Tori Spelling & Family


Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott posed for a family portrait on December 13th with son Liam, 21-months-old, and daughter Stella, 6-months-old.

Stella is very cute!



  1. Jolene says

    I dont care what anyone else says I love Tori & her lovely family. tori’s a great mom. Dean is a great dad. there both great actors and who are we to judge? there human like all the rest of us right!! dont we all put our pants on one leg @ a time?

  2. tammy says

    i think the ones that are putting tori down and the kids yaw just jelious cause yaw dont got the good looks and happy family like she has yaw need to mind yaw’s own bues. and leave them alone so what if you can see her boob what you think they was put on woman for anyway and to be onnest yaw shouldnt even be looking there anyway but alot of yaw sound and act like the proparossey if im spelling it right you know the ones who wouldn’t leave them along when it was getting closer to time for her delevering of her daughter yaw act & sound just like them and myself no im not gay but if i were it wouldnt be anything to yaw but as i was saying i think tori is beutiful and has a beutiful family her 2 kids and dean is goodlooking to and his other son from the first wife is cute to tori i wouldn’t let what you see on here the way people anr bad mouthing your family at all your doing good take care ,tammy

  3. tammy says

    tori i think it’s a beutiful picture of your beutiful familly dont worry about what people might say about yoyu and hoow you dress your not dressing for them anyway your doing if for your husband and kids and tori i havve allways been a fan of your’s i watch beverally hills 90210 ev eryday of the week &7 on weekends to you dont really have to act on any of you parts either you just got that tender heart and you know what your doing if i didnt know better i would think you didn’t rehherse at all thats how good you are keep up the good work and many blessings to you & your family and i am so sorry to hear the loss of mimi you dog to ., and i wish you was on the new verson of 90210 even brandon and kelly and dillen and i know thats there acting names but anyway i wish all the old ones would play on it to .and if at all could you send my daughter an a agraft pic of you cause she sits and watchhes beverally hills 90210 with me all the time to she is 27 lookks like she is 11 she has serable palsey was born with it and i know she would love to see you in person and have an agraft pic of you she cant talk much at all but say mamma and bubby and pappy lol but hey thats a start , well it’s time to go to bed here lots of love to you & yours untill next time god bless your family and you , tammy

  4. Anne says

    Is every baby in Hollywood land expected to be handsome and gorgeous? Look at your own kids before you judge others.

  5. Anne says

    I think they are a lovely family. Leave them alone to live their lives as they appear to be very loving, happy and content with each other and their children.

  6. says

    katez-i was thinking the same thing it looks like shes expecting her 3rd.liam was around the same age when she got pregnant with stella..oh and dean said they were having more kids soon on the show..

    but they are one of my favoirite familys they are so down to earth i think that baby boy liam looks like spelling and baby girl stella looks like mcdermott

  7. Fiona says

    LOL I never even noticed that when i first looked at the picture. Definitely not a good photo of her. I think they make a nice couple…they seem very down to earth.

  8. KATEZ says

    I’m sorry but i think they make am attractive couple. And the kids are adorable. Who are any of you to say bad things about an infant child. Thats terrible. Is it just me or does tori look like she’s pregnant kind of? Maybe its just her clothes.

  9. KATEZ says

    I’m sorry but i think they make am attractive couple. And the kids are adorable. Who are any of you to say bad things about an infant child. Thats terrible. Is it just me or does tori look like she’s pregnant?

  10. excuse me says

    These are not beautiful people, their parents have weird features and the children are suffering.

  11. oriana says

    Stella looks just like Dean, she is very cute! Liam is one of the homeliest kids I have ever seen. Sorry Carliegh my Sweet, but I just think he looks sooo much like Tori! I like her, but she is not pretty at all. I do think this is a close loving family and I am happy about it.

  12. DeAnn says

    This picture would be a whole lot better had Tori pushed her hair out of her eye so she didn’t look like a cyclops. 🙂 Cute kids, though. Liam looks to be deep in thought, and Stella’s chubby cheeks are adorable.

  13. carleigh says

    Love this family…kids are too cute! Lil Stella looks so much like her Daddy it’s uncanny…just a precious little family.

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