Expectant Kelly Rutherford Still Breastfeeding Her 2-Year-Old Son


Kelly Rutherford shared that she’s preparing for the summer arrival of her second child, and at the same time, breastfeeding 2-year-old son Hermes.

“It’s an amazing bond with your child,” said Kelly, 40. “Some cultures do it up to five years, normally. I thought, ‘Well, I’ll just do it as long as it feels right for my son.'”

What’s more, she said, “I was thinner after my pregnancy than before, and I think a lot of it was the nursing. They say it helps your body get back to shape in a natural way.”

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  1. carissa says

    I never knew there were so many disgusting moms who seem to be doing this for comfort for themselves, not their children, until i read this blog. If you let them decide they would breastfeed forever, THATS why you teach them to stop and teach them to get a bottle and then a sippy cup and then a cup! Thats why we teach them to ween off pacifiers! If your not teaching them and letting them breastfeed until two, you have major issues with yourself and are just being lazy!!!! disgusting! Your Dr. doesnt want to insult you but it is not a favor you are doing for your child, CUT THE CORD… ohwell people, these moms will have issues later with their kids. Maybe its okay for Kelly because she has nanny’s and is rich and probably and wont have to deal with the needy kid as much that you people are creating…… Sad.. and GROSS!

  2. jbo says

    I think this is really nasty. there is a cerain point where it’s just wrong to still be breastfeeding your child. I mean I think 1 year is plenty. When the kid is old enough to climb in your lap and pull your boob out for himself it’s time to stop. Enough is enough!

  3. Anne Crosser says

    I wouldn’t recommend long term BF any child past the first year! I personally, because I am still breast feeding my 3 year old son. It has taken an enormous toll on my body, energy and spirit. I can’t sit with friends in my own house without the embarrassing question from my son, “Can I have night night?”, and he reaches under my shirt, anywhere we’re at!! He can’t get to sleep without me, or get back to sleep without me. I am down to 110 lbs. and feel drained all the time. My husband thinks I should continue until he wants to stop. Wean at a time, when YOU the mother feels like it should stop. Breast feeding is not cool if you’re going to school!

  4. elsie says

    i see this thread is a bit old but i just wanted to say that breastfeeding is a beautiful thing and thats what a baby should be fed on, that is why we make milk. breast is best no matter how much you argue or dont like it, if you dont breastfeed you are not giving your child the best start in life, and as for breastfeeding till the child is five i say congradulations, most people are too lazy to feed past a few weeks or months….. and as for saying breastfeeding is for the mum not the child, what a load! my daughter is nearly four and she enjoys it thats why i do it

  5. elsie says

    i see this thread is a bit old but i just wanted to say that breastfeeding is a beautiful thing and thats what a baby should be fed on, that is why we make milk. breast is best no matter how much you argue or dont like it, if you dont breastfeed you are not giving your child the best start in life, and as for breastfeeding till the child is five i say congradulations, most people are too lazy to feed past a few weeks or months…..

  6. Analise says

    I hated breastfeeding and couldn’t wait to stop. I the end I didn’t have a choice as I dried up. If she wants to breastfeed him at 2, it’s her choice. I would have stopped at 6 months regardless of my situation. My choice.

    You people breastfeeding your 3-5 year olds are doing it for you, not your kids. Odd and disturbing.

  7. sharlee says

    I for one think that it is a personal choice. I breast fead my girls for 3 1/2 years each and continued to do so when a sibling came along. We called it “cuddle”. They slept with me until that age as well. They are now 18, 15 and 12 and are well ajusted beautiful girls. People have to do what they think is right for there children. Simple as that.

  8. theresa says

    my 5 year old goes to school. a normal school. i am about as average or normal as they come. really, think about it. i surf a website called babyrazzi and make stupid comments about why jennifer garner is always holding violet. to each his own, but really, you would never know if you met me. i’m quite average and i don’t smell of patchouli. ha ha. that said, what on earth makes you think that extended breastfeeding and homeschooling are related in any way? and why would you judge someone who does? is extended breastfeeding somehow related to cult religious freaks and i just didn’t know? well, good night. try not to let me keep you sleepless worrying about me. but it’s nice that you are so concerned. no, not really. so shut up.

  9. Freya says

    oriana, i don’t comment that often, so surprising you even know who i am, but thanks nonetheless.

