An Expectant & Glowing Jen Picking Up Violet From School


An expectant Jennifer Garner was snapped picking up Violet from school on Wednesday.

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  1. oriana says

    Ben said on TV he would not be able to go to Obama’s ceremony because the new baby is due in Jan. and he will be busy with his family.

  2. KATEZ says

    Lol on the polio thing. I got the sarcasm there. Sorry others didn’t. And i think jen is just getting violet all the attention she can before the new baby comes. I did that with my first. And as far as jen’s looks go, you show more earlier the second time around. She looks great, but i do agree a little puffy, however, thats normal for pregnancy. Violet is so cute, i can’t wait to see the new baby!

  3. ummm says

    Um if yall can’t detect the sarcasm dripping from Theresa’s comment…then you might want to get your head out of your bum. And seriously…is that all you women have to do today? Complain that a mother carries her child frequently? Obviously Violet is not obese…she is clearly getting enough exercise. I would feel protective and elect to carry my child a lot if there were all those crazies out there following my every move. Yall need to get over it!

    She is a darling little girl and I enjoy viewing each and every picture provided 🙂

  4. 2teens says

    Why is she still pregnant? In July it was being reported that she was 5 months pregnant, and she looked 5 months along then too. I suppose the sources could have been wrong but I doubt she’ll still be preg in Jan.

  5. Renee says

    Kids grow up really fast. I am sure when Violet is like 10 or 15 Jen will not be carring her. Enjoy while you can. Do all the fun things or things you enjoy with your kids while you still can.

  6. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Is Violets hair getting darker… Now that she is 3 years old..

    Jen is not due until mid January..Love Vi’s lunch knapsac..
    Jen gets a lot of help.. you just don’t see it.. from her friend
    who helps her shopping and other stuff ..

  7. Jenica says

    Haha Theresa u is funny but these other punks here is stupid. dey believed u. sry but yall is dumasses.

  8. Me, that's who says


    You hit it on the nail! Violet, just smiled….oh what’s that? violet is wearing toe socks! what is that? violet hair is parted in 3 ponytails?

    and Can jennifer put violet down, and let her walk, I didn’t know that she could walk

    show us JENNIFER!

  9. alvie says

    #18 I was thinking the same thing. I’ve seen Vi walking, but those pics look like they’re tken from far away, and these are right in their face. I think the paps take advantage of the situation when they stock out the schools and catch them in a vunerable where they can’t make a scene, and have only a small moving space from the door to their car. Plus she’s 3 that’s not too old to be carried.

  10. hannahmumma says

    omg….that is sooooo not true…other sites have pics of violet walking…….jennifer carries her to keep her safe and sound from crazy paps!!!

  11. alvie says

    Guys I think theresa was just being sarcastic in respose to all the critisism for celebs carrying their kids around. As if any of our situations are similar to theirs, having people camp out at our kids schools, and swarming us, not happening so don’t compare the two. She was definitely going for the shock factor on the polio comment.

  12. claudiazz says

    I wonder what she is going to do with Violet when she has to hold the new baby and Violet may actually have to make use of her legs.

    Maybe she will hold the baby in one arm and Violet in the other. Where’s Ben, seems like he could p/u Violet since Jen is getting close to her due date.

  13. Reba says

    THeresa…is it actually true that violet has polio?? just wondering neer heard that before , hope its not thats terrible for a poor little girl.

  14. Juli says

    Even if it’s the same thing every day, I love seeing Violet – she is just so darn cute. I’d carry her too. Why are so many on here so judgmental?

  15. Julie says

    #1, I came to write the same thing! We’ve figured out already that Violet gets dropped off at school by Jennifer, and gets picked up after school by Jennifer. Sometimes Ben is there too. I think she’s so cute, and Jennifer looks beautiful, but we get it already 🙂

  16. theresa says

    stockkitty – didn’t you hear? jen doesn’t vaccinate, and violet contracted polio while the family was doing charity work in zimbabwe last year. so sad. she may never walk again. by the way, what was it like to have a kid around all those paps and weirdos every time you went out – – oh wait, you didn’t actually get stalked by anyone – never mind!

  17. stockkitty says

    I wonder if all celeb children have broken legs. Why can’t they hold the kids hands?? I understand they are probably being swarmed by paps, but I never had a problem getting my kids to go with me places while securely holding my hand…….

  18. Collette uk says

    They both look realy happy here she must due anyday i know dec was her due time wonder what date

  19. Chloe says

    Violet is getting cuter as she gets older. I used to find her quite strange looking, now she’s pretty

  20. rose mary goes says

    Violet is a cutie. But, how many pictures do we need to see of her being picked up from school??

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