Taylor Hanson & Wife Welcome Their Fourth Child!


The newest member of the Hanson tribe has arrived!

Taylor, the middle brother of the rock trio Hanson, and his wife Natalie welcomed a son, Viggo Moriah, on Tuesday in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“Viggo is doing great. He is the perfect early Christmas gift,” the couple said of their 8 lb., 5 oz. arrival. “We look forward to being home to enjoy the holidays with him and his very excited brothers and sister.”

Viggo joins older brothers Ezra, 6, and River, 2, and sister Penelope, 3. The growing Hanson family also includes their cousins, Isaac and Zac’s kids, Everett, 1, Shepherd, 6 months, and Monroe, 5 months.

Taylor, 25, and Natalie, 24, announced in August that they were expecting.




  1. glendabr says

    OK w WHERE IS BABY VIGGO”S PICTURE!!! Taylor ! Natalie! I want to see the little baby. NOW !!! Please?

  2. says

    Old post but who cares? I read what u wrote Taina,yes,poor Taylor.
    I know that she really used to have these kids like a “way” to force him to stay at her side…
    But believe me((and Im not wishing this))but they are going to divorce one day.Why? cuz Taylor is too young and times are different and he will realize that this girl “used” him.
    He loves her,but love unforntunely is not that eternal and he is just 27….
    What about if he fall in love with some other girl?
    Let´s gonna be honest….not even the kids are going to save Nat´s marriage.
    Sorry for the english,I just know a bit because the videogames and movies and never had lessons,Im lazy.

    • Jamie says

      LOL You conspiracy theorists are insane. Natalie didn’t and hasn’t “forced” Taylor into anything. He’s a big boy, he was an adult when he married her and he’s an adult now. Nobody’s forcing him to do anything, so just stop with the ridiculous theories because you’re jealous.

  3. taina says

    Congrats to them…but still have a doubt about nat. She made a baby each year…its very hard to raise so many kids especially when you follow your husband on tour. I know what Im talking about…i have the impression that each baby was made on purpose, when she was about to break up with him. It is their business true. But I believe that a couple wich has been forced into marriage is bound to fail at a moment. Yes children can be hurt but you can’t control your feelings all the time. Im sure they were about to break up in 2007/2008 just listen Georgia song. And then a baby arrived…I ve heard that after their weddings she said: “I ve at least found the man who will help to enter the music industry”…okeeeeeeey the wife. Poor taylor.

  4. ashley says

    First of all.. I know this is an old post but…

    They are still married & it’s 2010, so there 😛
    And to say “they will get divorced”, what a rotten thing to say! You could actually say that about EVERY married couple in the United States of America because about 49% of our marriage are terminated.

    Even if they were to get married – she wouldn’t need any education. His 30% monthly income for child support would be more than enough to support her and her family. Anyways, why are are even discussing this? This is none of our business.

    Either is them having one child, or 1 million children. What goes on inside a married couple’s bedroom is nobodys business. Let’s just be happy that there child was born healthy. Anything else is between those two and those comments were not needed. You may think it’s trashy, but I believe it’s even more trashy to have such entertainment on discussing someone else’s personal life. Do you not have one of your own to be busy with?

    Congrats on the healthy child, Taylor & Natalie.

  5. no name says

    23. Jane | December 11th, 2008 at 6:36 pm

    They will be divorced by next year!
    my reply to jane.

    How do you know they will be divorced by next year? There are things I know that happen with Taylor in this like they were broke up when she got pregnant, and there is a lot more to it but not saying crap he don’t need that. but that is not my point where do you hear they will be divorced? and we got close back in the day before he was married, so I do want him to know if anything happens I am here for him. she better not screw him over, you haven’t seen someone pist until I see him hurt. that girl better watch it, Taylor is a really good guy he dont deserve to have problems, or pain. as for me I am 25 single mom and love every second of it and if I could I would have 10 more, but when I am married to my soul mate, not going to have 10 kids then divorce and the kids end up being hurt over it. my daughter don’t even have her dad, and it really hurts her and I hate that a lot by my jazmine is my life and I am both mom and dad to her she is my everything. I use a z in her name because it is different. so then she can be called jazz. I named her after my great grandma her middle name is Lucille, anyways I really hope those kids don’t have to watch there parents go through a divorce, I was there with my parents and it hurt, but at the same time you cant stay together because of kids either, you have to love and trust each other for a relationship to work, me I was with this guy roger for 6 years I got pregnant then second he knew he was gone. I dont wish break up and divorce on anyone, I do think wait till you married make sure the guy is the one before popping out a baby. I learned my lesson.

  6. Ash says

    Hanson are very good well rounded people. Having children at a young age is not a crime. If it’s what they want why is it anyone elses business. BTW raising children is much more rewarding than being at a 9 to 5 job every day.

