Jessica Alba Airbrushed To Look Skinnier


I think that it is so important to bring attention to things like this. It is so harmful to the self-esteem of women, girls and especially new moms to be deceived by all the airbrushed images of “perfection” in media today. It is all a LIE!

Leaked photos of Jessica Alba demonstrate that she was airbrushed to look thinner in the 2009 Campari calendar.

In the “before” picture — snapped by celeb photographer Mario Testino — Jessica, 27, looks decidedly more normal than in the “after” shot. London’s Daily Mail points out that in the “after” shot, her curves are gone, her chin looks narrower and her bust has more definition.

Of the shots, Jessica (who welcomed daughter Honor in June) has said, “I’m usually walking around in comfy clothes, with a baby on my arm, and it’s nice to dress things up and feel sophisticated, sexy, and surrounded by so much beauty.”



  1. says

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  2. Anne says

    Magazines have to sell, so photos are airbrushed, retouched and the skin smooth, clear and shiny. All us women should have once in our life a photo taken done with the above and frame in it a 9 by 10 frame. Wow, wow.

  3. Zbella says

    Her legs, face, eyes and lips look perfect in the first shot. I do not care for the second and I don’t care if 13 year old boys and a 31 year old woman prefer the second, it’s sad.

  4. Anne says

    Most likely the background pictures have nothing to do with the actual photos of Jessica. They are added in for her photo shoot as any background shot can be superimposed with any photograph.

  5. Wow! says

    They all do! And the real women from the street are having depressions or eating disorders because they think they should look like that!!! I tell you a story: years ago my friend was working as a nanny, the father of the baby worked in a magazine. We found out his job was to retouch pictures. But the funny thing is that there were several people working fulltime doing the same! We asked him to see some pictures and you won’t believe it. All those creams and make up pictures are so retouched!!! She was at that moment searching for a job and she gave him a passport picture to attach to her CV. He made her lips a bit thicker and her eyelashes longer. He put a bit of color on her chicks and he worked on her smile and eyes. All in all she looked very natural, beautiful and peaceful in that picture. We were amazed. They do it with all the pictures from photoshootings for modeling and advertisement.

  6. sue says

    All this talk of being realistic and impossible to achieve does not matter with the discussion in terms of which picture looks better! Of course most, 99.99999% of women, do not look like the second picture and that is why it is a fantasy shot because that is what men fantasize about!

  7. Cindy says

    hmmm, well, I think she looks beautiful in both but I very much disapprove the deceit in the airbrushed one. I think it really sucks that the fake photo is likely widely perceived as the more attractive photo because it’s a lot harder to achieve and for some impossible. Not fair or realistic.

  8. says

    I like the second best but my husband liked the first better. Wonder if that translates to we women have an obsession with thinness that our men don’t have?

  9. sue says

    Sorry, Josie, you are wrong. I am a 31-year-old woman! And it is not just 13-year-old boys that like the look of the second picture, thus that is why marketing retouched it to look like it does! I hate that they retouched it. I think she looks fine in the first picture, but there is no denying that she looks perfect in the second picture. I would not even be thinking about any “flaws” that she had in the first picture if I did not have the second to compare it too! She has no waist in the first picture, she looks very straight. Thus, in the second pic, she has an amazing waist! And it looks better!

  10. carleigh says

    The saddest thing about the “retouching” done to the pictures takes away from the fact that the bottom line is that…this is NOT how she looks. She is a beautiful woman and for the artists to airbrush, while normal, does dimish the integrity of the pictures. It is deceptive advertising on their part and it also is deceitful to the general public. Its high time women in Hollywood quit “posing’ and show us who and how they really look. Who do they really think they’re fooling anyways??? And women in Hollywood complain about how hard it is to maintain their “look”, well they only have themselves to blame, it’s their job to look good, thats why they are paid the big bucks!!

  11. Honey says

    Whether you like the first or second shot better, the sad thing is that if we had only ever seen the second one, we’d completely believe she was that tiny. I know she is tiny anyway, but look at the inches they took off of her! One thing to point out though – in the first shot she has her white outfit on a white background so it’s not as flattering.

