Katie Holmes Takes Suri To See 'Bolt'


Katie Holmes and daughter Suri were snapped leaving the movie theater after seeing the movie ‘Bolt’ on Saturday. Even though it was a chilly day in New York City, Suri didn’t wear a coat. Katie took Suri to the movies between her two Broadway performances.

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  1. D says

    WTH is up with these people. I just saw yet another picture of suri out today ( low 30’s outside) wearing long sleeves but no winter jacket again…mommy was wearing scarfs and sweatres dressed for winter while her 2 yr old was dressed for a 60 degree weather. Social services should investigate those idiots.

  2. Fiona says

    She is such a cutie!! I don’t see anything wrong as far as “discipline” she always looks very well behaved to me. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo of her ‘acting up’. Geez people give her a break….she’s doing a great job.

  3. simplycara says

    laughing ….
    seriously, this child is a multi gazzilionaire she will always have people waiting her hand and foot and my guess is she will always get what she wants. It was 60 … she didn’t need a coat.

    This is way too funny.

  4. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Katie’s wearing a woolly hat, scarf and gloves yet her two year old is out in a t-shirt and skirt? Well at least they put tights on her…

  5. Carol says

    If your not gonna put a coat on the kid because she dosen’t want to wear one, stupid, then at least put a warm long sleeve dress on her. What the heck is wrong with these people.

  6. ice says

    Why is it that her proponents always claim it is ok, because they are just walking to the car? You mean in every single photo session we see of underdressed Suri, she is just walking to the car? You mean they do nothing else other than walking to the car? The reality is, most of the time, they’re out shopping and posing for paps, and Suri is stll underdressed

  7. oriana says

    This Cult is NOT a religion and is not respected as such by many countries. It is obvious Suri does as she pleases, all Katie, if she had any backbone and she clearly doesn’t, is say to her, either wear a coat or you stay home, plain and simple. And I don’t see why she is taken out so much at night, she should have a time limit set when she goes to bed, and it wouldn’t be 11:00pm either!

    I have never thought about it but I do agree, I don’t see her sitting in a carseat for very long at all! Let her throw her tantrums, I know what I would do, I would swat her little fanny and let her know a 3 year old isn’t in charge of the household! I absolutely believe the older kids get sick of her sometimes.

  8. noname says

    Why is this little girl out at night when her Mum is working, she looks tired plus why does Katie put extra stress on herself as she loks so tired, by bringing her with her all the time. Have some ME time for gods sake woman, it wont make you a lesser parent!!!!!!!!

  9. Cindy says

    Right back at you Kayleigh…xoxoxo *wink wink*
    PS. I actually agree with you, but prison is a little harsh don’t you think? 🙂

  10. Analise says

    Hey! What a surprise! KATE looks stupid (again).
    Suri is improperly dressed. (again).

    Bet you money child services would be called on any number of us if we had our kid out in the winter and no coat on.

  11. Cindy says

    After reading the last few comments (other than Kayleigh’s) I almost feel ashamed for being so critical…but ALMOST is the operative word here……..I still think the kid should have a coat on, it’s only common sense, pure and simple.

  12. Kayleigh says

    That poor child will die of pnuemonia…..and i hope her mother will be sent to prison for child abuse and neglect.

  13. zenny says

    correction;any religion will not control a child’s mind or anyone.anyone can refuse heavy outer wear even your catholic or baptist or any religion you practice in.
    you can never force a child,you must not force a child or anyone for that matter.you just have to insist.forcing and insisting are totally different.

  14. zenny says

    coat and the blanket are not the issues with Suri and her parents.60degrees is not that cold to any states unless it is windy.
    maybe some of us get cold right away,but children are not actually into heavy outerwear.yes you can force your limit to put a coat,sweater or whatever on a child,but if they take it off,what’s the point.
    if the child resisted not toput on any coat,sweater,then she is not cold at all.she will ask one if she does.
    to set the ground is ok but then these people are celebrities,they get critizisms in everyway possible,even if they are doing things right/wrong.
    religion otherwise has nothing to to with it,stop bringing up such religion that does not exist to human’s eye.it is not because they are,well, in what ever religion.any religion can control a child’s mind.Suri is almost 3,she is in this terrible 2-3 stage.let them be.we are critizising them so much like we live around them.
    my only suggestions;
    1.insist to put the coat/sweaters on
    2.always have it handy
    3.carry the child until you get in the car,body heat keeps you more warmer than anything else
    4.if your child likes to pick her on clothes,put warmer clothing in her drawers,cabinets,wardrobes,dressers and or any closets where she goes to pick her owncolthing.if she only sees the warmwer clothes and nothing else,she will pick those instead,believe me it is a 99%sufficient.if she carries a toy,get the one that records your voice,if she knows there is a button to press so the toy/dolls/stuffed bear will speak,then record into that saying,”mommy i’m cold,put sweater or coat on me,it is cold outside.”then press it when your child is trying to get dress,she will get that attention.
    believe me children are more smarter than parents or older people.know why?children are often mimic quicker that adults do.

