Suri's Fan Club!


Awwww…this is cute and funny!

Suri Cruise, 2, has a very adoring fan club, as evidenced by the 100 letters that she receives a day!

“She’s even more popular than her superfamous parents,” a source told Star magazine. “She has such a huge following that I’m surprised there isn’t a Web site dedicated to her yet.”

Most of the letters want to know where she gets her dresses or sparkly Mary Jane shoes. But letters aren’t the only thing Suri is getting in the mail. She’s “a major swag target,” added the source. “If Suri wears it out in public, it becomes a big seller, so designers are smart to flood her with their wares. She’s the world’s No. 1 fashion plate under 3!”

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  1. tiffer7497 says

    Suri is so cute! I love seeing photos of her with all her pretty clothes and dresses. And it’s good to see she does actually wear pants from time to time now.

  2. mominpa says

    First of All :”MERRY CHRISTMAS” ALL ::I Just wanted to comment that I Think Suri is Adorable not sure who she looks like though:: But I Also think Violet Affleck is a cutie & she is the splitting image of her Mom Jennifer Garner one of my fav actresses which is due anyday now with baby no. 2.Shilohs a cutie too ! But I Also watch children for a living and I Have to say theres all sorts of cute little ones I Watch that aren’t celebrity babies and some cuter then celebrity babies. All children have their own looks about them thats what makes them unique & I’m sure those celebrity children aren’t any more spoiled then some of the kids I Watch everyday. They just happen to be in the public eye in front of cameras for everyone to see every move they make. Trust me I’ve seen a lot of tantrums etc: I See it everyday Kids will be kids.As far as looks I See alot of celebs whos kids don’t even look like them for instance Jennifer Lopez Twins look nothing like her isn’t it something how some babies can look just like one parent & others I Guess they get their genes from distant relatives. Another little cutie is Reese Witherspoons daughter~she looks just like Reese ,or christina aquileras son max for instance he looks nothing like her. and so many others i can’t think of right now but the point is thats what makes us all unique in our own way.

  3. zenny says

    Is Tom Cruise in the tropic thunder?
    I love him,his pass is his pass,it is not my business to judge him about his life,his mistakes.I love him because he can deliver the goods when it comes to movies.
    He will actually makes viewers talk about him more because we all know he is good,even before then.
    His age,marriage,belief,is not my part to focus.I am more into his good work that actually worth every penny.
    Valkyrie is very good in deed.Friends of mind saw it,and it was very suspensed and awesome.They have it in their cell phone for me to see.

    • @zenny says

      a very sensible and respectable comment. People have the misconception that they have a stronger relationship with an actor beyond a movie which is a complete delusion.

      Tom Cruise actually guarantees the money’s worth so it’s best to leave the drama home, watch a good movie, be entertained, and get on with your life.

      I will just like to add that I love Tom Cruise as a person too. His passion, intensity, and the amount of handwork he puts into his work is unmatched.

  4. it's me says

    oh my gosh, this pictrue of her is so adorable.why people pick on her so much like she did something wrong?she is a child if she is spoiled it is not anyone’s business,we are not around to take care of her or deal with when she has her tantrums.any child has moments of it anyway.besides, when it comes to her looks.she is cross between both of them.just plain doubt about it.if anyone could not stand her or her family well,just don’t say anything else because it is obvious you are just jealous and selfish,hateful and lastly,perfect wenough not to make any mistakes in life…

  5. ajinomotto says

    to all shiloh’s fan,ummm,,,you are in the wrong side of town. why even bother to comment on this child if you are a fan of shilo?why? why?… it because you can and it is free of anything you would like to say???well then,,,,,, you are just hateful to this family…..yeah.
    one more thing you are so busy discriminating and giving negative remarks that you can not even spell properly…you poor mindless creature.

  6. alvie says

    I’m not trying to be nitpicky, but is she wearing eyeliner, because it kind of looks like she is.

  7. dori says

    they don’t compare.. shiloh and Suri they are BOTH adorable in totally different ways. Suri looks like a baby doll in this pic.
    I saw Tropic Thunder the other day and the funniest part in it was Tom Cruise as the producer I almost couldn’t recognize him and the dancing oh my god hysterical!!!

    • @dori says

      lol he is a genius and a sexy genius at that! I saw Mission Impossible recently and glad to see it be one of the biggest hits for Paramount as of late.

  8. Niloofar -1993-IRAN says

    suri is prettier & cuter than shiloh, however I really love both of them, and I think nearly all of the celeb children are brat!!

  9. Lurker says

    She is a pretty little girl, and her behavior, whatever it is, will be her parents’ problem in the future. They’ll have no one to blame or thank besides themselves.

    However, I must be the only mother in the world that couldn’t care LESS what celeb kids wear. I just find it amusing that they’re saying If Suri wears it out in public, it becomes a big seller.. I mean really, who cares?

    Oh…and I also really doubt there ISN’T some website out there somewhere dedicated to Suri Cruise or any other celeb child with their own ” fans “.

  10. says

    her parents prolly made her one like they give her everything else suri’s the biggest brat ive ever seen her parents need to give her discpline she a spoiled brat who expects eveything

    shiloh on the other hand wears hammy-downs from her brothers and sisters angie is not afriad to let shiloh get dirty or play roughly with zaraha maddox and pa

  11. Niloofar -1993-IRAN says

    I have a cousin who is ecxatly looks like Suri and her name is Sarah, she is in the same age too 🙂

  12. avery madison says

    I don’t believe anything that comes out of a star but there are strange people who write a letter to a 2 year old.

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