  10. oriana says

    Josie, I have read that breastfed babies have higher I.Q.’s and are getting much more nutrients. I think that after 2, it is time for a zippy cup. That is just my opinion my Dear. And I cannot see you still breastfeeding at the age of 5, nope, don’t see that at all with you!

  11. Josie says

    I can’t believe some of the ignorant comments that are being made on this site….remember ignorant means uninformed…not stupid…but breastfeeding is a natural thing…and a wonderful thing and I always said I wouldn’t breastfeed past 12 months, well now my youngest of four (which were all breastfed) has not yet weaned and will be two in January…I recieve a lot of slack from various people but I know what is best for my body and hers…It does form a bond, but I believe that bond could be formed regardless…I feel I have to defend myself to the ones who say, “Ewww…that’s just gross”…and I do have relatives and friends that say that but until I feel like it’s gross…I guess I’ll continue because it’s like second nature and we are doing just fine….besides supposedly breastfed babies have higher IQ’s….maybe the ones who comment negatively were bottlefed!!!

  12. oriana says

    Freya, I don’t know why someone would think I was you, it was puzzling to me too. But I do agree with you more than you realize on a lot of your comments. However, I do think that 3 years old is waaaay too old to still be nursing, and I don’t go along with nursing a toddler at all, and tandem nursing would be out of the question for me. I understand a lot of women think it is fine, that is up to them but it is not for me and when a child is 3, I definitely think it is beyond ridiculous!

    Lia, I am glad you are happy and doing well with the children, I have zero doubts about you not being a caring and loving mother. On the subject of nursing we diagree but I admire you greatly and have always thought you were a lovely intelligent person! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  13. says

    I don’t have time to read all of the comments, but I applaud Kelly for breastfeeding for an extensive time. And yes, it is quite feasible to nurse a toddler and baby…it’s called tandem nursing. I tandem nursed both Kimora and Kariah and Kariah and Kajanae…right now only Kajanae nurses because Kariah self-weened after she turned two. And for those concerned about the aesthetics of a nursing mother’s titties and the well-being of our sex lives…I can only speak for myself and say that everything is juuust fine. 😉

  14. Smarty Pants says

    If you have allergies and other issues and were exclusively BF as a baby- than I would hate to see how worse off you would be had you been FF (especially how horrible formula was back when we were kids versus now). All my kids are bright,even the one that was FF (other 2 BF)- coincidentally (or not) he is the one with allergies.

  15. Freya says

    oriana, why would they think you are me? We have pretty much nothing in common and our views differ greatly…anyway…

    I don’t think it’s ridiculous to breastfeed a three year old. It’s ridiculous when they are school age or you are forcing it upon them, but people have been doing it for thousands of years. It’s our North American culture that is the problem, not the parents who decide to continue breastfeeding longer than two years of age. The doctor who saw me through my first pregnancy was born and raised in India and she is militant about breastfeeding because she was raised in a large family on a rural farm. Her mother breastfed her until she was five and that’s just the way everyone did it. No questions asked and no judgment. No one saw it as perverse or allowing a child to control their parents. It just “was” and I think more people need to learn to live and let live.

    As for politeness in children, yes that is very important, and it’s “beyond ridiculous” as you say, but again, breastfeeding is not comparable nor is it beyond ridiculous. A child can be polite and still breastfeed (occasionally) at the age of three, and a child can be a holy terror and still breastfeed at the age of three.

    Apples and oranges, oriana. Apples and oranges.

  16. oriana says

    Freya, you are absolutely right. I have had some people ask me before if I am you! How funny! On this we do agree. I also think that both examples are ridiculous, breastfeeding a toddler after a certain age should be stopped. Doing that at three years old is silly, at 5 years old is beyond ridiculous!

    A child running wild anywhere clearly shows there is no discipline or basic training, there should be good manners taught at an early age. When I was 2 I was taught to say, Excuse Me, Thank You, Yes Mam and No Mam, still do this day to those younger than me. Kids are not taught any kind or respect these days and it shows, everywhere you look! Now they are saying “F” You instead of Thank You! Sorry, but true!

  17. Freya says

    oriana-choosing to breastfeed a toddler has absolutely nothing to do with allowing a child to run around a store or doctor’s office. It comes down to discipline.

