An Expectant Jennifer Garner Picking Up Violet From A Playdate


An expectant Jennifer Garner was snapped collecting Violet from a playdate in Santa Monica.

Splash News Online


  1. Jude says

    I think I’d carry my child too if I was hounded by the press the way she is. Can’t they give them a little privacy? I didn’t realize she was that far along – looks like a nice healthy pregnancy. Good luck for a healthy new baby!!

  2. becky says

    i think jennifer looks great! Definitely healthy and not fat ! Who cares if she holds her daughter or not. I carried my 35lb son until I gave birth with my daughter. The only side effect was stronger and more toned arms. I cant believe some of these comments were posted.

  3. Carol says

    Violet is the spitting image of mom. Very cute with those deep dimples. They seem like a very normal family.

  4. Collette uk says

    Nice to see her walking with that bump no way can she carry her i heard it a boy+i reckon a gud 7+half to 8 pound

  5. bj's mom says

    I agree…she seems like she’s been pregnant forever. Violet does look much bigger, but maybe cuz we are used to seeing her being held by her mom. Good luck to them and their new baby!!

  6. KATEZ says

    She looks good. Looks like she did last time. I’m thinking more like mid-January. Like maybe the 18th or so. Thats two days before my son’s third birthday. Lol! Good luck. I remember that time, i was done.

  7. says

    i really like this family and violet anne is so cute i cant wait to see if its a boy or a girl i hopeing its a boy but anthor girl will be nice i think that shes due around the 2nd week of january lol either the 11th idk just my opinoin

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