1. Helen says

    This is Savannah and she looks like Tom.
    The other twin Eden looks more like Marcia. And all of you who said that she goes out only with thisone, you are so wrong. You don’t notice the difference between the twins.
    One year ago Eden was more cute, and now Savvy is.
    So don’t judge when you shouldn’t. When all family is out, Marcia is holding Eden, and Tom holds Savvy.

  2. Chloe says

    they’re BOTH cute, just look different from each other…and I doubt she has a favorite child. Come on…they’re both her babies! She loves them each and maybe she’s just coincidentally photographed more with one, but goes out with the other alot too & just hasn’t been by the paparazzi as much on those days. who knows

  3. um says

    From what I’ve heard in interviews where she talks about her twins, Savvy is strong and dominant and will “snatch” things you’re holding while Eden (the one she is always seen with with the wider eyes) is more zen-like and with a “gushing heart.” Maybe Savvy is more independent, but it always seems like Marcia is more drawn to Eden’s personality. Idk—I just get the impression she likes being with Eden more. It’s not going to be pretty when the girls are older and notice they have to compete for mom’s attention. I feel bad for Savvy if she ever sees all the pics of her mom online. “Hmmm…mom with Eden. Mom with me. Eden. Both of us. Eden. Eden. Eden. Both. Eden. Eden. Dad and me. Mom and Eden. Me. Eden. Eden….”

  4. Carol says

    I don’t think either one is to cute but I don’t care for Marcia’s looks either. Regarding the twins, maybe one is harder to handle then the other or maybe the other one does not like to ride in the car. Could be anything. A.though I have notices since they were born she only seems to take out 1 at a time, could be a bonding time for that one child.

  5. Jenica says

    Nah you guys are wrong. Da cuter twin dat look like Marcia is Eden. Savannah looks like hubs and is not as cute.

  6. lemon says

    At last people are starting to realise that Marcia does seem to favor one twin over the other!

  7. um says

    is it just me, or do we only see marcia with this particular kid? why doesn’t she show the same attention to the one that looks like tom? i know that we don’t see what goes on behind closed doors, but for m’s public image she seems to prefer to be seen with savannah.

  8. oriana says

    Now this one is very cute, much prettier than the other one, but I do love seeing pictures of them, they are so sweet looking to me. I think she is a very good mother.

  9. says

    i only gave birth a few weeks ago so i only have one child and i take him everywhere because he is so cute im 28 years old and either my husband and I go everywhere we go and we take my baby boy with us i cant stand being without jayden i cant imagine it


  10. MIdge says

    #2 – I understand where you are coming from, but I have two kids, and rarely take them both with me anywhere, unless I have help. This is mainly because my 2-year-old is the definition of terrible twos. 🙂 Given the choice, I’d leave them both at home if I could when I run errands. Not being negative about my kids, but I can get around a lot quicker without any “help”.

    Either way, these girls are cute, and seem to enjoy their outings with mom, even if it is one at a time.

  11. accalia says

    The other twin may have been with them just not photographed. Thats savannah. They are soooo cute.

  12. Off my chest... says

    I am not looking for any negative comments towards me – just want to say something…
    I have two kids. When I go out, I take both of them. I think it’s strange how so many celebrities, who have more than one child, are out with only one/not all of them. Now, in this photo, she may beon a “date” with this child – I get that. I am not just judging this photo. It’s just a blanket statement for a lot of the photos I see. Anyway… just had to get that off my chest. Now… This is a very cute photo and that child is darling.

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