  18. oriana says

    Hello Dear Josie, your house sounds like a wonderful place and atmosphere to be in! Coconuts, love it!! I love any kind of stew, except Kidney, can’t go there! My husband loves it, he is Polynesian and he loves all the spicy stuff.

    Our new President will have two young children in the White House. I think they will well behaved and well mannered. They both seem like nice young ladies even at such a young age. Maybe the rest of us can see them and follow a good standard. There is always hope, but mothers, please, be a parent and not a buddy, buddy. Children need role models and limits set, it is for their own character and way of life when they become responsible adults.

  19. Josie says

    Hi Oriana! How are you today? Please send some sunshine my way 🙂 We are having a huge blizzard here today. I have decided to order my groceries from Grocery Gateway, as it’s risky going out there. I’m also cooking a Malaysian spicy stew to warm the chill in my bones. The house smells like coconuts!
    Yes, it not just toy stores that I have seen unruly behaviour from young children, it’s everywhere. I’ve seen temper tantrums in supermarkets and in the mall, restaurants and in airports. What’s wrong with parents? Do they not use discipline or the word ‘no’ ? On the flip side, I have witnessed some incredibly polite and obedient children that made my jaw drop. It can be done. It just takes time, patience and dedication. I think the world would have been a better place if some of todays world’s leaders were disciplined as children. 😀

  20. oriana says

    Yes, indeed ladies, kids are out of control, it isn’t funny or cute to watch it, Josie, my Dear, it isn’t just a Toy store, we can’t even go to a doctor’s office, a gro. store, a Bank, without watching kids run like wild heatherns and the parents are oblivious to it! It is ridiculous! And as for the kids like Kingston, who are supposed to have such loving secure family environments, why do they need a pacificer for comfort for? Take those things out of the kids mouths!

    I have made my views known before on a five year old, three year old, etc. still being breast fed. There is nothing pretty for me to look at with a kid that big being wagged around and breast fed!

    I totally agree with Jen and Traveler!

  21. Renee says

    Some people on here crack me up. It is not ok for kids such as Kingston to have a pacifier for comfort but it is ok for 2 year olds or even 5 year olds to be breastfed. Jeez.

  22. L.Lodhi says

    Any child of 2+years can get all they need from a normal diet or do these women just offer their breasts because they cant be bothered to cook a proper meal for their kids? Yes breastfeed for a while so ur child can be passed on good antibodies etc but after 2 what other benefits can u give? I think its personally strange. And to the women that breastfeeds her 5year old that is terrible I think you need to get an appointment at ur dr’s quickly and I dont knw why u need to mention about what u earn is not really irrelevant to this topic.

  23. SbK says

    This reminds me of a scene in Me Myself and Irene with Jim Carrey. If you have seen the film you will know what I’m talking about. Hilarious.

  24. traveler says


    Yeah, “child led parents” are a big problem in this country. I work in retail and I see it all the time. It’s disgusting and embarrassing. It seems that everyone nowadays wants kids, but no one wants to be a parent. Parents seem to forget that they are the adults and it’s up to them to tell the children what to do, not the other way around.

  25. traveler says

    I don’t think breastfeeding a 2 year old is that bad, although at 2, the child should be close to weaning. However, breastfeeding a 5 year old is wrong. There’s no other way to put it. A child of 5 should be spreading their wings. They should be starting school and becoming more independent. They should not still be needing “comfort” breastfeeding. I think it’s psychologically damaging at that age. And no, not because I see breasts as being sexual, but because a kid at that age should be learning to comfort themselves and learning how to deal with problems and emotions on their own.

  26. traveler says


    I was breastfed as a baby and I’m the person in my family that gets sick the most often. I have terrible allergies and if I’m around anyone that is ill, I’ll catch it. On the other hand, my niece was not breastfed and the child is healthy as a horse. She’s very rarely ill and has the immune system of superman. So, I think your theory has just been shot down.

  27. Freya says

    There’s a big difference between breastfeeding until a child isn’t interested and allowing your child to be a complete heathen.

  28. jen says

    Hey nova-if you put your child needs in fron of your own…who is taking care of you? Parenting like that breeds lazy disrespectful kids who walk all over their parents. I’m glad I out my own needs first, so that I am able to care for my children…not the other way around.

  29. jen says

    Megan, you are the idiot. I know plenty of people who were breastfed that have allergies, asthma, and all sorts of illnesses. I hate ignorant people!

