Jack Nicholson & Daughter In Aspen


Jack Nicholson, 71, was snapped out shopping with his daughter Honey Hollman (born in 1981) in Aspen, Colorado.

Honey’s mom is one-time Danish supermodel Winnie Hollman. Honey once shared, “My dad’s never been a stranger. When I was a kid, my mom took me to see him and when I got older I went on my own… I think we have a regular father/daughter relationship. We have similar facial features and my mom says I have the same temper as him… I scream and shout a lot.” Honey has insisted that she won’t be following her father into the movie world: “I think it would be too hard, being judged on my background all the time.”

Jack has four other children.

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  • http://hollywooddivorcee.com Ms Malibu

    With all of the celebrity sightings on Saturday afternoon maybe Dr Rand Pink should expand his practice to Hyman Street We saw Pink’s mouthpiece Zsa Zsa Giggleman with Lake Bell and she said Pink was in town to explore the idea of a Hotel Gansevoort Aspen.

  • http://miviestarmistress.com Ms Malibu

    Yeah, yeah, yeah I see Jack all the time in LA, love him. The big news is that Mariah Carey and her husband Nick were having a serious conversation with her gyno Dr Rand Pink. He was my doc before I moved back to Paris.Maybe she is pregnant or Pink just happens to be in town

  • anonymous

    this is lorraine nicholson guys haha

  • yayaya

    i agree with #1

  • Kay

    If would be very difficult to go into the movie business. Who could compete with Jack Nicholson? It would be like Liza trying to live up to her mother Judy. Impossible.

  • Jane

    That is his daughter Lorraine!

  • Darcy

    I agree that the girl in these pictures cannot be 27. She is lovely, but if she’s 27 I’m going to eat my shoe! :) Looks like they are having a nice father -daughter day out. Very sweet pictures.

  • Zbella

    Maybe I’ll see Jack next week. I’ll be in Aspen!!

  • candykane

    You are right. I think it is Lorraine, she is born in 1990

  • hannahmumma

    are you sure that’s not his daughter lorraine??

  • candykane

    she no way looks like 27!! She looks like maybe 16. Are you sure you got the dates and the daughter right?

  • avery madison

    pretty girl with a odd name