  12. Josie says

    The only “men” that would “love” the 2nd image are 13 yr old pre-pubescent boys! Perhaps you are one!? 😛

  13. sue says

    Not to be mean, but only women would think that the first one was the better pic! lol Of course she looks waaay better in the second one! That is why they airbrushed it that way! Her breasts look better! Her waist looks amazing! The second pic demonstrates an ideal body men love! I am not saying that she looks bad in the first pic, but the second pic is far better! Only women say that they prefer the pic of the “other” woman where she looks appealing! lol

  14. Niloofar -1993-IRAN says

    I agree with #16, I really don’t understand why most of you chose the first one, in first one, her face is pretty, but in second she looks really FIT and PRETTY as usuall.

  15. excuse me says

    Like 1st pic , second pic no no no, she look like squeezed for air esp arounf the waist and the proportion of the body are just wrong in 2nd pic. pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  16. excuse me says

    Like 1st pic , second pic no no no, she look like squeezed for air esp arounf the waist and the proprotion of the body are just wrong in 2nd pic. pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  17. Sarita says

    I think she looks better in the first photo, except for the colours, they look better in the second one.

    Actors should demand not to be photoshopped. That is the only way this can stop. The magazines won’t stop it on their own.

  18. ali says

    i actually think she looks heaps better in the second photo…i must say though, having seen the first photo i no longer wish i looked like jessica alba (sure, she looks good for someone whos just had a baby but i wouldnt say she has an ideal body)

  19. Dnice says

    I can’t make a fair comparison because it isn’t the same photo. Regardless she looks awesome in both.

  20. Kay says

    It’s bad enough that they airbrush the photos but when the articles talk about her post-baby body in such a way that makes it sound like she looks exactly like the photos, that’s misleading to young women. Shame on these magazines!

  21. Rose mary goes says

    The second photo looks ridiculous! The first one is the way a young woman is supposed to look. Curvy. Why do they always want to change the female form?

  22. samsmom says

    I think she is gorgeous in the first picture. I like her curves. It reminds me of the pin-up girls of the 50’s.

  23. says

    My father worked in a high profile job in print photography for years (for some major magazines) Back then everything was done painstakingly by hand (not computer)and sometimes he would tell me about the “retouching”
    that was done (that’s what they called it then)but believe me it was not as blatant as it is now.In a way computers have made it easier to alter photos of course but it really is sometimes way nicer to see natural.
    I agree the first photo of Jessica is much nicer than the second–beautiful and much more realistic.

  24. catsue says


    What else is new. ALL ads are airbrushed as are fashion layouts, covers, etc.
    Remember in the Sex and the City Movie when Candace Bergen (Enid) was trying to persuade Carrie to pose in wedding dresses for VOGUE and she said “VOGUE AIRBRUSHING CARRIE!”

    The photos are from the same posing session but they photo shop stuff in and correct color and make then thinner.

    Remember Katie Couric and Kate Winslet in the past.

  25. accalia says

    Wow, what wonderful baby news.

    Airbrushed or not she still looks good. The first photo looks way better than the 2nd.

  26. Gillian says

    I much prefer the first one!!

    Whether its the same shot or not (which its clearly not as her eyes are in different directions) you can tell its been mightily airbrushed.

    She shouldnt have let them go out like that.

  27. Freya says

    Ok, is it just me or are these photos not identical? She’s looking in two different directions. I’m sure the second is airbrushed, but I don’t think the first is the original to this one. I can see why they “fixed” her camel toe and fixed the lighting, but why did they have to make her look so peeved and take away from her beautiful natural curves? At least they didn’t feel the need to touch her breasts (as in touch them up)! As someone on another site said, the second photo makes her look like an angry Bratz doll. Jessica Alba is soft, feminine and just beautiful, so leave God’s beauty alone.

  28. Just me says

    She looks absolutely awesome in the first shot, especially for just having a baby!!
    Hollywood is warped. Can’t even have a baby anymore.

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