Mark Wahlberg & Daughter At LA Lakers Game


Mark Wahlberg and daughter Ella, 5, were snapped at the LA Lakers game in LA on Christmas Day.

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  1. oriana says

    It is obvious that Kayleigh is a troublemaker on here and wants to get crap started, these people will pop up from time to time, too bad but it is what it is. And Kayleigh, you can spout off whatever you want too about me when you get pissed, I will prob even agree with half of what you you have to say!

    I agree with Eli and I enjoy Eli’s comments on many threads. yes indeed, they do appear to have a close bond and I think he is a loving father, I like this family very much.

  2. Sarah says

    Yo Stupid…(aka Jules)….did it ever occur to you (you could stop and “imagin” too) that maybe the comment about fringe vs bangs was not addressed to you??? That it was actually directed towards posters above you to clear up the debate about what the term is….Then i posted that actually saying WHAT YOU ARE SAYING, YOU DEMENTED MORON. I was saying (or implying) that there is actually more than one appropriate term. And since I did NOT only list the AMERICAN TERM, CLEARLY….I am aware of the world outside of America….Gosh, people are stupid…Get a life.

  3. Jules says

    You Americans need to realize that there is a whole big world outside of your country. Imagine. I know it’s hard for you all but just try and expand your minds a bit. I am Canadian and I know that fringe is a British word for bangs.

  4. says

    I call them bangs but I was unaware that I live in an underdeveloped country.
    I think she’s adorable and so is her daddy!

  5. oriana says

    Guess I am too old fashioned for I still call them Bangs too! I go to the Beauty shop for a trim and I tell them don’t touch my Bangs! Ha! She is adorable and he is a good and loving father, very involved with his kids, I like him, he has had some rough days but he has mellowed out and is a family man, hurrah to him!!!!

  6. Violetsky says

    Gracie –
    You may call them bangs, but the rest of the devolped world would say Ella has a fringe, but I am sure you knew that don’t you.

  7. Gracie says

    Now – THAT’S a cute kid!!! She is adorable! And #2… they are called bangs, and they are typically found on little girls. She is darling!

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