Britney's Christmas Card



Britney, 27, posted her adorable holiday card on her website. It reads “Happy Holidays! Love, Britney, Jayden James and Sean Preston (and Papa’ glasses).” She is seen wrapping her arms around sons Jayden James, 2, and Preston, 3, under the Christmas tree.

So wonderful to see her and her boys reunited and happy!

On a random is reassuring to see her tree behaving the same as mine! This year our tree seems extra droopy…it just isn’t holding decorations up very well. It is still a beautiful tree though!



  1. elle says

    i wish britney nothing but love and best wishes for 2009. i hope she can find the strength to be the mother she wants to be xxx

  2. oriana says

    Hi Dori, we can get on Hellorazzi now, I have missed it and talking to all of our friends on there.

  3. dori says

    Congrats to Brit and the kids they look great and everyone seems happy. As the old chinese proverb goes.. “the way things turn out is the way they are meant to be.”
    Also.. Don’t be so quick to judge mothers who chose a better life for their children by giving them to someone else to help out be it the father or relatives. It’s a difficult but loving choice. . Some women have children too young and are not capable of coping with raising children and need to put their own lives together before they can be a good parent.

  4. cheetah says

    @11 I think ist brave that she made that decision. She did what a REAL mother would do. Sometimes you have to put your kids well being before your own needs. Thats what britney did. She was sick, not in controle of herself and putting her kids in dangers. She saw that and decided this cant be good for them, so im going to step back until im strong enough to fight this and be a better mom.

    GOOD FOR HER! Britney, you should get the mom of the year award for making that decission! I hope you will get your life together again to raise your kids to be great men!

  5. just-me says

    first, i love the pictures and i am really glad that britney seems to be getting her life back on track.

    second, why have sean’s teeth not been fixed? they have more den enough money to get these rotting teeth fixed or pulled.

  6. mominpa says

    I Think Both Sean & Jayden both look like their dad(Kevin) and the cards nice and I’m glad Britneys doing better for her kids sake so she can be a Mom but I Agree with what one person posted on here I Think alot of things shes doing lately is just for show to sell her cds. I Hope shes making changes for the right reasons for herself not just for everyone else.for show or she won’t truly be happy and could end up back where she was sadly.

  7. Niloofar -1993-IRAN says

    the most beautiful holiday card that I have ever seen 🙂

  8. Maria581 says

    Interesant, dat nu vrei sa adaugi putin umor siteului tau :P? O poza haioasa cu animalfe care se schimba in fiecare zi.
    Daca da, da click pe numele meu

  9. Maria says


    Remember she’s still under a conservatorship. So legally, she cannot make her own decisions. Also, the court needs to see that she is stable enough before they grant her more visitations. She’s blessed that she still gets to see them. I’m sure that she’ll want more time when her dad is not her caretaker anymore.

  10. Me, that's who says

    GO britney! I just read that your father get’s a raise, with your money! SAD 🙁 Because if he really gave a sh*t, he wouldn’t tax u or your money! MY father wouldn’t never take my money!

  11. Ashley says

    soooo cute
    love these little boys
    my 2nd and 3rd favorite celeb babies
    suri is my first
    i love their little smiles espically the ones with the glasses

  12. Collette uk says

    Just want to say how happy she looks again glad she getting better+back doin her music it musnt of been easy for her boys are gorg merry xmas everyone

  13. Anonymous says

    I’m really glad and all that Brit is getting better (has gotten better) I just think most of this is for show. I cannot understand how any mother (any person for that matter!) can be okay with giving up your children. I know she still has visitations, but only certain days of the week. We have primary custody of my stepson and his mom picks him up 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekends, and every Thur if she chooses. She only utilizes her visitations maybe once or twice a month and always cuts them short when she can. Brit reminds me a lot of my stepson’s mother. I would fight to the tooth and nail to not lose my children. I know she hasn’t lost them completely, but she relinquished a lot of rights to Kevin. People can say it is until she gets better, but I just think she has had way to many chances.

  14. says

    people get your mindes out of the gutter geez jayden and preston look cute and britney looks beautiful merry christmas britney preston and little jayden

  15. oriana says

    I have never thought the youngest one was that cute. I think he has been the most traumatized of all.

  16. Freya says

    It looks like she has a hold of his leg-she probably was holding around his stomach but then he looks like he’s squirming. People need to get their minds out of the gutter.

  17. Darcy says

    #1 – That’s hilarious! I didn’t even notice until I read your comment. Too funny. Totally unintentional, I’m sure (I hope), but still funny.

  18. DeAnn says

    #1 – That’s hilarious! I didn’t even notice until I read your comment. Too funny. Totally unintentional, I’m sure (I hope), but still funny.

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