what our relegions or beleifs. Does it really matter what they beleive in & who are we to Judge? We can all at least agree that losing a child is a Tragic thing and mourning the loss of your own child must be a terrible thing ::I’m sure we all agree on that.

  25. ummm says

    I think it is pretty sick that some of you are carrying on conversations that include terms like “LOL” in a post regarding the death of a child.

    Leave your sympathies for the travolta here and move on to a light-hearted post to discuss your new year.

  26. oriana says

    Sorry, I was typing fast and mispelled some words, I also meant Hubbard said he would leave his body (his meat body) is what he called it, and fly back and forth at night. Really, there should be a movie made about this, it is very interesting, eventhough sick! That being said, I have no doubt that John didn’t want to lose him and is in terrible pain tonight. He knows or believes that Jett’s old memories will be wiped clean when he is searching for a baby to inhabit.

    To me, if they believed in God, they would be comforted and have no doubt they would see him again one day and he would know them.

    Hubbard’s followers rushed to get his body and have it cremated when he died, even got a court order to obtain it, but oops, too late, because of course, he taught no meds, no alcohol, and read for yourself what the autopsy showed! Hyprocrite and a Liar is what he was!

  27. oriana says

    Freya, I sense that you were referring to me when you made the comment about making jokes about where Jett may be right now. Unfortunately, John and Kelly believe exactly what I said, I wish it was a joke! According to their beliefs in Hubbard, and they are very high up members in this organization, and that is exactly what it is, not a religion, they believe that Jett is an immortal being with his soul being sent to Venus, there he will be programmed, sent back to earth in a capsule and will search for a “baby” to inhabit that body, they believe he will be born again and again once he sheds the earthly body he is merely occuping.

    Every elite member like them, and Kelly is higher up than John is, has to sign a contract saying they will give one billion years of service to this organization.

    Now I am sorry if that sounds like a joke, but it is deadly serious and I hope more people are aware of this sicko weirdo Cult. If you read also other comments I made, you will see that I do believe because Jett was disabled, he is an innocent and is with the Heavenly Father tonight, not L. Ron Hubbard. And yes, Hubbard did say he would love his shell of a body, and fly back and forth to Venus and Mars and return to his body at night. Sorry, but I didn’t write it, Hubbard did. And they salute his picture in the services they have when they attend, just like all the Scientologists do.

  28. oriana says

    Yes, Freya, you are right. They are grieving the loss of him but I wonder, where do they think his soul has gone too and do they believe they will see him again?

    If nothing else from this tragedy, it has brought this disease to the limelight worldwide, and maybe, just maybe, some lives can be saved due to people being educated about it.

  29. says

    I wasn’t discussing Jett’s potential illness(es) to insult or degrade his memory, nor was I accusing the Church of Scientology or his parents of not giving him adequate care. I was simply elaborating on what John himself has said about Kawasaki Syndrome and how they could be telling the truth, despite all the hurtful accusations people seem to be coming up with. Yes, he could have been autistic, or been mentally challenged, or epileptic, but honestly, none of it is our business. Also, their faith is none of our business, so making jokes about where Jett might be right now are uncalled for, in my opinion. If his parents were Atheists, they would say he just stopped existing the moment he died. At least they believe in SOMETHING, right?

    I just read an article on People about how close John and Jett were, and how the paramedics had to literally force John out of the room because he was trying so desperately to revive his son. You can say whatever childish things you want about this family, but the truth remains that they loved him dearly and they are grieving, so show some respect.

  30. oriana says

    Josie, my Dear, I did not know anything about Scientology until a year or so ago. It is a weirdo Cult! Even Charles Manson, who is certified insane (took tons of classes on it) said he didn’t want to have anything to do with it for it was too weird for him! Now that says a lot to me! There are 8 levels they reach, and to Scientologists, Jett was a Thetan, that is what they call themselves, I could never be a member, couldn’t afford it, you have to pay $100,000 to graduate from the 7th level! Amazing! I have to attend a church that doesn’t charge me but I do believe in paying tithes and giving offerings to Missionaries and other churches in need.

