Angie Harmon & Husband Welcome Their Third Daughter

Angie Harmon & Jason Sehorn

 Angie Harmon and husband Jason Sehorn welcomed their third daughter Thursday, a rep for Angie has shared.

Emery Hope Sehorn is “a healthy baby girl,” according to the rep. Emery Hope joins big sisters Finley Faith, 5, and Avery Grace, 3. 

Former NFL player Sehorn, 37, told People magazine in September, “Our two girls are very excited. If it’s a girl, God bless her, [they] will beat her down out of love.”




  1. Lisa says

    I could have a house full of little beautiful girls and be perfectly happy, little girls are the sweetest little things.

  2. oriana says

    I think she is beautiful and elegant, definitely. She has always come across to me as kind of cold, but maybe that is just my take on it. She is a stunning looking woman and they seem like a perfect happy couple!

  3. nosoupforyou says

    Well, with all of the the names it sounds like they were hoping for a boy.

    Most folks who have 3 children want a healthy baby first but would like children of the opposite sex.

    Even Angie had said she would like a son.

  4. Sandra says

    Emery is a beautiful name! She is gorgeous!

    Why do people assume that people who have more than 2 kids are trying for the opposite sex. Maybe they are PERFECTLY content with what they have. I bet they are BLESSED enough to just have children!

  5. sara says

    I agree #4…too ‘matchy’. Faith, Hope and Love…it’s all good…now try for the boy next before you hit 40!

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