First Photo Of Ricky Martin's Twins!


Born via surrogate in early August, Ricky Martin’s 4-month-old twin boys make their debut in this week’s issue of People magazine, on newsstands Friday. People has provided one sneak peek photo!

A joyful Ricky, 36, spoke candidly with People magazine at his home in Puerto Rico about his desire to be a parent, the decision seek the help of a surrogate and juggling caring for twins as he does not employ a nanny!

People: Describe this time in your life
Ricky: I’m so happy! Everything they do, from smiling to crying, feels like a blessing. Being a father feels amazing. This has been the most spiritual moment in my life.

People: How hands-on are you as a father?
Ricky: I don’t have a nanny. I’m doing this on my own because I don’t want to miss a moment. I have a personal assistant who helps me, someone who takes care of me while I’m taking care of them, but I’m the one who changes the diapers, the one that feeds them, the one that bathes them, the one that puts them to sleep. For any parent, the first couple of months tend to get a little bit intense.

People: Why did you choose to become a parent via surrogate?
Ricky: Adoption was one option, but it’s complicated and can take a long time. Surrogacy was an intriguing and faster option. I thought, ‘I’m going to jump into this with no fear.’

People: Tell us about Valetino’s and Matteo’s personalities.
Ricky: Valentino loves to sleep. I call him ‘Mr. Peace and Love’ because he’s so chill and serene. Matteo is more alert and active. He was up at 3 a.m. the other night and just hanging!

People: What is your philosophy on raising your sons?
Ricky: I love to read books to my sons and tell them stories. I play music for them so they develop their own personalities. I want to give them information and raise them with honesty and love, and give them self-esteem and a lot of acceptance.

Wow! He sounds like a really great, hands-on dad!

For more on Ricky Martin, including photos of the twins’ nursery and the full interview, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands this Friday!



  1. oriana says

    Jackie, I have a Gay son. I am sure you are probably aware of that, I love him, I accept his partner and I wish them well. I have made it clear that I have the old fashioned traditional beliefs of marriage between a man and a woman. My son knows God’s laws, and they will not change, man may change but not the word of the Heavenly Father. I am sorry if I offend anyone on here that is Gay, that is not my intention at all. I have many Gay friends that I love and admire for various reasons. BUT, I agree with Jackie 100%. The world today is going to Hell people, we have to have some standards, morals and compassion to go along with it.

  2. Jackie says

    Dnice- What do you mean if that’s my real name? Why would I lie and what does that have to do with anything? You know who says it’s wrong? God!! God created marriage between a man and woman. He created man and woman to reproduce and to have sex. Did you take sex ed? Don’t you see how naturally a man and woman fit together rather than a man and a man or a woman and a woman? He created it like this for a reason. Now, if you don’t agree with what God says, that’s a personal problem between you and him. Or let me guess…. you’re one of these people that believe what suits you huh? You believe in relative morals right? No one is wrong, we’re all entitled to believe what we want. There is no moral value system right? Just because 2 women or 2 men can be great parents doesn’t mean having a homosexual relationship is right. There is right and wrong, black/white. Today’s society doesn’t believe that. I don’t think it’s immature to have an opinion separate from everyone else. What’s immature is not having a brain to think for yourself and being so open minded you’re empty headed. It’s really easy to go along with the crowd. Lastly, loving the child isn’t all that should matter. It takes a lot more than love to raise a child.

  3. Dnice says

    To #44 Jackie (if that’s your real name) Who said being a gay man, if that is what he is – who said being a gay man raising children is wrong? Gay couples having families is nothing new. I am just amazed at the immature and thoughtless comments that are posted on this site in reference to it. I live in Atlanta and see gay couples with children on a daily basis. If they love the child and can provide a good and loving home then that is all that should matter.

  4. oriana says

    Niloofar, I like you very much and I enjoy your comments. You will see many miracles and changes in the world ahead, make the right choices for yourself, don’t let anyone sway you from your dreams and ambitions! I am very pleased to hear your Mom is a nurse. There is a need for nurses in the U.S. and they are under paid and under appreciated, I think, the world over. Congrats to your Mom!

  5. Niloofar -1993-IRAN says

    Thanks alot oriana for your good informations you’re such a good friend for me, eventhough, you are really older than me,…. my mother is a nurse too,I asked alot about these things from her, but I wanted to know what is your ideas,I mean the Americans.

  6. oriana says

    Thank you Tia honey! I do love the names of your children, they are names I would have chosen myself, I love the name Luca, just love it!!!!!

    Niloofar, you are young, sometimes the young don’t understand, I myself had a hard time at first but we are all God’s children. Let me try to explain, there is a big, BIG, difference between being Gay and some pervert having sex with animals! There are many individuals that are Gay that are good, intelligent, caring, generous and loving people that would not hurt anyone, human or animal. The people that have sex with innocent animals are sick in the head and are disgusting! I have read the Koran and the Bible, read for yourself, hold to your morals and set your standards, with faith and education. You cannot go wrong!