  30. jen says

    There is nothing beautiful about a 2 year old sucking your milk. It is for babies that can’t feed themselves. At two, your toddler should be feeding themselves with utencils, drinking from a cup, and using the toilet. Lazy parenting, and a sick need to have your breasts stimulated…simply gross.

  31. Lisa says


    that is absolutely revolting, breast feeding a 5 year old, let me guess your five year old does not go to kindergarden, he is either home-schooled to protect him from the evils of the world or he was not emotionally mature/capable of going to school yet…

    Also, child led breast feeding, what a crock of crap. Grow a spine and parent your children

  32. Pat says

    I’m thinking back to when my children were 5 years old and can’t even imagine breastfeeding them at that age! Sorry, I just think it a little bizarre.

  33. Josie says

    Canuck, I think you are generalizing a bit with your inmate example. There are a LOT of children in the world that were never breastfed. Are you suggesting that all those children have the potential to become convicts or criminals as adults? LOL! I should hope not. There are a lot of factors involved in criminal behaviour – not just one. I really do not find a significant difference in behaviour from children that were breastfed as opposed to formula fed.

  34. Josie says

    Bravo Oriana!!! I totally agree with your train of thought! I saw a perfect example of “children-led parents” at a toy store this afternoon. The parents just let them behave like brats running around the store. Even when the parents called out their names, the kids ignored them and continued on with their shenanigans. When I was growing up, if I behaved like that, I would have received a spanking! I’m not suggesting that parents spank their kids but a firmer hand in discipline is necessary in some situations.

  35. canuck says

    Wow. I feel really sad for most of you who think breastfeeding a 2 year old (or a 5 year old) is wrong/ick/disgusting…It is completely normal. There was a study done on inmates in a maximum security prison. They were asked if they had been breastfed as children. Some men did not know, so they were left out of the study. Of those who knew, 100% knew that they had NOT been breastfed. Enough said.

  36. claudiazz says

    He’s a big kid and he looks like he is a bit tempermental in this pic. He may not wish to share his post on her breast when the new baby comes along.

    He looks like he is such a big boy that he would do fine without breastfeeding when the new little one arrives.

    Moms have to think about how taxing all of this is on their own bodies and how tired they may feel without any time to not be the “milk machine for two”. This has got to take a toll on the moms system as well.

  37. Sarah says

    Anyone who thinks nursing at age 2 is “nasty” is an idiot and they need to check out the WHO website. The World Health Org. says 2 years is the MINIMUM. I bet her son will be super healthy, smart, slim, and not get asthma, allergies, eczcema, etc like all the formula fed babies. Good for her!!

  38. megan says

    a girlfriend of mine had 3 kids she breastfeed all three, but when it came to her last one, she didnt want to stop until he was 2.5 not because he was ready but because she felt sad that her babies are growing up and she will lose that bound, its usally the moms that dont know when to let go!

  39. Celeste Orgeron says

    The ignorant comments here leave me sad. What a sad, uneducated society we live in today.

  40. Celeste Orgeron says

    Good for you, Kelly! I am 32 years old with an 11 month old daughter. We will also be breastfeeding until my daughter is ready to wean. We are firm believes in child led weaning. It’s great to see celebrities setting good examples.

  41. theresa says

    PS – it’s not comfort breast feeding – it’s BREAKFAST. (or lunch or dinner or a snack). Do you just not enjoy eating at all? Do you not find ANY enjoyment in having a snack? How sad for you. By the way, there are no overweight kids in my family, but I do know plenty of overweight kids that seem to find comfort in sugar, french fries, and chicken nuggets!!

  42. theresa says

    #33 – when I was pregnant I didn’t have much breast milk and my then 4 year old didn’t nurse unless there was actually something to drink. He doesn’t just suck on my breasts you stupid cow.

  43. nat says

    #51 – My mother breastfed me and she still ended up getting breast cancer. Do YOU have any statistics that indicate that women, “…have almost no chance of breast cancer because the breast, like other body parts, has a purpose and when its used for the right purpose, extra cells don’t grown where they shouldn’t…”

    Your comment above doesn’t even make any sense. “Extra cells don’t grow where they shouldn’t” – HUH?? That is NOT why cancer develops in the breast. Environmental toxins are stored in the fat cells of humans, namely the breast and other reproductive areas like the gonads. Lactation allows those toxins and fat cells to be released. Guess where? Into your infants mouth. Research has been done on this matter. Google it>>(PCB-like toxic substances contaminate breast milk) You are not an oncologist and neither am I. Enough said.