    Yes, my sweet, if we can love our pets, how hard it is to lose them, it is unimaginable how it would be to lose a child.

    I started working with the disabled 20 years ago, had to go to college for two semesters, it was required, and we learned a lot about different disabilities, and it was (at that time) the instructor said they were different types of mental retardation and different levels, mild, moderate, severe, now if that term is used you are looked at like you have committed a crime. To me it is a stronger crime to know your child has a disability and deny it, and if a person denies it, then would also deny treatment. Just makes sense to me that would follow.

    Happy New Year to you, wishing you and your husband a healthy and prosperous year!

  31. LOLA says

    rest in peace Jett….it has to be the hardest thing in one’s life to have to bury one’s child…:( God give them strength

  32. sally says

    This is a tragedy. I think the reason people are mentioning autism is because this poor child obviously had it! The ‘church’ of scientology doen’t recognize autism hence the kawasaki excuse. Does anyone remember the picture of Jett and his mom walking, and Jett was walking on his toes??? That picture made me so sad. Maybe they were treating it as autism, but because of the cult of scientology they had to keep that a secret..who knows? That boy is in heaven, whether his parents believe it or not. God Bless them!

  33. Josie says

    Hi Oriana! Happy New Year!
    I thought you would have a good laugh over the Chinese astrology comment 🙂 LOL

    Over the holidays I was cat sitting for a friend of mine that was vacationing in Florida. Her cat was just a pleasure to have as a guest in my house. She was quite the character and my husband and I became very smitten with the cat. She was very friendly and would follow us around the house. She behaved more like a dog than a cat really. It’s common for her type of breed to be very social and friendly. Anyway, when it came time for the cat to go home, I was very saddened because she was such great company to me. I can only imagine what someone who loses a pet must go through. Pets quickly become a member of the family.

    Also, the term “mentally challenged” is a common term that is used nowadays but I do recall a time during my childhood when the term “mentally retarded” was used and nobody batted an eye or became offended, when someone was referred to as being “mentally retarded.” I know that you did not use the term out of ignorance or spite, it’s just a word that you are accustomed to based on your own experiences and education. Today, it is all about word politics and the ‘word of the day.’ Terms keep changing as often as we change our socks.

    Do Scientologists really believe that there are billion year old spirits in people’s bodies?! I had no idea. I really do not read up on that cult at all.

  34. says

    I find it very disgusting that so many of you come judging and analyzing the disease that poor boy had… If his parents could have save him, I’m sure they would have!! no matter how. Nobody is that heartless or that dumb. The last thing they need are the speculations of people and media press.

  35. oriana says

    Nicki, you are absolutely right when you say they don’t believe in Heaven or Hell. After all, they thought he was a billion year old spirit in his body. I guess now they think he is flying around somewhere between Mars and Venus with L. Ron Hubbard!

    I do think that he was innocent, and I think all mentally challenged/mentally retarded/whatever the next term they think up will be, are under the safety of God’s love and blessing. I hope that he is with the Heavenly Father, and I for sure don’t mean nutcase L. Ron Hubbard! And Thank You Nicki darling for always telling it like it is and being point blank truthful!

  36. oriana says

    Josie, Hugs and Kisses to you!!!! I think that YOU definitely understood what I meant when I mentioned how I was hurt over losing my Cat of 12 years, so I could only imagine what John and Kelly (and his sister) are going thru losing him, a child. To some people, unlike you, it has to be spelled out! Of course we all have deep sympathy for this family.

    I wish that I was more informed about this disease they say he had, but even the professionals on TV say it is highly unusual to die from seizures at his age from it.

    I know the term now is not the proper term to use, mentally challenged is, develpmentally disabled, but the books and classes I have taken are under the different levels of mental retardation and I don’t see anything to be ashamed of by using it, just because society changes the language terms every few years doesn’t change what it is.

    Jett was very cute as a younger child, but the older he got, the few pictures that I saw, he was being led by the hand or guided, he plainly did not look like a normal child his age does.

    I got a big laugh out of you being a “Rooster” Josie! Ha! Thanks for that!