  15. Sarah says

    seriously, i think suri will be fine…when someone gets cold enough…believe me….they’ll put a coat on

  16. Clare says

    Leave Katie alone. Suri is so strong willed. Besides they don’t spend that much time outside. It is like 30 seconds to the car. Stop arm chair parenting.

  17. Lisa says

    Eh, whatever. The girl is almost three years old. If she’s cold enough, she’ll ask for her blanket. My daughter likes to wear short sleeves in the house when I’m freezing and putting on sweaters, so maybe some kids just are comfortable like that. Who cares? You can’t actually catch pneumonia from being cold, you know. I agree with PP that Katie is probably choosing her battles, and if Suri isn’t cold enough to want a coat, then whatever.

  18. Nicki says

    Well I’m willing to bet, if she won’t wear a coat–her precious lil behind hasn’t sat in a carseat for more than 5 minutes.

  19. Granny says

    It’s 60’s here yesterday and today. I’m walking around in short sleeves. Feels like spring when we shed our coats during 60 degrees.. Katie isn’t wearing a coat and is in fact in short sleeves. The bodies in the background don’t seem to be wearing heavy outer wear. I doubt they are walking far, maybe to a cab or car. So if it was indeed a warmer day, I imagine they both were fine.

  20. Cindy says

    Katie is a brainwashed freak.

    Yes, Gala and I do seem to have different opinions on what cold is. I live in Ottawa and it gets pretty cold here so 60 doesn’t sound too bad, however on a day that is 60 I still wear long sleeves and most certainly would in the night time.

    I totally agree with you Grandma of 4, Katie could have an assortment of proper outdoor clothing to accommodate the weather and assure her daughter is comfortable…except the whole problem seems to be that Suri is allowed to refuse a coat because of her stupid religion, so no matter what clothing Katie had with her Suri would still get her own way. And really, I also wonder why they want this bad publicity? They don’t care, they believe very strongly in this cult type religion. I will never get it. It makes no sense whatsoever!

  21. oriana says

    The picture clearly shows who is in charge and sets the limits in that family. And it is not Katie or Tom!

  22. Grandma of 4 says

    Let me get this straight!

    Cindy and Gala seem to have a difference of opinion! OK…60 degrees is not frigid but it is not balmy wither!

    Suri has on a short sleeved blouse with an open collar line in the front! It could not have been THAT warm!

    It appears to be nighttime…which would make sense as Katie was between shows. And, everyone else appears to be in some sort of jacket, etc.

    My only concern is, there is not a jacket, coat, sweater, warm top in sight. Just that blanket which appears to be a constant presence! Katie needs to get rid of the blanket and carry a bag for Suri that has a variety of warmer outterwear so she can adjust according to the weather. Plus, it would STOP a whole lot of negative commenting!

    It is called common sense! 🙂

  23. gala says

    Yes, there might have been pictures of Suri wearing dresses on cold days…. But I distinctly remember quite a few very warm days this fall/winter season… It’s normal here in New York City, the weather changes dramatically within hours, and I do see a lot of kids dressed by their parents rather on the lighter note on such days.

    Bell bottoms are great looking, practical, comfortable, and have a lot of character to them!

  24. Cindy says

    Like I said, there has been a million other days when it was unquestionably freezing out and that kid is dressed in summer dresses. I love how people want to make excuses when there is no excuse…

  25. gala says

    I live in New York. Last couple of days it was like a spring here, with the temperature of 60 and way above. Half of the city was walking around wearing t-shirts only. The other half, of course, was just not prepared for the weather and had to either wear their heavy coats and sweat, or just simply carry them around. Those who don’t know should not blame Katie. Is perfectly fine to dress for the weather, not for the calendar. New York isn’t a North Pole.

  26. Cindy says

    Was it really in the 60’s that day? If so, then I guess it’ ok even though it looks night time and everyone else is dressed for coldness. Plus, what about all the other times when it wasn’t in the 60’s, there are way more times like that. Anyway, what can you do about it? They are just freaks.

