Britney's Christmas Message


So cute! And the Christmas tree is beautiful!


  1. Fiona says

    ugh. sorry anyone that would use her kids to gain publicity to promote her album / “planned comeback” is just despicable in my eyes. Britney is nothing more than celebrity white trash. Seems like she’s fooled everyone however.

  2. oriana says

    Niloofar, my husband is a huge fan of Britney, I think she is beautiful but I just have never thought a good singing voice, she is not in the same league with others, she is more of a Brand and a celeb for what the public has made her to be. I do hope she stays on the path she appears to be on now but I think still has severe emotional problems. I just don’t see how she could have recovered without some professional help?

  3. laila says

    good for her.. she’s happy and has pulled herself together… She deserves credit for her hard work.

  4. Niloofar -1993-IRAN says

    Hi, 🙂
    I’m a big fan of Britney, so I don’t agree with most of the things you said. but I agree alittle with sth you said about
    JESSICA ,I like her. ( JUST MY IDEA) 🙂

  5. Tia :) says

    #2 can’t we all give her the benefit of a doubt? Im sorry, but this woman has been to some sort of hell and back. She was very, very ill. So I say good for her!! She looks healthy and do her boys.

  6. oriana says

    I have never understood why in a Live performance an entertainer has to lip synch? A true performer should not do that in my opinion. I think Britney is a Brand, her people have made her into one, she is not that good of a singer, not like Christina or even Jessica Simpson, whom I cannot stand! She is popular and will remain so, but for many, she is just not that talented. I think she still has severe emotional problems she never got the proper treatment for and if not careful, and with guidance from her father, she could easily relapse again.

  7. Jane says

    Britney Spears does NOT have the best singing voice!

    She does NOT even have a good singing voice!

    Anyone who lips syncs during live performances does NOT have a good voice!

  8. Niloofar -1993-IRAN says

    I don’t agree with you about Brit’s singing voice, in my book
    she is so TALENTED & have the BEST singing voice.
    she is well-known everywhere, in my country , she has the
    most fans, between foreigner singers.

    the video is very cute.

  9. ummm says

    Wow Jenica, enough with the ebonics. I have to agree though, it makes more sense for her to be holding her youngest.

  10. Jenica says

    Yo idiots dey is both there. It be stupid if she had the 2 year old stand and be holding da big 3 year old. That be cause for bitc hing not da other way around.

  11. says

    sandra-a person that agrees with me i love britney to death but you never hardly spend time with sean preston alone anymore

  12. Sandra says

    CMC I would totally agree with you on that. I myself have a hard time telling them apart, but it does appear she is holding Jayden a lot more.

    Jane you have the right to say she has no talent and or singing voice. But the fact that her album came out as #1 and she has been around making albums since 1998 proves otherwise. If there truly wasn’t talent or singing capabilities she wouldn’t have 6 albums out. The most latest being #1 in several countries not just the U.S.

    On the other hand I would agree that her acting capabilities are not good!

  13. says

    im not putting this in a bad way does it seem britney is always with jayden more than sean every picture or video i see of her lately shes always holding and hanging out with jayden

    if you know please tell me im sure that britney loves sean as much of jayden

  14. Jane says

    I am very happy for Britney for getting her life back together. Everyone goes through rough times.

    I just happen to think that she has NO talent. She does NOT have a good singing voice!

    Just my honest opinion but I wish her all the best!

  15. Sandra says

    Aww the video is so cute!

    I didn’t drag her through the mud, you may have DeAnn. I am not one for knocking others down when I truly don’t know what is going on in their lives.

    Yup such a publicity stunt wishing everyone a Happy Holidays and thanking them for making her cd #1. She should wish her fans Happy Holidays and thank you for supporting and sticking with her through this last year. Bah Humbug to you as well!

  16. DeAnn says

    All of a sudden she’s mother of the year! What a bunch of hooey! Not to say she isn’t getting herself together, but let’s not forget this is the same person everyone drug through the mud for being a horrible mother. One 17 second video doesn’t prove anything except she needs some positive publicity.

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