Tom Cruise: "I Want 10 Children" With Katie


(In the above pic Tom, Katie and Suri were snapped exiting the Schoenfeld Theatre on December 30th)

Tom is hoping to expand his family quite a bit!

“I want 10 children. I love kids,” Tom exclaimed in an interview with UK’s The Sun.

Tom, 46, is also dad to Connor, 13, and Isabella, 16, his adopted children with Nicole Kidman.

“I feel really fortunate to have the teenagers and a two and a half-year-old. It’s a great dynamic,” he said.

How does Katie, who just celebrated her 30th birthday, feel about expanding their family Brangelina-style?

“If I’m worried about anything, it’s if she [Katie] can keep up with me,” Tom joked. “I’m very active…jumping on couches and whatnot.”

Tom added that he’s “a great parent.

“I want to be with my kids, and they get to do all the stuff that I wanted to do when I was growing up,” he said. “My own father wasn’t there much for me and I want to be a different dad to my kids. My family is the most important thing in my life.”

(And despite his split from Nicole, he said: “Nic and I are very committed and successful in sharing the parenting.”)

In addition to raising Suri, whom he calls “so charming, so beautiful…just great,” Tom said he’s teaching Connor how to motorbike.

“I go to the children’s groups like other daddies,” Tom said. “At first people look at me like, ‘My God, it’s him!’ and they treat me a little differently.

“But then they realize I’m just a father with my kids,” Tom added. “It’s up to me to make everybody else feel okay about the fact that I’m there, and then everything just goes on.”

Tom also likes to lavish attention on wife of two years, whom he called “a very strong, gracious woman and a great comedian.”

“I like doing romantic things, such as bringing flowers and surprising her with things,” Tom said. “I love candlelit evenings with nice music.

“Married life is very good, very lovely,” he added. “I feel lucky to have Kate as my wife. She’s an extraordinary woman. She is funny and smart and she likes the same things that I do.”

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  1. Analise says

    10 children. Hmm. The possibilities. Katie sleeps with and becomes pregnant 9 more times by Chris Klein? They find 9 more Asian sperm donors? I mean. No matter how you spin it or which story is true, Tommy boy isn’t going to be doing the deed to make it happen.

  2. deservingoflove says

    Modern technology advances our chances to do things that we could not do otherwise without it, but it is not a reason why people live over the age of 50. Alot of people have a longer life span than what you are giving credit. I have no plans on dying before 50, but if its in the cards I have no choice. Modern technology does wonderful things. I think calling someone selfish for wanting children at an older age is a ignorant thing to say. You were not almost 30 when your 1st child was born? 30 is not old, but it is not young either. Just because most people dont want to justify not having more kids because of age does not make us SELFISH. And yes God keeps us alive, not modern technology.

  3. says

    I’m curious. To those who think 40 is too old, just how old do you think we are generally going to be when we die? I don’t believe that at 40 I was prewriting my obituary. And I believe the average age in this country for women is in the late 70’s. That would easily have the children grown and gone before they begin to write their parents obits if women have children in their 40’s. My sister and I are in our 50’s and we keep up very well with our young grands so I believe we could keep up with teens if we had them. We also don’t look old and haggard so I doubt that they would be embarassed of us.

    My grandmothers died at 29 and 50 but my grandfathers lived into their 90’s. My father and my husband’s parents are into their 80’s. And they are traveling, moving and grooving, having a good time.

  4. anoyed says

    @60 If you believe in “god”, be my guest but realize that even your “god” that you believe in, has made the world for people to have kids young and die at an early age. Only modern technologies is making sure that we grow old and giving us a body that still works over the 50. Modern technologies, not “god”. History is there to prove it.,

  5. Honey says

    this interview is a lie – whoever put it together just took bits and pieces of things he’s said in the past and made them into their own comments.