  37. Lauren says

    How incredibly heart-breaking. To lose a child is so sad but especially after spending the holidays together…it’s horrible. What a way to celebrate the New Year

  38. Nicki says

    . Kayleigh–Please eff off.

    My heartfelt wishes are with the Travoltas at this terrible time.

    And to those wishing John, Kelly and Ella to find Peace with Jett in Heaven, stop, Please. They don’t believe in Heaven or Hell.

  39. says

    Nothing is worse than losing a child, a child is something a parent can never be prepared for.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you John & Kelly of course all that are affected by his passing.

    Comfort the hearts of John and Kelly and bring them peace and consolation. May Jett live forever with you in heaven.

    Lord God, you gave Jett so short a time. His life had so much promise. His future was before him. His life has passed too quickly.
    By the death and resurrection of your Son we are redeemed. Make Jett share the joys of paradise. Grant him full life in Christ, and may he stand with all the angels and saints before your throne for all eternity. Amen.

    My prayers are with everyone that has lost a child.


  40. Josie says


    Actually, I am a Rooster, according to Chinese astrology but thank you for thinking I was a Rat!! LOL

    According to Chinese astrology…”The Eastern rat is revered for its quick wits and its ability to accrue and hold on to items of value; rats are considered a symbol of good luck and wealth in both China and Japan. Clever and quick-witted, the Rat of the Chinese Zodiac is utterly disarming to boot. Possessed of excellent taste, this Sign flaunts its style at every turn. Its natural charm and sharp, funny demeanor make it an appealing friend for almost anyone. The Rat likes to know who is on its side and will treat its most loyal friends with an extra measure of protection and generosity.”

    Kung Hei Fat Choy!

  41. Josie says

    #52 – I totally understand what you are saying. I don’t think I’ve seen many photos of Jett either. The questions you pose are valid but also loaded questions. One can never truly know what hardships a parent endures and why they make the decisions they do to shelter their ill child from the public eye. No parent wants to have an unhealthy child but it is a fact of life and parents learn to cope and adjust. I really do not think that they would “breathe” a sigh of relief now that their son has passed away. I refuse to believe that they thought their child to be a burden. We do not know the facts. We can only speculate.

  42. Maricel says

    I Am So Sa, I Like The Travolta’s a lot and I know that They are Good Loving Parents to Ella and Jett. I pray that God Will comfort your Family. I am so sad that it is making me Cry. God Bless to the Travolta’s, I can imagine what you are going thriugh now, My deepest Condolences!!!

  43. Josie says

    You seem to be quite the sh*T stirrer on here Kayleigh.

    I’ve noticed that you’ve been arguing with other posters like Oriana and Kx5 just for the fun of it. For example, you have called Jennifer Garner “fatty” and Oriana a “hag.” Clearly YOU are the one with the “issues” little girl.

    I’m guessing that Santa did not bring you an Xbox or a Wii for Christmas so you are bored at the moment and until school begins next week, you need something to entertain yourself. Well, may I suggest getting your paws on a dictionary? Your grammar and spelling mistakes are just nauseating. Go back to elementary school little girl.

  44. babyrazzi junkie says

    #51 those thoughts did cross my mind too. Hope that’s not the case because this is a tragedy.

  45. Kelly says

    (First time I’ve ever seen this child’s picture…)

    SIck little boy….hidden away from society by his “beautiful” parents. His “care taker” found him. Where were Kelly & John…with their beautiful child? Keep ‘the boy’ home? Will they even miss him (or will they breath a sigh of relief that their burden is now gone) Something to think about…..

  46. Josie says

    That’s right, I am TALKING not judging or condemning people for TALKING about their pets. Grow up!

  47. Josie says

    Kayleigh, If the point of this site is to talk about the children, then why don’t you do so, instead of yammering away about things that don’t concern you.

