Valeria Mazza & Family At The Beach


Argentinian model Valeria Mazza, 36, was snapped enjoying a family holiday at the Punta del Este resort in Uruguay. She was seen enjoying Jose Ignacio Beach with her husband Alejandro Gravier and her three sons Balthazar, 9, Tiziano, 6, and Benicio, 3. Valeria and Alejandro also have an 8-month-old daughter named Taína.

Valeria and her husband are currently facing charges of tax evasion in their native Argentina and may face jail time.

The Argentinian equivalent of the IRS, the “Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos” (AFIP) began a financial investigation of the couple, stating that they may owe them close to 2 million dollars due to irregularities committed between 2002 and 2005.

Valeria and Alejandro declared as “commercial expenses” a series of trips and holidays, automobile maintenance and many personal items for their home in order to evade taxes.

The AFIP claims Valeria’s taxes “are incompatible” with what she earns and they accuse her of hiding her income from outside countries, particularly from hosting and participating in several Italian shows.

The couple argues that those deducted expenses are “necessary” for Valeria’s image.

Wow…I totally remember her! She was such a famous model a few years back.

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