  6. deservingoflove says

    I understand that you are making a stand on not having children over forty for the sake of being able to raise the child at a younger age ,but spare the bullsh!t. I don’t Older people have kids all the time and there is nothing wrong with that. You just seem angry that you have to take care of your parents. People have kids at any age and somehow I doubt God will stop blessing people on your opinion.

  7. Anoyed says

    My parents live with me, both of them. They are both over 60 now so i do know what im talking about. I am able to take care of my parents and my kid at the same time. I dont put them away to a home to have some party time! i take care of them myself. My husband works and i take care of the toddler and 2 oldies. If they would have me 10 years later, and i would be 10 years younger at there age now, i wouldnt be able to do this.

    So before you speak. Do you have a kid? do you have your parents live with you, your husband and your kid?

    I keep my grounds. To have a future for you and your children you must stop having kids over 40+!

  8. starr says

    grandma of 15,got to love you,you are fun to be with.I hope my friend will realize this someday,she is the only child,had everything she asked for but she is so ungrateful.Now she is concentrating on putting her mom to a nursing home.She does not even want to spent a dime to pay for a sitter and be with her mom at home.Sometimes,big families do come in handy.especially when it comes to support.

  9. granma of 15 says

    There is nothing wrong with having too many children in the house as long as you can afford to give each one of them the same attention and love.Believe me from experiences.I have four children and 15 grands,ok.They all come to the house everyday,they asked me all the time to watch her,him.sometimes I can’t even remember if they were my grands,but yeah it is a joy to have them around.Now they still come around with their children,and I do love them,but I got to tell you,my bones are not strong enough to handle them so I rubbed bengay all over so they don’t come near me.He…He…He..

  10. trudy says

    I think Tom Cruise is so overwhelmed and excited on having children.You also can’t blame him for dreaming so high.He did longed for biological child for a long time.
    When he was married to this Mini Rogers,they didn’t have any.When he was married to Nicole Kidman,she miscarried twice.Now that he is with Katie Holmes,and have his first biological child,it is really exciting.He was overjoyed to every single moment.Maybe that is why he jumped over the couch.
    Actually,my brother did the same thing,when he proposed to his now wife.only he bunjie jumped,fell off the rope and lost his kidney.But hey,he was over the moon.

  11. cindy says

    I do believed Katie wants more children as she stated during Armani Show,2006,but also she said,only two more when asked if she will have siblings for Suri.This means she only wants three altogether.

  12. cindy says

    There is nothing wrong with having baby at 40 and over,or to have plenty,10 or more.The questions,you need to ask:
    1.can you afford to have many children
    2.can you handle many children. the other half in your life wants more than two or three children.
    to have many children are wonderful,but it is too much resposibilities,if financially insufficient,it is very difficult.noone would like to have these children,if you beg for someone to watch them,take care of them for a bit while,need money to buy these,that.This means if you are not committed to having more children,then you are not ready.

  13. zenny says

    pardon me,the comment I wrote in #51 is actually addressed to comment #47.I’m so sorry granny.This does not refers to you at all.It’s the young parents now a days,think they know everything already.To me she must have so much hate with the older women.Do hope she respects her mother.

  14. zenny says

    to#47,you are one sick selfish bastard as usual.You are the one who doesn’t have a normal view of life because you are so full of hate in your guts.Gosh,can you even read,what you are saying to these people,like you know them well.You are so much in control that you don’t realized you are in so much hatred right now.I pity you,hope your one child will love you no matter what,and do hpoe you are not like this way when he will be in the same category as these celebrities.

  15. hellorazzi says

    What’s wrong with 40 and pregnant.I’m 42 and my doctor okayed that I can have a baby now that my health allows it.I think what matters is that as long as you are there for the baby until he/she needs you,and love them unconditionally. sometimes people intend not to agree on having baby at 40+,but as long as you are mentruating like granny said you are able to get pregnant.And it is even a blessing to have a baby at this age.Some certain young ones do prefer to have babies when they are so young but yet they can’t take care of them,they manage to put them in to someone’s hands to watch for them as long as they can party.

