Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz Reportedly Struggling To Sell Pics Of Their Son


Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and husband Pete Wentz are reportedly struggling to entice celebrity magazines to buy snaps of their newborn son Bronx Mowgli.

Ashlee and Pete welcomed Bronx in November, and the proud parents are said to be keen to show their tot on the front pages of a popular American publication.

But the pair has reportedly failed to secure a deal with any of the major tabloids, according to PageSix.

A source told PageSix, “Pete and Ashlee have approached every single celebrity magazine with offers to sell their first photos, but nobody wants them. Covers of them tend not to sell well.”

Hmmm…I suspect that they have had plenty of opportunities to strike a deal with a major mag, but Ashlee and Pete simply didn’t think the price that they would be paid to be high enough.

In other Ashlee and Pete news, Ashlee wrote on her MySpace Celebrity blog: “Motherhood is the most fantastic experience I have ever been thru. Bronx makes me laugh and smile everyday!”

The new mom continued: “I finally left the house for Fall Out Boy’s show on Monday night, which was so good. Their new songs sound awesome live, I can’t wait for their new record!”

“And last night I went to [husband] Pete [Wentz] and Bronx’s godfather, Travis,’ art show,” she added. “It’s amazing to see how many artistic outlets those boys have! Made me very proud. It was an awesome show and so many of our friends and family came out to support.

“I hope you guys have a great holiday,” she wrote. “I can’t wait to spend it with my new family. Christmas tree goes up tomorrow! XO Ash.”

UPDATE: After this news was being reported the past few days, Pete Wentz offered he following information in response on his blog:

ring ring, its the truth calling…
About baby pics gossip: truth is like every celeb couple we were offered
mounds and mounds of money by mags from here to Guam to pimp out the baby. We just don’t want to go down that road with him.

We are not placing judgment on those that do as they often use the money in a very charitable way. However, we have made the decision to not sell Bronx’s baby pictures right now. We understand that like other celebrities have said, “there is a bounty on our heads” for these pictures. There is a danger when there are cameras being held over walls and into our backyard. We are followed day and night and that was fine when it was us but we are going to do our best to shelter Bronx from that as much as possible. Its scary to be followed by 10 cars to your home. We understand the curiosity, just not the viciousness that comes along with it when it becomes so insatiable. We know there will be a time when we’ll share him with everyone because that insatiable curiousity becomes unsafe or simply because we’re proud parents who want to show him off! We know our fans support and care about us and want to know about our family and we’ve always been straight up and open with those who care about us most, so at some time, when it makes sense, Bronx will be out in the world.

In the meantime, we’d like to say thank you to those who have allowed us relative privacy in letting us just be a family for now – and to enjoy all the happiness he’s brought us.

ps trust me he’s cute. he looks like his mommy.

Well…you be the judge. Though this may sound pessimistic, I think this is just a little pr spin. I think if People magazine wanted them…and offered them the “right” amount of money, they would have gladly sold the pics.



  1. Anne says

    JLO rcvd millions to have her babies shown in a magazine.
    They had to be the most homely babies ever shown and certainly not worth the price. JLO is yesterday news.

  2. Dnice says

    Pete Wentz actually put out a statement that even though they have had several offers for Bronx’s first pics, that they have no intention of pimping out their baby’s pics and that when it is the right time, he will come out into the world.

  3. JAN says

    Pimping children went out of vogue with Brangelina. I guess celebrities realise that there is something classless about hagglig over your child’s privacy only to trun around and complain about paparazzi.

  4. Eli says

    In response to Pete’s blog comment, “ps trust me he’s cute. He looks like his mommy.”….Yo, Pete….most babies are cute & let’s not forget Ashley was far from cute prior to plastic surgery.

  5. Aliciasweets85 says

    LMAO@ Jane (#3) for some reason, i laughed really hard when i read that. LOLOLOLOL
    cmc (#8) because photogs snap away pictures left and right (and they are put in magazine for FREE) some celebs keep their baby out of circulation purposely, so that publications will PAY to be the first to take photos them….

    If people are gonna take pics of your baby, might as well get paid for it, before they start takin the pics for free.

    I like when celebs use the picture money for charity (angie and brad). I think it’s really gracious…they get SOOO much money for something SOOO inconsequential (pictures! for God’s sakes) and they donate it ALL to a worhty cause. Cant get more generous than that.

  6. Eli says

    “Pete and Ashlee have approached every single celebrity magazine with offers to sell their first photos, but nobody wants them.”

    Finally…the celebrity publications woke up & smelled the coffee!!!!

  7. Niloofar -1993-IRAN says

    Dear Ashlee
    don’t make yourself tired,honey, if you want to show off your kid, please just sell MOWGLI CARTOON.
    no need for magazine!!!!


  8. says

    i think that selling your baby pictures is worthless because when a celeb is out with their baby they gonna get a picture taken anyway..

  9. Jane says

    Nicole Kidman did NOT try to sell Sunday Rose!

    Nicole is in a completely different league than Ashlee Simpson.

    Nicole has so much more class and talent than Ashlee ever will!

  10. mslewis says

    What tabloid would want a picture of them on the cover, for any price? Nicole Kidman tried to sell Sunday Rose and nobody wanted her and she’s way more famous than whats-her-name???

    These tabloids have very little money these days and they have to be careful who they give it to. They need a STAR who can actually move magazines off the shelf.

  11. Lurker says

    I’ve always said there’s something about her I didn’t care for…

    Given that this is actually true, that’s just SAD!!!
    How many actual *stars* have to fight OFF the photographers?? Most of them.
    Should really tell you something…
    Why can’t they just be happy and proud of their son on their own? Keep him to just them for awhile! So many stars WANT that and can’t get it.
    Or do they just need a pat on the back or something?
    Very well.
    Congratulations Ashlee and Pete, I’m sure your son is beautiful.

    I agree with #4..Ashlee has just always seemed really desperate for atention.

    I truly feel for that kid. (and for something BESIDES his name!)

  12. Scarlett says

    I think Ashley views herself as somebody? No one cares about your kid. Who want pictures of her kid. Just the thought of her going out and pimping her child is just sad…

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