Charlie Sheen's Daughters Unharmed In Car Accident


Charlie Sheen and ex Denise Richards’s daughters are unharmed after being involved in a car accident Friday in Malibu, his rep told People magazine.

“Charlie told me that the girls are fine,” said publicist Stan Rosenfield. “He said it could have been much worse. They were in their car seats, and he is extremely grateful for the safety features from Mercedes.”

The girls, Sam, 4, and Lola, 3, were being driven by the girls’ nanny in a Mercedes SUV around 3:30 p.m. when a Honda Civic made a turn in front of them, sparking a four-car collision, Sgt. Evans of the L.A. Sheriff’s Department confirms.

“The only person injured was the driver of the Honda,” Sgt. Evans said. “There was no crime committed.”

A rep for Denise could not be reached for comment.

This will sound like a random vent….but oh well! I see so many moms that I know let their nanny drive their children around everywhere in the nanny’s miniature toy car (which usually sports a few dents and nicks for good measure) while the moms jaunt about town in the GIGANTIC SUV! That does not make sense to me! Obviously driving safely is important, but you never have any control of how other people are driving, and being in a safe vehicle with a high center of gravity and a high safety rating for front and side impact is very important in a collision.



  1. says

    A person necessarily lend a hand to make significantly articles I’d state. This is the first time I frequented your website page and up to now? I amazed with the analysis you made to make this particular put up extraordinary. Fantastic task!

  2. Joanne says

    #15, not everyone uses a nanny! I have four kids and no one has ever babysat them except my parents, grown nieces, and close friends. You can get along quite well without full-time help.

    Of course, anyone can have a car accident. Thank God the children were not hurt (and the nanny too, of course).

  3. Chloe says

    to #14…who cares? i just made a typo and its the same message regardless…all i was saying was i hoped EVERYONE was ok…and i actually said that

  4. what? says

    Lola smiles once in a while but Sam ALWAYS looks so sad/unhappy. She always has a that blanky and is sucking her thumb……I feel bad for them. It doesn’t seem like their parents have THEIR best interests at heart, only interested in *winning*. I wonder what they have heard and seen from both sides that will cause (or has caused) them to need therapy!

  5. Kay says

    Of course they are sad, they probably wish that that was their mommy and daddy in the photo. Kids that age can feel the tension too.

  6. Josie says

    Just what the world needs, more SUVs and Hummers to make people feel “safe.” A completely misguided notion. Paranoia will convince people that they need certain products like SUVs (and guns) to protect themselves from danger. All it takes is some common sense: seat belts and car seats that are properly installed, is a good start.

  7. momof1.5 says

    At least they were in car seats. How many celebrities do we see, photographed sitting in the back of a car/SUV, with their tots on their laps? That really angers me.

  8. Wow! says

    I’ve seen more thoughtful nannies than the own kid’s moms! Nothing is wrong with a nanny. By the way No5, your son is just a month and you are in the middle of the baby-bliss. At some point your baby turns one year and you’d need to go out sometimes, do errands , work, evenings with your hubby or boyfriend or whatever. I’m completely sure you’ll need a nanny at least once in a while. People don’t hire the first person that says: I’m a nanny. People double check all references, and in the celebrity world even more.

    And what would it happen if your parents have an accident while driving your son? Your in your family all of you are inmune to car accidents? Kind of kriptonite car or something like that… We should thank to god if we never had an accident or if we never got hurt in one.

  9. Tia :) says

    jeeze..i guess my Mazda 3 just won’t cut it eh WM? Screw SUV’s! I would rather drive a car that i am safe in AND doesnt cost my $100 to fill 😉

  10. Bethany says

    Webmistress…’s very degrading of you to say that “nannies most of the time are driving around in tiny cars, with dents and dings in them”. It says they were riding in a Mercedes (hence the comment “Charlie is thankful for the safety features of the Mercedes.) Sounds like you are the type of snobby mother that I can’t stand….those who drive around in their SUVs thinking they are better than everyone else. Good grief.

  11. Reba says

    Denise Richards is a stupid home wreacker and Charlie Sheen is a washed up loser, but thanfully there daughters are okay . Just because your parents are screw-ups doesn’t mean you have to be !!! Take her kids away from her and then they’ll have a shoot at not being little screw-ups themselves.

  12. Cindy says

    What’s wrong with nannies? I was a nanny for a very long time. Some people have to work and therefore need a nanny…what a narrow mind. Not everyone has the luxury of staying home with their kids….I wish!

    On a different note, I really hate this photo. The kids look so unhappy. I could be reading it totally wrong but it’s the impression I get. They always have a smile on when they are with their mother. Might not be fair for me to say, I don’t know what was going on when the photo was taken, there could have been a good reason for their sad faces. Sometimes kids look that way just because they can’t have a candy or whatever. I don’t know, I just don’t like this photo.

  13. Vivi says

    no. 5. Your comment is really distasteful. It wasn’t nanny’s fault – did you even read the article?!
    And do you know the thing about accidents – they happened accidentally… THIS can happen to anyone of us, doesn’t matter if we’re mommies, daddies, grannies or nannies. And call the nanny stupid – geez.
    Sorry, I SO had to say this.

  14. says

    as a new mother to a month old baby boy i would not let anyone drive my son around besides me or my husband and my parents

    denise and charlie should feel ashamed at them selves for being lazy asses and not drving there own daughters let alone a stupid nanny

    my son dont have a nanny and never will

  15. sue says

    Are you crazy or know NOTHING about cars and SUVS and safety miss Web Mistress??? SUVS are NOT safer!! Just because yuppy moms like yourself think that the “big, giant, box” will keep me safe does not mean that it does!! They cannot stop as well as cars, they have a much higher roll over rate than cars!, an their center of gravity hurts them in many, many ways!

  16. Could it be says

    SUV does not equal a safer vehicle. In fact, their high centers of gravity make them much more likely to roll over in an accident.

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