  16. Anoyed says

    @48 .. See selfish! a man or a woman shouldnt think I want a baby, my body is still active to do so, so im gonna get a baby. Thats NOT how they should think. They should think about the futere of a child? Can i afford raising the child, will i be able to give them what they need? will i be there for them until they are old enough to provide for themselfs. That means that you should be There until they are done with there studies and go of to work. Thats a fair chance of life for them. YOU as a parent have the obligation towards a child to be there for them in every aspect of your life. AND yes i hear you know, but i could die in a car accident or whate ever. thats something you cant predict. But you can predict that you are going to be old and you cant play with your child because your old and that your kid wil be laughed at because its walking aroud with grandpa and calling him dad.

    So world STOP being selfish and think about the babies needs for the next 25 years before you get a baby!

  17. oriana says

    Kayleigh, I do think she is a BRAT and have formed that opinon by what I have seen of her and the tantrums she has thrown. I call it like I see it. She is a BRAT and you are a little smart mouth B@@CH!!!!!!

  18. says

    #39. If your menstruating at 40 and want a child at 40, then you are NOT too old. Women 40 and older have been having children naturally since the dawn of time.

  19. anoyed says

    @41. zenny
    if you must know, i have a healthy 3 year old, i do know his father, in fact he lives with us! (Im sorry if you dont know what that means being with the father of your child. I was 28 when i got my son, and his father was 29. So we both will be in our fifties when he turns 30. Thats an age that it is normal to have aging parents.

    In toms case, Its NOT normal to walk the street and people think you are with your grandfather! If he would get 10 more kids, at least 1 of them walks around with a father that could be his grandfather.

    So if someone has to leave this site, its you. Course i have a normal view of life and you don’t!

  20. oriana says

    Tom a Beauty? Don’t think so! He is starting to look older to me, of course he is getting older but he looks much more mature to me. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Tom, he is a wonderful talented actor and I think a good person. If he wasn’t such a kook over that stupid Cult he is wrapped up in, he would be much better off. But handsome, he never has been to me. That snout is way too big, sorry!

  21. starr says

    Connor is a fine young man even when he was a baby.Isabella will turn out to a beautiful blossom as well.At this time,the two teens are in healthy weights,they have plenty of times to figure out looks and beauty later.They are not skinny as people want them to see so they can pass negativity to this family.
    Yes,Connor is already a movie star,the time he auditioned for “seven pounds”movie and got the part.Stardome usually statrs at the bottom and way up.
    Tom’s children are the apple of his eyes.They are beautiful.Tom himself is one beauty,nothing else to my eyes,so any of you,who likes others than Tom,well so be it.You have your own taste and so do I.Period….

  22. oriana says

    I would like to see them have another child. I doubt if that brat would be able to handle it though as she is the Princess of the World! As for the other two, Connor is going to be a hearttrob one day and he is very handsome, looks like a movie star already, much better looking than Tom by far!

  23. starr says

    What exactly is wrong with having 10 children if you can afford it and know who their father is.Only one.The husband.
    I am one of the 13 children,yes we only have one biological father.We are loved very much,disciplined well.Conflicts often occured but it was worth the moment because we stayed all together.You may have one,but you can’t take care of him or her because you are so into shopping,partying,why bother having one.This is why in this country,if you don’t treat your children properly,your nursing home is already prepared for you to get confine.And mostly,it happened from the one that is only child.Think about it.

  24. zenny says

    to#39,I believe you are one stupid idiot to even think of such thing.You are one selfish bastard that probably has a child from an unknown father.You are one freak sick to even live on earth.You act like you’re so concerned.Get off the site and look for your baby’s father and take care of your own.One more thing you must not be Nicole Kidman’s fan.or any 40+ women.
    to#40.yeah it is just only you.
    to#38,the children are teens,16yrs and 14yrs.they are healthy.they are normal weights to their ages.If they become very thin,then people will blame the whole family again.So either way,they can never win.They will get critizism no matter what.