  48. Momof2inPa says

    First of all I Read these blogs and I Wanted to comment that My Aunt owns a Home for the Mentally Handicapped >that is the proper term to use not some of these terms I’ve been reading . I Guess just being around an Aunt that takes care of the Mentally handicapped/mentally challenged or severely autistic I Just know the proper terms to use . Second It really doesn’t matter if it was That he was Autistic,Mentally handicapped or if he had Kawasaki disease. The point is These parents lost a child and no parent should have to Go through that . We should all be offering our sympathy & support to them at this time. I am a Mom of 2 and my heart goes out to them ::Losing a child can you imagine??::::::Just the thought of this saddens me.::::What if Kelly & John & Ella read this blog and see some of these negative remarks::::They need the love & support from everyone at this most tragic time wether it be their family & friends or all of us writing on blogs online leaving messages to them. I See a lot of positive remarks too .lets all keep sending them positve messages so they see how much we care. To Jetts Mom ,Kelly ,Father ,John, & sister Ella Blu:: My heart goes out to you all::May god give you the strength to get through this very difficult time and may your Faith and each other help you get through this very tragic time. I Beleive there is a reason for everything but only God knows why . Please trust in your Faith & each other & know everyone is feeling your loss and praying for you .

  49. noname says

    l just hope their faith, as THEY have chosen, gets them through this terrible time. My love and thoughts are with this family.

  50. Kay says

    Even if he was autistic, it’s their business whether or not to seek treatment. They are his parents and know what’s best for him.
    Just wondering what do Scientologists believe in as far as death? Do they believe in God or heaven or what?

  51. catsue says

    I saw new footage last night on Larry King and CNN. Jett very obviously was autistic or had some mental retardation and the Travolta’s blamed his illnesses on Kawasaki. I don’t believe it for ONE minute because Brian Littrill from BackStreet Boys was on CNN last night and his young son has Kawasaki’s and he looked perfect. Jett had a caretaker and I noticed that in all the rare photos of him, he is just staring and his dad is either carrying him or holding his arm tightly and guiding him. A 16 year-old would not need to be guided around like this. I applaud Jenny McCarthy for admitting her son has autism. Of course, it is up to the Travolta’s to keep their family life private but perhaps because of this denial, they perhaps did not seek the proper medical treatments for Jett. Certainly, it was NOT healthy for thier son to be obese either.

  52. Kayleigh says

    You should rest your case really because you’re doing the same as what you’re accusing me off! 😉

    The point of this site is to talk about the children..

  53. Josie says

    Kayleigh, below is the definition of the word
    ‘argumentative’ :

    1. fond of or given to argument and dispute; disputatious; contentious: The law students were an unusually argumentative group.
    2. of or characterized by argument; controversial: an argumentative attitude toward political issues.
    3. Law. arguing or containing arguments suggesting that a certain fact tends toward a certain conclusion.

    I think you need to give this a rest. Nobody else seems to care about your “point” besides you. Now, if you respond to this comment, it will in fact indicate that you are being “argumentative.”

  54. Kayleigh says

    Yes but to bring it up on TWO posts is silly!!! Argumentative?? Where are you getting that from? I was clearly stating a point!

  55. Josie says

    Kayleigh, Yes, this IS a post about a boy that died. This is also a post where people can share thoughts and feelings about loved ones that are ill or have suffered. Try to be more compassionate and less argumentative. Allow people to grieve the way they choose, whether it is about a cat, a dog or a child. Nobody here is grieving about a broken fingernail. Dealing with the loss of an innocent soul should be about sharing memories. There should be no rules to grieving.

  56. Maryloo says

    Traci …..

    I just read your comment. My son at 2 had the same symptoms that your son had. As a matter of fact, I took him to the ped who laughed at me and insisted that he caught something from his older sister, who must be carrying something. I insisted then and there they give him a blood test. I was afraid of leukemia, although I knew about kawasakis.

    Back then the thought was it may have a connection to carpet cleaning (dust mites). Althouugh just like today, they werent sure. Funny thing is, I had mine professionally cleaned in Sept and he got ill in Dec.

    Hope all is well with your son – I quickly read your post, I don’t know if you stated his age today. It is so important to stay on top of this – there are no long term studies, so although the cardiologist (leading cardiology hospital) says he really doesn’t need to be followed, I still want him to be followed a while longer.