    I like bell bottoms too, very cool! These are a little wide for my taste but still cool.

  27. Eli says

    Maybe if someone from the Child Protection Agency comes knocking on the door Tom & Kate will make sure Suri is dressed appropriately for the weather!

  28. Catherine says

    I personally love how Katie & Tom dress their girl ofc I agree she should have a coat on but Im sure if Suri wanted 1 on she’d ask 4 1

    Suri looks just lyk Tom in these pictures an adorable lil girl

  29. c says

    It never ceases to amaze me how Katie is always dressed appropriately for the weather but Suri always has bare arms and a flimsy dress on … geeesh

  30. simplycara says

    that was the day it was in the 60’s .. after the below o temps it felt like summer ! Seriously, a coat not a coat it’s not a big deal.

  31. Collette uk says

    I posted num 6 comment put aj on end instead uk i know she stupid i have 6+2 yr they ave wint coats hats gloves+scarfs

  32. g says

    I wonder if they will let Suri make her own decision if she decides to stick a marble up her nose? She’s probably a p ain in the b utt about what she eats too. You can see in that photo where she’s starting a tantrum over that stu pid blanket that she’s totally spo iled. Someone needs to teach Katie and the midg et how to parent, they are clearly clueless.

  33. Pat says

    Sorry but it appears that Suri is a little brat! It’s time they take charge as parents and quit letting the little princess run the household!

  34. Me, that's who says

    I agree with the most of you, and I think that katie or tom should let suri know who is boss! SHe can make her own decisions on deciding what coat to wear, that is about it!

    It is obvious that she is a hand full! I have a couple of suggestions!

    1) move to a warmer climate
    2) Take away suri’s favorite toy or something that she likes until she put and keep her coat on!

    I still love how katie is spending time with her kid, but she need to put a coat on suri and make sure it is zipped up to high heavens

  35. Lurker says

    OK..like most everybody else, I do feel this child should be wearing a coat..and if she doesn’t like it, tough!! Someone has to be the parent. And, as a parent, sometimes we make decisions that our kids don’t like. Let your kid have a voice; an opinion..I haven’t got a problem with that. But for the safety and/or well being of your child, PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN!! It seems like basic stuff to me.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Suri is a beautiful child, there’s no denying that. But being pretty won’t matter when she turns out to be such a spoiled brat that no one wants to be around her. (except maybe the other folks that feel this is the best way to raise a child, of course)

    But, that being said..when I first read the piece under the picture it did “put me off” a bit. The webmistress felt the need to point out the fact that it was cold and Suri had no coat on. Anyone looking at the pictures would be able to see that! I mean, I think most of us come here to look at the celeb kids and sure, have little “debates” about things about them sometimes.
    But for the WM to make it a point to express what SHE thinks when all she needs to do is say “Celeb Kid X was pictured at McDonalds in L.A. today waiting for Mom’s photo shoot to begin”, well, right or wrong, it just gets under my skin a little.

    OK, off my soapbox, sorry. :o/

  36. Cindy says

    cyberkitten40: like someone else mentioned, I think it’s more about the reason she isn’t wearing a coat that is the big issue really.

  37. cyberkitten40 says

    i say let the child learn by consequence..when she’s cold enough she’ll put a jacket on. She WON’T let herself freeze to death. There’s bigger issues to worry about in life and there’s some things u just CAN’T let go of (ie: proper nutrition) Whether or not she wears a coat isn’t a big issue in my opinion

  38. catsue says

    Look at Katie’s clothes! She looks like a homeless elderly lady! Katie used to dress in Armani Couture. Now she looks like she gets those clothes at Goodwill! I am sick and tired of seeing Katie is ugly jeans- ugly skinny jeans, her midget husband’s jeans, and now these 1969 bag lady pants.

  39. bj's mom says

    this is just the beginning. if they are starting her off at a young age letting her be the boss, god help them later. putting on a coat when its freezing out is only common sense, and i know its not the biggest issue in the world, but its the fact that they let her get away with the silly, small things now, they are in for much bigger problems later. Suri is adorable, but not matter how cute you are, no one likes a spoiled brat.

  40. Mj says

    If you are not going to put a coat on the kid, dress them up warmly. Not have her wear a silk top and skirt. Or just stay home.

  41. Hannah. says

    Seriously , there taking baby stepps here . She`s finally not wearing a dress in the middle of winter… Katie will probably gett a coat on her in… March ?