    As for me providing you with statistics with relation to comfort feeding and childhood obesity, I’m a perfect example. I was breastfed as an infant and I am 30 pounds over weight for my height. What more proof do you want? I’m not convinced that extended breastfeeding has any value other than the mother not wanting to let go of her toddler and thinking that her child is still “her baby.”

    Just like #47 (Danica) states, “I breastfeed my two year old too! He is almost 2 1/2 and still loves it. He’s my baby!”

    Last time I checked a 2.5 year old is NOT a baby! He/She is a toddler! It is NOT mandatory for a toddler to be breastfed. They have the ability to eat solids and they have teeth. I believe that extended breastfeeding is more tied in with emotions that with nutrition.

    Some mothers do not know when to stop! If you go on YouTube you can search for a video of a mother that still breastfeeds her 8 year old. I’ll let you make up your own mind as to whether you think it is appropriate or not. Personally I am repulsed! I’m sure this mother still believes that her 8 year old is her “baby.” Yeah right!

  44. Kelly says

    Why does anyone care what another mother does with her children? She’s not abusing anyone or neglecting anyone. It shouldn’t even be an issue. Mommy Wars suck. I doubt Kelly Rutherford even cares that so many choose to comment. She’s doing what makes them happy.

  45. clara says

    “Encouraging comfort breastfeeding is why so many young kids are overweight these days. They grow up thinking that it is okay to eat for the sake of comfort, stress, anxiety, rather than hunger.” nat

    Do you have a link to any research or proof to back up this claim? Studies have been done, many times, that show that 90% of overweight kids were formula fed. Breastfed kids are leaner overall. Many, many kids are overweight, but the actual number of kids who are breastfed past 3 years old–less than 1 %. So, the link between comfort nursing & chub–totally off the mark.

    One thing others haven’t mentioned is that the longer you nurse the lower your chance of breast cancer. Those of us who nurse a total of 36 months ( with one kid or more) have almost no chance of breast cancer because the breast, like other body parts, has a purpose and when its used for the right purpose, extra cells don’t grown where they shouldn’t. Since breast cancer is now 1 in 8 women, this seems like a pretty good reason to keep on breastfeeding.

  46. clara says

    “Encouraging comfort breastfeeding is why so many young kids are overweight these days. They grow up thinking that it is okay to eat for the sake of comfort, stress, anxiety, rather than hunger.” nat

    Do you have a link to any research or proof to back up this claim? Studies have been done, many times, that show that 90% of overweight kids were formula fed. Breastfed kids are leaner overall. Many, many kids are overweight, but the actual number of kids who are breastfed past 3 years old–less than 1 %. So, the link between comfort nursing & chub–totally off the mark.

    One thing others haven’t mentioned is that the longer you nurse the lower your chance of breast cancer. Those of us who nurse a total of 36 months ( with one kid or more) have almost no chance of breast cancer because the breast, like other body parts, has a purpose and when its used for the right purpose, extra cells don’t grown where they shouldn’t. Since breast cancer is now 1 in 8 women, this seems like a pretty good reason to keep on breastfeeding.

  47. Could it be says

    I think it is great that she is still breastfeeding! For those of you who doubt the benefits of breastfeeding for weight loss, it absolutely helps! Breastfeeding speeds up your metabolism and, immediately following birth, promotes the release of hormones in your body that help your uterus contract. I was shocked at how quickly my weight came back after my baby was born and I breastfed exclusively for 6 months and then continued until my daughter was 13 mo. old. If you are eating as your body requires and getting some exercise, there is no reason the breastfeeding wouldn’t help you.

  48. wassit says

    Good for Kelly! It’s hard enough to get support for breastfeeding PERIOD in this culture, we don’t need idiots saying that she is disgusting for nursing her toddler too. It’s attitudes like all of these uneducated ones here that make women quit or never even try breastfeeding.

  49. says

    I breastfeed my two year old too! He is almost 2 1/2 and still loves it. He’s my baby! Nothing gross about breastfeeding a toddler, it’s totally natural!

