An Expectant Jennifer Garner & Violet


An expectant Jen was snapped dropping off Violet at school Wednesday morning.

Violet’s “country chic” skirt is so fun!

Splash News Online


  1. VIOLET says

    I have to say that if I was in Jen’s position, I too would protect my daughter from the Pap’s by carrying her. It is not about not letting her walk, it has to be more about the little girls saftey.

  2. Bebe says

    why do rich people dress their kids right? i mean, come on, bee like socks with a red skirt And sneakers?

  3. Just me says

    Theresa, I was like what is this person talking about, until I saw NOT! It made me laugh, because we don’t know these people at all!!

  4. theresa says

    i totally heard that ben and his mom are worried that jen’s going to go into premature labor from carrying violet. they are trying to get jen to put violet down and she won’t. they are saying jen is fostering a codependent relationship with violet that will permanently affect violet’s self esteem. they are trying to get jen to seek help and also want her to take welbutrin for depression and anxiety over violet growing up. jen wants her to stay a baby, and that’s the only reason they’re having another – because jen hopes that violet will transgress back to more childlike behavior and stop trying to be so independent.


  5. babyrazzi junkie says

    Sometimes it’s just quicker and easier to carry kids – give them a break. They look like such a normal family.

  6. Renee says

    Oh no she is carrying Violet that ought to get about 50 comments. But about the picture they are such a beautiful mother daughter pair, I love Violets curly hair.

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