  42. Cindy says

    You are right, Gbayfan. I must have lost my mind! hahaha

    I don’t give a crap if Suri is resisting the blanket (that should be a coat) and giving her mother a struggle. It’s what’s called parenting. Kids fights against what’s right for them and we, as parents, make them do what’s right, struggle and all. As far as it being good that her parents are spending a lot of time with her…well, that’s debatable. Maybe a nanny would put a coat on her. I agree with “choosing your battles” but think it applies more to teenagers who want to dye their hair green or something and not compromising our children’s health. It’s a battle worth fighting.

  43. Grandma of 4 says

    I have tried to refrain from commenting about the “coat situation” and Tom, Katie, and Suri!

    But, this is just too much! I am currently in Maryland visiting and although it was in the low 60’s yesterday it was even cooler in NYC!

    WHAT are these parents thinking? WHO in their right mind allow a 2 year old to make decisions? They are going to have their hands full if they do not stop this foolishness with this child!

    I cannot for the life of me think of what THEY ARE THINKING! Katie is NOT carrying a coat or sweater for Suri but that darn white blanket that has become a fixture with these parents. Leave the blanket at home! Suri is WAY past the blanket stage! It is obvious she wants to walk along side her mother and she is asserting her little two year old self but there is NO WAY a blanket is going to stay on her!

    Katie and Tom need to act like responsible parents before this child gets sick and the press gets wind it it. They will be blasted! And, they will have brought it on themselves!

    BTW, I have a 2 AND a 3 year old grandson and their parents are in charge plus they wear sweaters, sweatshirts, coats…the whole nine yards….and no one argues with them. It is just a done deal!

  44. lilyanna says

    Katie could just leave it up to a nanny or someone else to take Suri to a movie, but she didn’t, which says a lot about her to me. Its more easier with one child have you ever seen tom katie suri spend some family time with each other nope it either katie with suri or tom with suri there are more celebrity parent who spend time with their children and husband tori spelling heidi klum gwen s marcia cross naomi watts kelly ripa

  45. Sarah says

    Give Katie a break…of course i agree with eeveryone who thinks Suri is poorly dressed for the cold weather in these photos…but you can clearly see Suri resisting the blanket her mother is trying to cover her with, and making Katie struggle. SHe’s probably very strong willed and gives her mother a run for her money…i bet she creates a similar scene when someone puts a coat on her. I am not disagreeing that suri seems to have too much control sometimes, but i also believe in the concept of “choose your battles”.

  46. Midge says

    I agree that the kid should have a coat or sweater on, but I also think it’s great to see a parent spend so much time with their child. Katie could just leave it up to a nanny or someone else to take Suri to a movie, but she didn’t, which says a lot about her to me.

  47. Gbayfan says

    theres nothing to worry about. Suri won’t get sick or anything. Scientologists and their ‘bots do not get sick.
    A coat is equal to taking presciption meds. THEY do not need those kinds of things. Only silly motals do. What were you thinking?

  48. Cindy says

    As Collette (#6) pointed out, Katie has a friggen scarf, hat and mitts on and Suri doesn’t even have a coat on…and bare arms in short sleeves to boot! Absolutely ridiculous! In my opinion it’s a mild form of child abuse. You may not be able to catch an illness from being cold but being cold does lower your immune system making you more susceptible to catching something.

    I have never seen or read in any interview where they were asked right out about the lack of proper winter wear for Suri. Has anyone? I mean I am sure it is, why else, but imagine actually saying it to the public? What a stupid religion!

  49. Colletteaj says

    +look at katie jumper scarf hat god if u dress warm ur kids should im surprised suri aint in hosp with hypothermia by now

  50. says

    katie and tom really need to disacpline this kid shes only 2 and already ruling the house hold..she needs to wear a coat not have that stupid blanket all the time im going to laugh when suri turns 16 and gets pregnant and cant see the looks on katies and toms faces

  51. carleigh says

    I believe as parto f their “religion” i.e. cult training program, that Suri is allowed to make her own decisions because they don’t want to hinder her or stunt her individuality….two words for that B/S.

    As a parent its up to Katie and Tom to set the limits and guidelines by which Suri will grow and learn. If they let her do everything she wants and make her own decisions already, it’s not a matter of being a parent anymore. They obviously allow her to run around in the dead of wintertime without a coat, scarf or gloves and that is NOT an intelligent decision.

    Just because people have money doesn’t make them immune to just plain STUPIDITY!!!

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