  57. Maryloo says

    My son had kawasakis at 2 years old.

    He is now 18. He had gamma gobulin therapy in the hospital, which is what prevented the coronary artery disease. He also had asprin tx for 6 months after that. He has gone for follow up echoes and stress echoes for 16 years and there is no coronary involvement. Kawasaki is a scary disease, or can be if not addressed immediately. Usually children under the age of 5 are the ones who get this.

    I also work in cardiology and have a pt (18 yr old male) who had a heart attack last year, his kawasaki went undiagnosed. Thank god he is ok, comes in for follow up visits.

  58. Kayleigh says

    Yes I understand she can Josie..But she hasn’t mentioned her cat on another previous post, so why drag it to this one? This post is about a boy that’s just died….not a cat.

  59. Josie says

    Hearing about Jett’s death is very sad. It’s in all the news. Just as an aside, there are many children that have died in wars and in poverty. I guess their parents are not famous celebrities so they don’t get the mass recognition that John Travolta’s son does. I hope the Travolta family finds closure and peace in this trying time.

  60. Josie says

    Oriana has a right to lament the passing of her cat. I’m sorry to hear about your cat Oriana! I wrote a longer comment to you but it was not posted for some reason. I’ll try again later.

  61. Josie says

    I can’t get over the death of Travolta’s son 🙁
    I keep seeing photos and reading about it in the paper’s and it is such a tragedy.

  62. says

    I’m still sick, as is my daughter. I’m sorry about your cat, oriana.

    Now back to more important things, if you look at photos of Jett when he was younger, he didn’t “look” like he did in recent years. He made eye contact, smiled, was very active with his family. There is a link I’ll put in my name so you can see for yourself. I found it last night when reading about all of this. It’s very possible he did indeed have Autism, or if it was brought on by the on by the Kawasaki disease, he could have Reye’s as I mentioned before, but another possibility is Meningitis, which makes a lot of sense. I had a friend growing up who recently passed away (not from his disease) who had Meningitis and he “looked” different, talked differently, etc., but he was the sweetest person you could ever meet. He had Meningitis and some sort of infection as a baby that affected him for the rest of his life. Perhaps something to think about before calling this beautiful soul “retarded”. Such a cruel term.

    I wish nothing but peace for the Travolta family. I can’t imagine what they are going through and I hope they can ignore the ignorant remarks and focus on healing.

  63. Kayleigh says

    and Oriana…mental retardation?? I honestly don’t believe you…..there are some things you just don’t say…infact i’am lost for words by what you’ve said!

  64. Kayleigh says

    Oriana…you are unbelievable! A boy has died here and you are rambling on about your cat???! Pathetic!

  65. oriana says

    I saw Larry King last night, one of the Backstreet Boys was on with his son. He has this Syndrome, he looked like a normal healthy little boy, and OH so Cute!!! Jett did not look like a normal child to me, it was clear he had some type of disability, by his looks and his actions. I do think there was some type of mental retardation. I know John is broken hearted and I pray for his healing and strength.

    I want to thank all the ladies on here who sent me warm wishes over my little Cat dying, I am still hurt but I am remembering 12 years of good memories and knowing she had a good home. I like John and I know this is something he will never completely recover from, such a tragic shock! I wonder if he was on any meds for seizures? And I still haven’t heard where the rest of the family was at when this occurred?

  66. Josie says

    I still can’t get over the death of Travolta’s son 🙁
    I keep seeing photos and reading about it in the paper’s and it is such a tragedy.

  67. Arianna's mummy says

    How sad! It is a terrible tragedy!

    I believe that they did what they thought was best for him, wether we believe or agree with it is besides the point! I do not doubt that John Travolta loved his son, and I feel incrediably sad for their family.

  68. Anon says


    I remember them talking about him getting ill as a baby, but I remember it wasn’t the carpet itself, but the chemicals in the carpet, because they had their carpets professionally cleaned every 3 – 6 months. I remember her saying they were a bit fanatical about keeping the home spotless, esp. the carpets after he was born – and after he got sick, they slacked off a bit and found alternatives to the cleaners.

