Josh Holloway & Wife Expecting Their First Child


Lost star Josh Holloway and his wife, Yessica, are expecting their first child, TV Guide reports.

The baby is due next year, Josh, 39, told the magazine.

Josh is in Hawaii filming Season 5 of Lost, which returns to TV on January 21st. He and his wife have been married since 2004.

Best Wishes!

TV Guide via Source


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  18. RachieUK says

    haha thats funny #3. but anyway, so amazingly happy for these guys…..i am a huge fan of lost and have josh’s calendar on my wall so yay!! i was thinking the other day weirdly lol if they wer gna have kids coz i remember him saying he didnt want any just after they got married. but thats great news, i think they’ll be such a cute family!!!

  19. Sarita says

    I also don’t get this obsession with marriage some people seem to have. I love that they are committed to each other and actually thought about the decision to have children. But marriage doesn’t have anything to do with commitment.

  20. Amber says

    Good lord….seriously, when almost half of all marriages end in divorce I don’t get the big deal about unmarried couples having kids. Two commited parents are the ideal. Married or unmarried. Notice, I said parents…oh no…that could mean a gay commited couple….oh gasp…..

    BTW, I am sorry, but she doesn’t match up to his looks. I was very surprised when I saw her as I heard this story first on the radio this morning.

  21. Josie says

    Why does he remind me of Kevin Federline a bit? Mind you this man is much hotter than Kevin, whom I find repulsive. Does anyone else see the resemblance?

  22. MIdge says

    #3 – BAHAHAHAHA That made me laugh. True and sad that this is the exception, but that made me laugh.

  23. catsue says

    Oh my gosh. I fell off my chair. You mean a married Hollywood couple that conceived AFTER they were married. Congrats.

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