An Expectant Angie Harmon Opens Up About Her Very Difficult Third Pregnancy


Actress Angie Harmon, 36, and husband Jason Sehorn are expecting their third child any day now and Angie told OK! magazine that he’s “the greatest husband on the planet” for helping her through a difficult pregnancy.

Her first two pregnancies — with their daughters Finley, 5, and Avery, 3, were “super easy,” but not this one.

Angie recently tore a disc in her back, and it was devoted husband Jason who saw to her every need.

“It was so excruciating. He was unbelievable,” she shared. “You know, when you get married and they say ‘for better or for worse?’ What they really mean is, ‘Will you lift her on and off of a bed pan?’”

Angie said Jason was “taking care of the kids and getting them to school and doing the lunches and cooking dinner and in the meantime, I’m like this wretched thing in the bedroom that can’t come downstairs.”

Now she’s put that behind her and it’s all worth it to Angie to have their third child: “I can’t wait.”

Angie’s not telling anyone whether it’s a boy or a girl, but she did reveal that she and Jason have already selected a name — and it will be something unique: “I look through the baby-name books to make sure the name I’m picking is not in there. I just don’t want everyone to have it!”

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  1. theresa says

    How about naming it Bedpan Torn-disc Harmon – – oh darn! I looked – and it’s in my celebrity baby names book!

  2. Sandra says

    She is so pretty! I am mad they cancelled Women’s Murder Club, I really like that show and she was good in it too!

  3. sue says

    Great. Another celeb picking a name that nobody else has! Welcome to the “My name is Stupid Because My Parents are Actors/Singers Thus, Are Dumb” Club little newborn!

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