    My heart goes out to the family. My deepest condolences.

  69. Me, that's who says

    Susie, I am with you!

    RIP jett T.

    and May god be with John Travolta, Ella Blue, and Kelly Preston! 🙁 ♥

  70. susie says

    Who cares what ilness he had!
    A child is dead, thats awful.
    Big hug to all the Travolta family xx

  71. Traci says

    My son also had Kawasaki’s disease as a child. He was diagnosed at the age of 4 1/2. It was the worst week of my life. All of the typical symptoms including 106 fevers, peelings hands/feet, swollen glands, red swollen eyes/gums, etc. After the gamma globulin treatment he was released from the hospital on high doses of aspirin and a year later was given a complete clean bill of health.

    Kawasaki’s disease is not a disease that stays with your child for their entire life……unless organs were damaged from the high fevers. It sounds as it they have been very misinformed on lasting effects of the disease.

    I hate that such wrong information is being put out about Kawasaki’s. My 16 year old actually asked if he was going to die too.

    My heart goes out to the family but I think the autopsy will show that the Kawasaki’s, from 14 years ago, had nothing to do with his death!

  72. says

    My heartfelt and deepest condolences to John Travolta and family.
    Also,just to mention my nephew has autism and he has had seizures so it’s possible Johns son had autism too but really what does it matter now..what matters now is sending thoughts and prayers to them on this terrible loss.
    It’s just so sad.

  73. mommy-of-two-girls says

    emmauk, it totally agree with you.

    while i really like this family and think scientology is total BS, this is not the time to discuss this.

    these parents have lost their child. which is the worst thing that can happen to any parent out there.

    this is not the time to pick on them or on scientology.

    my hearfelt condolences go out to the travolta-preston family.

  74. emmauk says

    I dont think it matters about stuff like scientology etc, no parent wants their children to go first. My thoughts are with this poor family in this sad time.
    I’ve no idea why people have to slag off their life in this sad time. I believe there are alot of idiots out there that come onto forums just to pick a fight even when a child has died. Numpties 🙁

  75. Dee says

    It seems to me that Jett is mentally retarded or slow. I work with autistic children in EI therapy that I do, it doesn’t scream autism to me in the limited public appearances he makes, but he definitely has some challenges (he has a caretaker, I’m assuming for this reason).

    John seems to love him very much-perhaps they kept him pout of the media to spare him the scrutiny he would receive?

  76. marti says

    Such a sad and tragic accident. I can’t even imagine what his family must be going through right now. My condolences and heartfelt sympathy goes out to Jetts’ berieved family.

  77. Freya says

    Josie-I believe people like Jenny McCarthy have said that such things as environment and chemicals have some sort of correlation with Autism, as do certain vaccinations, but I don’t know anymore beyond that.

  78. oriana says

    I absolutely believe that he had Autism and I would like to know where the rest of the family was at when this happened? I wonder if the sister was with John and Kelly? I can’t stand her, I think they denied him medical treatment that could possibly have helped his quality of life.

    Of course he got to sit in front of a TV and eat whatever he wanted too but so do normal kids that don’t have any type of illness. There have not been very many pictures of him over the years and I can see why. He was as big at 11 as he was at 16, this Scientology crap is just that, utter nonsense!

    It appears to me that Josie and Freya are both well informed and well educated, not on just this, but on other subjects in the past. I am not familiar with Kawasaki Syndrome at all and am glad to learn more about it.

    Thanks Ladies!

  79. Freya says

    I first want to say how sad this all is. I enjoy John Travolta as an actor and can’t imagine what he and his family must be going through at this time.

    Ok, I’m no Scientologist, and I do think that Autism is more than likely, but here is something interesting I found on the web tonight:

    ” Kawasaki syndrome was first identified among Japanese children in 1967, and within nine years, the illness had been reported in American children living in Hawaii. Although researchers assume that the Kawasaki syndrome could have been caused by an infection that was carried between Japan and Hawaii, there has been no confirmation that Kawasaki syndrome can be transmitted via contact between people. Recent evidence suggests that inherited (genetic) factors may also be important, but the cause of Kawasaki syndrome remains a mystery.”