  25. anoyed says

    What idiot thinks its ok to have a baby over the age of 40.. Am i the only person concerned about kids who lose there parents at an early age of childhood?! A 20 year old even needs you as a parent to be there. Getting kids over the age of 40 is only one thing. SELFISH!

  26. aileen says

    the bags on her eyes were from lack of sleep,she does work so much for little role in a play,but also she has a daugther that is in terrible 2-3.
    you really can’t get any rest,and if you do not the way you want it due to the fact that you have a baby to worry about,even if you have a nanny or not.
    a mother always has than bond to be with her child,you want to just endulge every moment around that child for he or she grows up quickly.
    Katie knew whwere she is going to be when she met Tom Cruise and when marrying him.We shouldn’t be bothered about them or thier businesses.They are not harming the community.

  27. ajinomotto says

    It is a pity really to hate someone we don’t know about other than being in spotlight,news,etc,etc.

  28. anon says

    I agree with some of the comments,I do like Tom Cruise because he can deliver the goods that’s worth the money.
    And yes,if people do dislike him so much,why do they know more about him and his business.We should just leave them alone.He did some bad things from the past,he did admitted that he was wrong,who can actually admit if we are wrong?We probably lie to the society if we ever make any mistakes.Tom Cruise is destined to entertain audiences,he is an actor when we finally knew about him,why now so many people hate him for his mistakes from the past.It is more sad,we can’t even look ourselves in the mirror if there was no error in our lives but we are so hang up to know about anyone else and thier business.

  29. zenny says

    to comments#31,#25,I agree with you.First of all he never said Isabella and Connor were his adopted children ever,he refer to them as his own children.People just like to stir up thing that don’t make any sense at all.
    to comments #32 and other who hate and despise him(Tom Cruise)so much,why is it that if you seemed so much more familiar and know everything about him like you were actually by his sides.I don’t understand this at all,because you claim the negative remarks about him or his family for that matter but yet you keep on mumbleing about him and you go on and on… please…if you said you don’t like this man,don’t even try to mention his name or give critics at all…..yeah…
    to#29,you are not too old,my friend just had her third baby and she is 52yrs old.well,her husband is 10 yrs younger but it was all natural,well,there were alot of complications during the pregnancy but it turned out to be a blessings.Let’s put it this way,Nicole Kidman just had her baby as well,and she is 40yrs old.Well,she had a little help with some fertility water but,you are not too old to dream for more children.I wish I could have more,but healthwise,prevented me to have so.And now the economy is fast approaching to bit poverty,it is hard to have more children.We have to be very committed to have another one at this time of crisis.But good luck to you.

  30. mommy-of-two-girls says

    i really really don’t like tom cruise at all. but, i really don’t think that he favors suir over isabella and connor.
    those two are teenagers and probably want to stay out of the media. i remember him doing a lot of things with them when they were little.
    also, when isabella and connor were little he was an a-list actor, he didn’t need to use his two kids for publicity.
    but now, he’s a c-list actor and uses little suri for publiciy.

    he’s a creep and irks me. but, two thumbs up for suri wearing tights and a coat.

  31. Greta says

    The thing is….he very well MAY HAVE gushed on and on about his other kids…and it is quite possible that those such quotes were just not included by writers in the article…We don’t know.

  32. az beauty says

    To #26 Freya

    He shouldn’t have to be asked questions in order to gush about ALL of his kids. It seems that the interviewers focus on Suri. But, my point was that it’s up to HIM as a parent to speak highly about ALL of his kids.

    The interviewers are focusing on Suri but the said thing is, so is Tom. It’s always about Suri….

  33. Sara says

    How nice for 40+ men to imagine having 10 more children. Of course only becaue their wives are so much younger.

