Stephanie Seymour Frolicks With Her Family in Saint Barthelemy!


Model mom Stephanie Seymour, 40, was snapped enjoying a beach holiday with her sons Peter and Harry and daughter Lilly Margaret, 4.  (Stephanie also has a teenage son named Dylan from a previous marriage) Good gracious….she is a gorgeous mom!

Splash News Online


  1. az beauty says

    To #8 – And you forgot LOADED!!! The guy is a billionaire and his older kids are the same age at Stephanie.

    She went from Axl Rose to him, nice step up. She looks great though. Nice to see a little realism with some cellulite and no airbrushing. At 40 and 4 kids, you can’t expect perfection.

    Kudos to her!

  2. sharrie says

    I have always thought Stephanie was a beautiful woman. I remember her modeling for Victorias Secrets when she was pregnant and you could not even tell.

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