  50. theresa says

    I’m not a 40 something earth mother. I live in a city of more than 1 million people and have an income of more than $100,000 per year. My 5 year old son that nurses a bit in the morning does not ask his teachers or any other woman for that matter – to allow him to nurse. I don’t nurse him because I’m trying to stay slim. I also have a 1 year old son who is nursing so if all I wanted was to be able to nurse a child, I’d be covered. By the way, I shave my legs and armpits! 😉

  51. shaineinok says

    Geez ya’ll are ignorant. The world heath association actually recommends breastfeeding until at least two years age and beyond should the mother and child be okay with it. I tandem nursed a two year old and a new born for 1 year and then the older child weaned. They were both happy and healthy. Neither is overweight and I will have you know my boobs look the same as they ever did. So way to go Kelly, you wean when you and your little guy are good and ready….

  52. Snarkster says

    You people are idiots! Research the benefits of extended breast feeding before you open your uneducated idiotic mouths!

  53. Me says

    Seriously? I sit here with my almost 2 year old at my breast. She can ask for it, so I should stop? To the commenter who said when they can use a fork or ask for it, 6-12 months, what 6 month old can hold a fork or talk? Should they then be taken off the bottle too?

    Breastfeeding is not sexual. And I have a sex life and am still breastfeeding, Kelly R must too, cause she’s pregnant last time I checked it took sex to get pregnant.

    Good lord people get over your stupid sexual conotations of breasts and realize they’re there for the feeding of our children, not the enjoyment of our men.


  54. sue says

    I always feel so sorry for the husbands/boyfriends of women like this! Imagine having to live with a woman with type of attitude?! You know that they have NO sex/intimate life!

  55. L.Lodhi says

    urm yuk springs to mind and why is it these 40yr old ‘earth mothers’ always feel the need to do it? ive breastfeed all my sons and I can tell you it makes you eat more and its a mith that it helps you loose weight. Yes it burns all these calories but your intake is high. I personally wouldnt breastfeed till that age its a little odd but then again some women find it hard to let go and realise ur child is growing up.

  56. Niloofar -1993-IRAN says

    I’m not a mother and I shouldn’t judge, but when I was 15 months old, my mother stop breast feeding, she is a nurse and she has enough knowledge about these things, so I think she did right.

  57. Lisa says

    I’m very proud of her for saying that she’s nursing her toddler. I think it’s wonderful and it’s about time we RE-normalized it in our backwards society. It’s so sad that we are so sexualized that nursing a toddler somehow seems gross. Good for her for being in the public eye and revealing something that’s mildly controversial.

  58. what? says

    Also, what is the *cutoff* age where breastfeeding goes from being nurturing to being something disgusting and sexual? The mother doesn’t see it that way….the child doesn’t see it that way…only YOU do…so who has the issues????

  59. what? says

    What is the correlation between be able to speak and breastfeeding? Since when is being able to verbalize a request coherantly a problem? Such an ignorant cliche.

  60. Freya says

    Some of you are being beyond ridiculous with your ignorant remarks. I have two children. I was very sick and had to have an emergency c-section with my first, and my milk didn’t come in right away, so we had to supplement with formula, but I did pump breast milk for the first couple of months. My son was born six weeks premature, and was in the NICU for some time, but I was able to pump exclusively and when he came home, he was breastfeed for almost three months with the odd bottle of formula. I wish I had kept at it A LOT longer.

    My sister in law has a daughter who is almost two and she has never once breastfeed her and demanded a c-section because she couldn’t stand the idea of giving birth or having a baby at her breast. I think it’s beyond selfish to think such things about such a beautiful thing.

    All that being said, I do not agree with a five year old being breastfed, but it isn’t hurting anyone. I have a friend who is still bf’ing her two and a half yr old and another friend breastfed her second child until she was three. People set the boundaries that they and their child are comfortable with. Breast milk is a free source of nutrients, so why knock it?

  61. lisa says

    Two of my kids breastfed until age 4 (at bedtime and early morning)… two of them stopped about 18 months… the general rule is that it should stop when one either the child or the mother decides to. Contrary to someone’s comment, breastfeeding longer does NOT make a child wimpy, it gives them emotional support which makes them stronger. I agree that it is much worse to give them cow’s milk.