    Ok, first of all, if you look up Kelly Preston, you will see she is of mixed white and Hawaiian descent and was born in Hawaii, and even has a Hawaiian middle name. Perhaps a possibility?

    Even more:

    People with Kawasaki syndrome can have other symptoms that are not part of the definition of the disease. These can include:

    * Pain and swelling of the joints
    * Diarrhea
    * Vomiting
    * Abdominal pain
    * Cough
    * Earache
    * Runny nose
    * Irritability
    * Seizures
    * Weakness in the arms or legs
    * Weakness of facial muscles
    * Heart rhythm abnormalities
    * Signs of heart failure


    Parents generally are warned against giving aspirin to children because it can trigger Reye’s syndrome, a serious disorder that can damage the brain and liver. However, aspirin is the best treatment for Kawasaki syndrome, so the benefits outweigh the risk of Reye’s syndrome, which is rare. The child usually continues to take aspirin for six to eight weeks after the acute symptoms of Kawasaki syndrome subside.

    Now what if they HAD given him aspirin when he was 15 months old, after being in the hospital with Kawasaki Syndrome?

    Documented cases of Reye’s syndrome in adults have only been very rarely reported. The recovery of adults with the syndrome is generally complete, with liver and brain function returning to normal within two weeks of the illness. In children however, mild to severe permanent brain damage is possible, especially in infants. Over thirty percent of the cases reported in the United States from 1981 through 1997 resulted in mortality.

    (you will find all this on Google if you put in reye’s syndrome kawasaki)

  80. Josie says

    This is so very sad.

    #7 – I also believe that carpeting is very unhealthy. I have had bad migraines in the past from being exposed to new carpet fumes from offices and homes. Carpeting is a chemical by-product so there is a high chance that it can make people ill. However, that being said, I don’t have a clue as to the connection it may have with Autism. Time will tell.

  81. catsue says

    Forgot to add one more thing. I remember seeing Jett’s mom on Montel and I think Oprah years ago and said she blamed carpet for Jett’s health struggles. HUH! She said they followed L. Rob Hubbard’s (Scientology founder) “detoxification program” to help Jett. HUH! Who knows what that involved! Really makes me wonder if Jett got the right medical care. Seems like Jenny McCarthy is trying everything to help her son. Very sad.

  82. says

    I have the aweful “gut” feeling that the Travolta’s belief in Scientology did more to ensure that their son did NOT receive the very best medical care that he COULD have had and SHOULD have had, if Jett was indeed autistic. This is tragic, it really is.

  83. catsue says

    I just looked this up. It’s actually more than 32% of children with austim have seizures. I also know that Austism does not exist with scientologist. I pray that the Travolta’s denial of Jett’s medical problems because of wacko scientology did not contribute to his death.

    Yes- The Dr. on CNN said seizures are NOT related to Kawasaki at all. Only 2000-3000 people in the U.S. have Kawasaki while hundreds of thousands of children have autism. I am no expert, but I have a feeling the Travolta’s were in complete denial.

  84. Another Mama Against Obama says

    Does it really matter if he had Autism or not the family has suffered a a horrible death that no parent should experience. May God watch over the family

  85. catsue says

    I teach autisitc children and it is very obvious to me that Jett was autistic! Jett was very rarely seen in public but from the photos I have seen of him, he stares and isn’t focused on people. This is definitely Autism. Also- 25% of children with autism have seizures! Jenny McCarthy herself said her autistic son had seizures as well. I don’t know if the Travolta’s are in denial because they are scientologists or what. Seizures are NOT linked to Kawasaki disease (which causes heart problems and teens die of heart attacks, not seizures). I hope they didn’t rely on Scientology “vitamins” for Jett’s medical care. Jett also was VERY overweight. I hope this obesity did not contribute to his death. RIP

  86. Kay says

    How terribly sad for a young boy of 16 to suddenly die. My heart goes out to John Travolta and Kelly Preston. I can’t even imagine what they must be going through.

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