Milla Jovovich & Daughter For Gap


I hadn’t seen these Gap Holiday 2008 ads featuring Milla Jovovich, 32, and her 1-year-old daughter, Ever. They are beautiful!


  1. oriana says

    Nahla is indeed a beauty! I wish she would put on more weight, I think she will be petite. She looks so dainty, just an absolute beautiful baby! Looks just like her father to me.

  2. what? says

    Google pics of Milla when she was young…..probably the most gorgeous child/teenager on the planet!! I was so infatuated with her when I was younger!!

  3. Big Blomba says

    OMG do they come any more precious than this???? And she looks just like her Mom!

    Now that is cute. What a sweet sweet little angel face

  4. Chloe says

    cute baby, adorable photos…especially the one with the brown scheme. i always love the babygap ads…too sweet 🙂

  5. LILYBELLE says

    Little Ever Gabo is so adorable and definitely a future model! She is gorgeous! Absolutely striking!

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