    I think there are many Gay people who would love to get married and have biological children, I don’t believe it is a choice, one day I think we will know the answer. Tia is a nurse, she is more educated than me, and I know she is tolerant and kind, I think nurses and doctors may have more knowledge about it than the average person.

  7. Niloofar -1993-IRAN says

    everybody, I wanna ask a question from you:
    I’m a child and I really don’t understand sth here, for ecxample, why does someone choose to being a gay, or to having sex with animals, in my idea it is the wrong way, why they don’t choose the usuall way, I mean get married and then have a child????

  8. Tia :) says

    Bravo Oriana dear. My one dear friend is gay and he would love to get married one day to his wonderful partner and adopt a baby. I hope one of your sons gives you a grandchild one day 🙂 In the mean time, you can be an internet grandmother to Alyssa and Luca 🙂

  9. oriana says

    My son is Gay, my oldest son. My youngest, has a problem accepting it. I know that my son has strugged with it for many years before he came to terms with it. He would flip flop from the Gay community to being totally devoted to God and church. He has studied the scriptures and he knows what the Bible says about it. He is a good person, he has a good partner, I wish that he could have been “normal” as today’s standards go, I would love to have had a grandchild, he will not adopt. I do know he suffered inwardly for many years and he is happy now and in a committed relationship.

    Gay or Straight, we are all human and have feelings like everyone else. I myself believe in a traditional marriage, I think everyone should have Rights and children if they can provide for them, God knows there are too many orphans in the world and needy kids. I cannot judge but I have realized things are not in my control and we have to accept and do the best we can.

  10. Jessica says

    Dnice- what does the year have to do with anything? Who cares! If it became right to have sex with an animal in 2020 would you feel the same way?

    I hardly see how someone having sex with an animal is comparable to someone being gay and having sex with someone of the same gender.

  11. Jessica says

    Maria- homophobia is a fear of homosexuals- I’m not afraid of them, I just don’t agree with their lifestyle. Next question please.

    It’s not a lifestyle. Calling it such implies that people choose to be gay. And if you believe that people choose to be gay then I have a question for you; At which age did you choose not to be gay?

  12. Zbella says

    Actually: The Pill is 92-99.7% effective as birth control. I know many women (younger especially) who have gotten pregnant on the pill. Condoms are even less reliable. The most reliable is the IUD and surgery.

  13. Zbella says

    Actually: The Pill is 92-99.7% effective as birth control. I know many women (younger especially) who have gotten pregnant on the pill. Condoms are even less reliable. The most reliable is the IUD and surgery.

  14. Jackie says

    Dnice- what does the year have to do with anything? Who cares! If it became right to have sex with an animal in 2020 would you feel the same way?

  15. Jackie says

    Maria- homophobia is a fear of homosexuals- I’m not afraid of them, I just don’t agree with their lifestyle. Next question please.

  16. uk sue says

    Has Ricky actually come out as gay? its just we have never head that he has in the UK. Such a fan and good luck to him, love him.

  17. catsue says

    If she didn’t want children why didn’t she get her tubes tied and why didn’t you use a condom.
    This is what happens when you don’t use birth control. The pill is 99.9% effective. Good on you for deciding to take over. What a bizarre story.

  18. *Lisa* says

    I think it is great that he is such a good father to them babies..They are so adorable too..Who cares if he is gay or isnt gay its just the fact that he wants to be a good father to HIS kids..People need to grow up and stop talking about people wether there gay lesbian bisexual who cares as long as there doing what is best the there kids..

  19. theresa says

    Heil Gayleigh – i mean Kayleigh – too!
    what a bunch of super intelligent, loving folks you are. power to the straight people. yay!

  20. Vanessa says

    By the way there should be more men taking on fatherhood like you. Your very involved with your boys and they very much love you.

  21. Maria says

    Scarlett – you’re just plain wrong. I suspect that reading, especially reading scientific texts, may be a little beyond you and perhaps you shouldn’t claim that you know things as “facts” because it doesn’t make you sound especially intelligent.

    Jackie – perhaps you should look up a definition of homophobia and then perhaps you will understand why you are a homophobe.

    I think they are sweet looking boys, his sexuality is a matter for himself and his children and that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights gives him the right to a family that not even bigots can take away. Isn’t it nice that there is a document that protects both his right to have babies and the rights of homophobes to bash him for it.

  22. Wow! says

    He is going to do an excellent job with them. He had a difficult childhood while he was in the Menudo band, I’ve heard they’ve been abused. He will give a lot of love to those cute kids. He does not have a nanny but I’m sure he’s not cleaning the house and cooking and doing errands. That’s why everyday moms are soooo tired most of the time (I include myself) He is probably just thinking about the babies and he’s only job is to take care of them. I wish I also could have the help around the house to be with the baby 150%. It must be so nice because probably when he’s feeling like sleeping he would take a little snooze with the babies. In my world if I feel sleepy I have to keep going and do the laundry or prepare dinner, I think you all understand what i mean. I like Ricky, he seems to be a very honest guy. Oh by the way! I also think he is gay but probably he and the record company kept it secret in order to have all the young female fans. I happened with George Michael: he was very relieved when the whole gay toilet thing came out. And actually his music got better and he got a different audience. All the best for Ricky!