  62. url says

    While I understand mothers wanting to give comfort and security to their children, what will the child do in Kindergarten when he/she needs comfort? Ask the teacher for her boobies?
    Comfort and security can be provided in different ways and personally I feel keeping your child latched on to you —yes, keeping him/her latched on — is a disservice to your child. Mothers need to help children deal with things in ways that won’t bring humiliation to the child. Honestly, do you think that if a 5 yr old’s friends found out they were still breastfeeding they would leave that alone?

  63. nat says

    If breasts a merely for feeding then why have I seen so many toddlers stroking, fondling and cuddling their mothers breasts without a drop of milk going into their mouth? After a certain age mothers allow their children to continue to “comfort breastfeed” but in reality it is a security blanket for the child. Most children after 2 years old just want to feel the breast; the milk is not as important. The belief by some mothers that a 3 or 4 year still benefits from breastfeeding is a misconception. Encouraging comfort breastfeeding is why so many young kids are overweight these days. They grow up thinking that it is okay to eat for the sake of comfort, stress, anxiety, rather than hunger.

  64. Ro says

    To the person who said if the kid can point to it it’s time to stop. Question: if the kid can point to a bottle and ask for it, is it time to stop the bottle too? When will people get over these warped perceptions of breastfeeding? What do you think breasts are for?

  65. Chris says

    I say good for her. I am still breastfeeding my 15 month old daughter and plan to continue breastfeeding for as long as she wants. To those of you basing thier ludicrous comments on thier own opinions, instead of facts and research, I don’t think you deserve the comliment of rational opposition. It’s called a dominant narrative and there are a lot of other methods out there.

  66. clara says

    I’ve breastfed for 9 straight years, my kids wean usually while I’m pregnant and each one nurses for a little more than 2 years. My breasts are still normal size D.

    Personally I’m not comfortable with the thought of nursing an older child, past 3. If another mom wants to nurse a 4 year old I could care less though. We need to get some real problems if we’re worried about how long other people are nursing! Who cares?

    As a fellow mom who is both pregnant and breastfeeding, and looking good and healthy, 🙂 I give mad props to Kelly for being open about it. Its normal, free & natural, it makes a lot more sense than weaning an infant from breast to plastic pacifier to cows milk in a sippy. My breastfed kids went straight to a cup at 1, none had bottles or pacis. Replacing human milk in baby/toddlerhood with cow’s milk–designed for baby cows, think about it–now that’s UUUGGGHHH!

  67. nat says

    #13 – that is just disgusting!!! Where do you live in the Amazon jungle? A 5 year old does not require breast milk!! I think mothers that support extending breastfeeding have got “issues” and do not know how to allow their child to become independent. In my book a 5 year old that still breastfeeds is a sissy boy. That’s where the word “milk-sop” comes from! You are raising a wimp. Boys that age should play with other children not with their mother’s breasts!!

  68. missy says

    Good for her!

    I think that those of you who think breastfeeding a two year old is “gross” and “icky” are a little ignorant and need to grow up!

  69. MOMX3 says

    Awesome for her…my first son nursed until he was almost 3.

    And to all the people crapping on the idea–I’m sure they don’t bat an eye to a kid who is “that old” still on the bottle or pacifiers!

  70. notawannabe says

    Well said! Boobs are not made for sexual purpose. If you want to breast feed til a child is five then go right ahead. If it does not directly affect someone then it should really be put to rest. People may have opinions, but breast feeding a five year old is not gross. Its comfort for the child.

  71. what? says

    Ask yourself this…..if our society didn’t sexualize breasts would you think it was so disgusting or psychologically damaging? NO!! It’s not the act, it’s your view based on what our nation pounds into our brain everyday from movies, clothes, pictures, etc. And I have to wonder what happened ro some of you as children that makes you freak out over this. Get some therapy because you are the ones with issues, not these mothers and their children.

  72. noname says

    One word urrrh!!! It becomes harder to break the habit after a child is a year old let alone 2. Your not doing hime any favours by continuing.

  73. traveler says


    Two years old is one thing, but even you have to admit that breast feeding a 5 year old is wrong. If a kid is school age, then they should be a little more self-sufficient. Cut the cord already!

  74. Nova says

    You people really need to start reading some informative and educational material rather than just celeb gossip if you really think breastfeeding a 2 year old is going to cause psychological damage!

    As women, our bodies are able to happily breastfeed another child whle pregnant and breastmilk adjusts and adapts if you decide to tandem feed once the new baby is born.