  7. Collette uk says

    Some people at our age are very mature as i am work +my partner does had 75grand mortgage since 18yr old too some people just know when there ready to settle down

  8. Collette uk says

    Im 24yr +got 2 girls 6yr+4mth old+2yr+4mth old with my partner 8+half yrs +very happy+in love stil

  9. Kayleigh says


  10. catsue says

    Ever heard of an education? College, etc. What will happen if you get a divorce? 60% of marriages go bust.

  11. catsue says

    They won’t get divorced because this girl has 4 kids and no education. What kind of job can she get other than McDonalds? She’ll stay with him for his money and have kids every 9 months.

  12. white trash tulsa says

    Did the Hanson’s parents not teach them about birth control??? That woman is 24 and has four kids. So many children so quickly is going to really screw up her body and I’m not just talking about on the outside. But by the time this chick is 30 she’s going to have boobies down to her knees and more extra belly skin than she’ll know what to do with if she continues to not use any sort of birth control. She better hope after 12 more kids that he still has the cash flow to get her ass some lifts.

  13. mary says

    #17, everyone has a different idea of what “enjoying life” is. Some people don’t think a career and a million boyfriends and trips around the world is “enjoying life” I’m 20, getting married next summer, and I can’t wait to have kids! Not saying my way is the right way, but everyone can be different.

  14. Jen says

    Catsue, Natalie actually did graduate from high school. She was pregnant at graduation and had Ezra, her son, in September.

    It may not be what people would chose for themselves or their own children, but this family is obviously happy (and they get to see and do a lot…way more than your average 20 something, since they are touring to play concerts and even find the time to go to Africa to do charity work)

  15. catsue says

    If he wasn’t famous these kids would be living in a trailor park in Arkansas. Funny there was such outrage over Jamie Lynn Spears being a pregnant minor. So was this mom. High School drop-out.

  16. Scarlett says

    HAVE YOU HEARD OF BIRTH CONTROL. My goodness young people today. Crazy…4 kids at the age of 25yrs old.

  17. Just me says

    I like all the Hanson’s kids’ names … they’re unique but not over the top.
    Viggo is a little weird, though.

  18. excuse me says

    i’m 27 no kids not planning a child for the next 10 years, i come from one of those upper class families in SA, career first then see about kids. this a bit too much, what they gonna be doing when they are 30, grandparents i guess……….

  19. Iran says

    I am living in Iran,actually an under-developed /developing country.
    Haven’t seen such a growing family since the pills control
    programming….It;s a sign of being low class or uncivilised
    to have so many children in Iran.

  20. Jen says

    Being a devoted fan of this band, I’m going to have to defend Taylor and Natalie. Odds are they didn’t plan Ezra (their eldest child). Natalie was a senior in high school when she became pregnant, but they had been dating for a couple years and decided to get married and be parents. They definitely have the financial means to raise their children and any time they talk about their children they are so excited about being parents…also occasionally we fans see the wives and children at shows (the kids have those cute headphones that protect their ears) and they seem like a happy, well-adjusted family.

    Fellow fans and I tend to joke around and tease them a bit for having so many children collectively nowadays, but it’s all light-hearted…after all they’re taking care of their kids and are happy!

    P.S. She does look young in the photo…the one at people.com is much better of her.

  21. catsue says

    #4 and #5
    They are NOT Mormon, but MORONS! 24 years old and 4 kids already. So she was pregnant at 17 and has been having kids non-stop since then. I saw the photo and thought this girl was 11 years-old. GROSS!

  22. Jen says

    I’m 25 and personally am not ready to be having kids…but feel like Taylor Hanson was just at a different place in his life sooner than I and most people — I mean, he made millions of dollars at age 13 and has continually had a career in music that earns him a good living…if they can afford it and want kids I say good for them. As part of Hanson’s fan base I know most of us think it’s surreal that they have so many kids (especially since most of us are in our twenties like they are), but whatever works for them I guess!

  23. nat says

    Whoa!! 4 kids and she’s only 24 and he’s only 25!! Crikey!! Something like that would never fly in my city. Many of the women I know have children after 35. First, come several college degrees, then a career and THEN come the kids. Oh well, to each their own.

  24. Veronica says

    The boys are the eldest 3 of 7 children. They were raised as Evangelical Christians, but Zac converted to Greek Orthodox. Not sure if Ike and Taylor did, though. Taylor has always said he’s wanted a big family since he was 14 years old. So, I think it has more to do with a personal preference for him than religious beliefs. Knowing that, it’s not that surprising to me. Because, Zac said he had no intentions of trying to achieve the same reproductive numbers as the Osmonds.

  25. Jen says

    Nope, not Mormon. I believe they’re Evangelical Christians, but not sure if it has more to do with religious beliefs or that they just wanted to have a bunch ‘o kids. They’re also from a large family themselves – the band is the eldest 3 of 7 kids.

  26. Jen says

    Hanson had a lot of commercial success in 1997 with the song “MMMBop.” Nowadays they’re still in the music business, but are on their own independent label. They just finished touring with their “Taking the Walk” CD and are beginning to work on their next album.

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