Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Arrive At The Hospital


UPDATE: No baby yet! It was just a routine visit to the doctor…after leaving her appointment Jen happily resumed her weekly Wednesday trip the the Farmers’ Market in Santa Monica.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were snapped arriving at LA’s Cedars Sinai Medical Center this morning…and they seemed like they were in quite a hurry! Jennifer is due to give birth to their second child any day now.

A New Year’s baby? 🙂

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  1. Niloofar says

    Oh, so sorry,… dear 🙂

    I just was kidding with you!!!!……… cause I didn’t understand your comment too, I just told this,…….. nothing special !!!

  2. Niloofar says

    40 & 41- to ro khoda, eyne adam harf bezanin, bebinam chi mi gin???
    va garna gavgir misham, ye cheeeeeeeeeeeeezai, be farsi migam, nafahmina!!!!

  3. julio cesar says

    Gracias Karmello,Kimora, Kariah and Kajanes’s mommy por tu respuesta ahora muchas cosas para mi empiezan a tener sentido…

  4. julie says

    why would Jennifer Garner seriously post on HERE when she just had a baby? Really? Report it to and then we can believe you. Until then, nope, I don’t believe it at all. Unless I read it on People or it is actually announced formally on this website or another. So quit your lying.

  5. julio cesar says

    Si alguien entiende spanish me podrian sacar de una duda? Si una persona nace el 21 de Junio de 1975 y otra persona nace el 23 de Enero del 1976, es posible que estas dor personas sean hermanos biologico? O lo que es lo mismo hermanos de padre y madre?

    Gracias a los que respondan

  6. says

    dont belive number 25 katelyn i had my baby today on january 2nd 2009 and i had a girl she was 3 pounds 1 ounce she was a tiny baby shes in the nicu and she should be coming home on january 10th 2009 she has my dimples and brown hair and blue eyes she is so cute and little violet is really excited to have a baby sister im on my laptop in the hospital and thats how im writing this and heres the name

    hannah grace affleck

  7. Jem says

    Was just looking up about Jennifer Garner on and noticed the news about John Travolta’s son who died today. Tragic. They should report it on here soon. R.I.P

  8. SARA says

    Katelyn they didn’t have their baby yet.Please give us a proof,because we don’t believe you

  9. Jem says

    until i see the proof i’m not believing she’s had her baby yet, plus i don’t think she’d call her baby Andrew for some reason.

    i’ve looked on google and nothing has come up yet! and isn’t it a bit soon to release all the details to the press already?

  10. katelyn says

    they had the baby this morning and it was a boy. Andrew Benjamin Affleck weighed in at 8 lbs. 2 oz. and 20 inches. Violet is so excited!

  11. cyberkitten40 says

    i’m thinkin it was probably false labour. She looked like she was slightly uncomfortable. I can’t wait to see the new little one though when s/he finally does make the grand entrance! 🙂

  12. Collette uk says

    Prob getin last min check up or inducement dates she said im july 5mth gone +her due date dec she gota be past her due date even if a week bet she goes next 3 days

  13. allie says

    she didn’t have her baby on it said later that day she and violet went out shopping or something. maybe it was a false alarm but i really wish she would have her baby it feels like she’s been pregnant forever!!

  14. ice says

    Yeah! Cant wait for this new Affleck addition! LOL at Ben still holding a Starbucks in his hand

  15. claudiazz says

    I just read a blurb from an east coast newspaper that said that although Jen & Ben were at the hospital she was reportedly not in labor.

    Who knows?

  16. Freya says

    I’m bored, so here are my suggestion for their new babe, like they would ever remotely care, lol:

    Violet Anne and little:

    (girl names)

    Grace Patricia (Jennifer’s mother is Patricia, thanks Wikipedia!)

    Laurel Patrice

    Sarah Christine (Ben Affleck’s mother is Christine)

    Fiona Joy (just because)

    (boy names)

    Benjamin Timothy (Ben has said he loves Benjamin Franklin, and Timothy is his father)

    William Benjamin (William is Jennifer’s father)

    John Patrick (after Jennifer’s parents)

    Nathaniel Malcolm (again, just because)

  17. Candy says

    i wish they could have aboy if they want a boy…but i kinda love baby girls:D…i hope she due in Jan’s my birthday

  18. says

    i hope she has the baby too she looks like shes ready and i hope its a boy..violet will be a good sister

    LOL wouldnt be funny if they are pulling a prank on the paps and she wasent really in a laybor lol

    but i really hope she is

  19. Janey says

    I hope she has the baby today! They are my favorite celeb couple. I am a NY-eve baby myself, so Violet’s new sibling would have great company, including Sir Tony Hopkins, Bebe Neuwirth, Ben Kingsley, etc. Good luck to the family!

  20. KATEZ says

    She definitely looks like she’s in labor. The baby has totally dropped. Good luck to them! Maybe they’ll have a New Year’s baby and get the tax write off. Lol. Boy or girl hope its healthy.

  21. Lurker says

    I agree, me she really LOOKS like a woman in labor!

    And it made me giggle a bit in that first picture because it almost looks like Ben is watching the time on a stopwatch or his phone; like he’s timing her contractions! 😉

  22. violetsky says

    Enough all ready, its ok to pap her daughter going to playschool every second day, but to pap her when she is going into labour is beyond the pale.

  23. cheetah says

    she looks like she is in laybor.. YeaaY.. even her baby dropped down to the exit (compaired to the pictures at the market earlyer this week).. I think there is a baby comming. whiehoe!

  24. Midge says

    I am huge fans of these two – especially as parents, but following them to the hospital seems to be taking things a little far if you ask me.

    Jennifer looks like she just got out of the shower. So fresh faced and pretty.

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