  23. says

    I agree with Cindy (#38 &39). Passing judgement in such a discriminatory fashion just shows one’s supreme ignorance. So WHAT if Martin is gay? If he really wants to be a good and sound and loving father; experience parenthood, has the $$ to hire a surrogate — then may God bless him and his sons with everlasting joy, peace, and love!

  24. Cindy says

    Please don’t tell me he’s gay! Not that there would be anything wrong with that, it’s just that I aways thought we would get married someday, he’s so hot! 🙂
    I can’t believe that there are still so many discriminatory idiots in this world, I thought people were getting smarter!!! Not so I see. Disappointing. I also can’t believe that people think such personal things are their business much less that they have a right to pass judgment. Wow

  25. Freya says

    What adorable little pudgy boys! I’ve always enjoyed Ricky Martin’s music and I think it’s awesome that he is so dedicated to his children. Not many men, gay, straight or otherwise, feel comfortable taking on that role and I commend him for it. I couldn’t care less if he was gay, but I was always under the impression that he was bi. So what?

  26. oriana says

    These are two of the cutest babies! Just adorable! I went to a Gay Bar here in San Jose about 9 years ago, love the Drag Queen shows! Sooo much fun! Ricky was in town for a concert, he was at the Club dancing away, no one bothered him, it was well known he was Gay and frequented the Gay Bars when he comes to town. It was a Hole in the Wall place, nothing fancy, everyone nice and friendly, straight and Gay both in that place.

  27. ashley says

    wow…some of these comments are just sad (you know who you are and should be ashamed)

    this is a man who wanted children and nothing else. I admire him for making that decision and raising those two beautiful boys himself.

    his sexual orientation should not matter and probabley not matter to those children…he will love those two boys as much as any other parent would gay or not.

  28. uoykcillli says

    I can’t believe the ridiculous comments on here especially from a moron named Kayleigh. I agree with #13. If he chooses to have children via surrogate, that’s his prerogative. I think he makes a great dad. Who cares what his orientation is.

  29. SLN says

    #25 – “only gay’s bring up the kids without the mother”

    As a single father raising 2 year old twins – YOU’RE AN IDIOT. The mother of my children and I were in a serious relationship for 4 years when she was transferred 3000 miles away. We were unable to make a long distance relationship work and called it quits. Two weeks later she discovered she was pregnant, didn’t want to have children and offered to carry to term and allow me to raise my children – which I am now happily doing.

  30. accalia says

    #21, u idiot, i never said anything about homosexuality being wrong or right. i was merely stating that this is a baby website and all the people could talk about is him being gay. Get your facts straight before you jump to stupid accusations moron!

  31. Jackie says

    Why is it that if you don’t believe that homosexuality is right that you’re a homophob? Everyone is entitled to their beliefs last time I checked so Lisa, carleigh, and accalia stop shoving your belief of two men getting it on right, down our throat please. Thank you and Good bye!

  32. Kelli says

    14# Interesting theory considering that most homosexuals are the product of heterosexual parents. Oops, what I meant to say was STUPID theory.

  33. carleigh says

    Kayleigh….and you other biggoted homophobic morons….why is his sexuality so intriguing??? Because the man has never come out and admitted to what affiliation he may be…how and in what way does any of this diminish his ability to love and nurture his children? Tell me, give me one GOOD example and not just another rant filled with vile and hateful things.

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves and have your filthy mouthes washed out with lye soap!!!

    I wish him and his beautiful babies a lifetime of happiness and good health. To all you idiots spouting off about things you don’t know..two words…….SHUT IT!

  34. lisa says

    If the average and common heterosexual guy can: refuse to use a condom and get a woman pregnant, beat the woman, desert the woman, refuse to pay child support… etc… what the heck is wrong with a loving committed gay man choosing to have children, caring for them, financially supporting them etc…. SHAME on you, Kayleigh, Jane and Sunny, you homophobic slobs. Congratulations to the happy family!

  35. Dnice says

    It doesn’t matter why he chose to do surrogacy. He clearly had a longing to be a parent and did what he needed to do to acheive that goal. I commend and congratulate him. The twins are adorable.

  36. Lauren says

    Those babies are cute!! I admire him for taking on parenthood by himself with twins, no less! Gay or not, he seems to be doing a great job!

  37. Fennie says

    Beautiful babies and beautiful names! I´m glad the boys aren´t named Inox, Zimba ou Telegrapher..!!!

  38. says

    I think Ricky went the route of surrogacy bec. he IS gay…… and hiring a surrogate is easier, faster, and produces the wished for result with a LOT LESS HASSLE, for those who have the big $$$ to indulge in this type of pro-creation.

  39. Kay says

    It’s great and amazing that he’s doing it all by himself. He sounds like a wonderful dad! It’s sad too that the boys don’t have a mommy, hopefully he finds one for them one day.

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