Nicole & Joel's Adoption Plans


Nicole and Joel’s daughter Harlow is turning one on January 11th and they’re already talking about expanding their family!

Last year Nicole, 27, told OK! magazine that she hoped to have “three girls and twin boys.” Would she adopt? “Definitely, I’m adopted,” she said. Now Joel, 29, who a friend told OK! magazine would have preferred another biological child before adopting, is beginning to share Nicole’s point of view.

“I’m definitely not against adopting,” Joel told OK! magazine on December 10th. “I went to Central African Republic and fell in love with the place. If I was going to adopt, it would probably be from there. Nicole and I are very happy and eventually we’d love to have more kids, especially if they can all be as easy and wonderful as Harlow!”

Nicole recently put rumors to rest that she is working on an album, saying she’s much too busy these days.

“I’ve really been working hard – going on auditions for acting, doing design for my line, and being a mom – so that pretty much takes up my days.”



  1. says

    im not being rude or hateful or anything like that but i really hope if nicole&joel are adopting i really hope they adopt in the U,S instead of brangelina who adopt from aisa and africa i know that there are many sick kids in those countries but they are also sick kids in the usa too

  2. Kelli says

    Fat leg alert!!!! I love love love little fat baby legs. And I love love love Harlow. I could eat her up!!!

  3. Lauren says

    Harlow is so cute! I think it’s wonderful with all their charity work. Adoption would be great. Nicole has turned herself around!

  4. 2teens says

    I’m glad that they are deciding to adopt. It seems like a normal next-step for them with all the charity work they do.

  5. ice says

    Most irrelevant famewhore ever. I’d love to be as busy as she claims to be, since it seems to consist of nothing but whoring herself and her daughter out for magazine covers, and going for Starbucks run

    And of course they’re thinking about adoption, it’s the in thing. Dumbass Nicole probably think it’s nothing more tedious than shopping for the new “IT” bag

  6. excuse me says

    I wonder what place he is referring to as Central African Republic as the place he visited to perform was South Africa, my home country. I wonder what that place is.

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