Matthew McConaughey & Family At Bristol Farms

Matthew McConaughey & Family At Bristol Farms

Matthew McConaughey, 39, and Camila Alves, 25,  were snapped with their 5-month-old son Levi at Bristol Farms in Beverly Hills. Levi is a cutie!

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  1. Fiona says

    i really hate to say this about any child, but if i was to be honest i would have to say that baby is definitely not cute. he looks nothing like Matthew McConaughey! hmmm.

  2. nat says

    I’m assuming your question is rhetorical Theresa, in which case I won’t be answering it !! LOL!

  3. nat says

    I have to say, he’s definitely NOT a cute baby! The parents are attractive but the kid is just not doing it for me.

  4. Freya says

    I’m not a Matthew McConaughey fan, but I do have to say that he and his gf seem very much devoted, happy and dedicated to one another and their cute little boy. They seem to have a very relaxed, natural approach to life that I envy. I think they will survive and age gracefully and quietly together and probably have another child in a year or two. Little Levi looks like his mother right now.

  5. Eli says

    I am proud Matthew stepped up to being a father to Levi, but there is something about the Matthew/Camila relationship that does not feel solid…I do not get the feeling this couple has what it takes to make a life long commitment to one another.

  6. says

    im guessings its warm over the holiday season in los angeles as dont see celebs wrapped up warm i live in england so was wondering lol?

  7. accalia says

    He’s cute, but not one of my favorites. He doesn’t have a baby face at all. He looks like a little man 🙂

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