    Of course a 2 year old will not be exclusively breasdtfed but the breast milk still contains immense nutritional benefits as well as emotional for the child.

    What a shame so many of you seem to be so ignorant about the workings of your own bodies and feel justified in making some ill informed and hysterical comments regarding a natural practice as ‘disgusting’. It is you that needs psychological help. Just because something may not be exactly as you would do it, does not make it unnatural.

    I applaud women who are so unselfish as to be happy to put their childs needs above their own.

    And to the person who commented that they hoped she wasn’t still breastfeeding to stay slim – have you heard yourself? Seriously, my dear, talk about manipulating quotes.

  75. Sarah says

    Good for her!!!! I think it’s wonderful that she’s so dedicated to her child, although I can’t imagine how exhausting it must be to be pregnant and nursing.

  76. Eli says

    I’d like to see an professional opinion from a child psychologist as to the emotional benefit/detriment of breast feeding a child who is 5 years old.

  77. theresa says

    My 5 year old son still breast feeds but I doubt it’s what most of you imagine it to be like. Are you guys imagining a child that nurses 9 times a day? It’s not like that. He nurses a bit in the morning. Before that, when he was 4, it was at night and in the morning. It’s very emotional for him. He doesn’t count on it for nourishment, but frankly, when he is sick, it’s nice to know he’s getting something that boosts his natural immunity. There’s a lot of misconceptions out there. It’s nice to see public figures being open about “extended breast feeding”. It is extremely common world wide. The United States is only one part of the planet’s population.

  78. Eli says

    I found this on the World Health Organizations website.

    Q: Up to what age can a baby stay well nourished by just being breastfed?

    A: Infants should be exclusively breastfed – i.e. receive only breast milk – for the first six months of life to achieve optimal growth, development and health. “Exclusive breastfeeding” is defined as giving no other food or drink – not even water – except breast milk. It does, however, allow the infant to receive drops and syrups (vitamins, minerals and medicines). Breast milk is the ideal food for the healthy growth and development of infants; breastfeeding is also an integral part of the reproductive process with important implications for the health of mothers.

  79. mommy-of-two-girls says

    good for her, being in tune with what her child needs.

    Janie – do you have kids? i could not imaginge breastfeeding past the age of one. my first child was done at 10 months, the second one was a whole different story.
    she nursed until she was 28 months. did i ever t hink i would nurse that long? heck no. but it’s what she needed for comfort and security.

  80. Sunny says

    Yeah, the whole “breastfeeding makes you lose the weight” is an old wives tale. My doctor even admitted it was kind of started in the 70’s when women weren’t breastfeeding as much because they wanted to shed the lbs. faster.
    Your body actually hordes fat to make the breast milk. I still lost weight but have to admit, it really fell off after I was done breast feeding.

  81. Collette uk says

    Because i had wonderful time doing it didnt get sore or anything+ she latched on straightaway i didnt think she would she 5wk prem i would stop at 6mth anyway could only do 10weeks

  82. Collette uk says

    Didnt help my figure get back ended up puting weight on i had the milk but not enough calories in it to help my daughter put enough weight on i was gutted

  83. CurlyK says

    It’s nice that she’s talking about breastfeeding past age 1 so naturally.

    #2 – No need to worry about her supply if she decides to breastfeed both children. The body adjusts for these things. There are many women who have sucessfuly breastfed multiples.

    As for the other naysayers – there are far worse things to concern yourselves with than the fact she breastfeeds her 2 year old.

  84. Mom of 2 says

    The World Health Organization recomends breastfeeding for AT LEAST two years. Good for her!
    By the way, it is possible to breastfeed a newborn and a toddler (it’s called tandum nursing). The more you nurse, the more milk you have.

  85. Eli says

    In reference to #2’s comment of “After continuous breast feeding for 5 years straight, those puppies will be done!”…thank God for breast implants!

  86. Just me says

    Look, I know breast feeding is a natural thing, so I guess I can’t really blame her for doing it. However, I don’t think I would do it that long. I mean, once the kid can point to it and ask about it, it’s time to stop. My opinion!
    I wonder if she will breast feed him once the baby is born? I wonder if you can produce enough milk, especially for a 2-year-old.
    After continuous breast feeding for 5 years straight, those puppies will be done!

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