    How great it would be to have your fertility measured by the youth of your partner – if your partner happens to be so much younger! Because my spouse and I are the same age, we must be so much more practical and realistic about our goals. I would love 10 more children too, but unfortuantely I am a 38 year old WOMAN.

  34. yayaya says

    #24 I agree with you ,I think if she pregnant for 10 times maby she die wite that bags under her eyes.

  35. bambamswife says

    I like Tom and Katie so much better that stupid couple called Btrad Pitt and his something called jolie. They really want to make me puck.

  36. Freya says

    To 21, how do you know he wouldn’t have said similar things about Isabella or Connor had he been asked?

  37. babyrazzi junkie says

    What’s up with always calling Connor and Isabelle his “adopted children”. They are his kids. Why the distinction? As a parent of two adoptive kids and one biological, it really bothers me. They are all MY kids – we don’t say our two adopted children and our biological child.

  38. Bunnie says

    is it just me, or does anyone else notice the bags under katie’s eyes?

    she looks like crap.

    must not be easy being tom cruise’s nanny

  39. az beauty says

    To #18 – Freya

    It doesn’t matter what the reporter asked him. If asked a question about Suri, then answer it. But, he goes on and on about how perfect , wonderful, etc. she is – but why not then say something wonderful, perfect, etc. about his other two children?

    As a parent it’s his job to support, compliment, love and admire the qualities of ALL of his kids!! He tends to gush too much about Suri.

  40. Me, that's who says



    no one cares if u people do not like katom! No one asked, and no one knows you! WHoopdie doo!

    If tom loves katie enough to want to have 10 kids with her, then go right ahead, although I would have to stop at 3 for him! SORRY tom, that is it! I love how in love with her he is, Love is beautiful! DO IT BIG KATOM

  41. noname says

    The two older children maybe decide to stay out of the paps, poor Suri is not given that choice, when she’s older she can decide for herself, shame.

  42. Freya says

    I don’t like Tom Cruise or his wife, but I just read the article. How is he playing favourites? The reporter probably asked him specifically about Suri, and he responded. He also included the older kids when talking about teaching Connor how to motorbike, and he goes to the PTA meetings. Sounds normal enough to me. He also talked about how he and Nicole split the parenting. I think there is just more of access to celebrities with the internet now. When his two older children were Suri’s age, there wasn’t the internet like there is today.

  43. uoykcillli says

    I agree with all of the above comments. He definitely shows favortism towards Suri. He never talks about the other 2. Imagine 10 more Suris in this world? We’d have 10 more spoiled brats who call all the shots.

  44. ELIE TAYLOR says

    If you can’t handle Conner and Isebella separately from
    Suri .. than why have more kids.. ‘it is up to the lady if she
    wants more..” Seeing how she has to handle Suri than
    why would she want more children..After having your own
    child .. Does this mean that Katie has to give up her career
    while you are off on a set somewhere taking care of these
    kids.!!! You dear Tom are not a good parent.. You are a
    selfish bastard.. who does not like it when Katie said

  45. az beauty says

    Definite favortism towards Suri – the biological child. He never raved this much about the two adopted kids.

    He ought to shut up already! Jerk

  46. traveler says

    It’s good that he doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes of his father. I still think there is favoritism going on between Suri and Isabella and Connor. Those two poor kids certainly get left out a lot. He seems to heap praises on Suri and Nicole just gushes over Sunday, but neither parent says much about Bella and Connor. I feel for them.

  47. Niloofar says

    I just want to say merry christmas everybody 🙂

    but I wish that, this year didn’t start with still killing the people of palestine, and I really hope everything change and those wildanimals stop killing 🙁

  48. Cheetah says

    “If I’m worried about anything, it’s if she [Katie] can keep up with me,” Tom joked. “I’m very active…jumping on couches and whatnot.”

    Tom added that he’s “a great parent.

    Doesnt this say it al.. ME MYSELF AND I!

    what a .. BLEEP!

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