An Expectant Jennifer Garner Picks Up Violet From School


An expectant Jennifer Garner was snapped picking up Violet from school on Monday after enjoying a day of pampering which included a visit to Nail Spa Lane in Santa Monica.

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  1. oriana says

    She doesn’t frown and scowl like Zahara does, or walk around with her thumb in her mouth like Denise Richards girls, she has always seemed to enjoy waving and smiling at the paps to me. I think she has a very easy going disposition and is a happy friendly child.

  2. RachieUK says

    i dont mean this at all in a horrible way because im sure she’s lovely, but i cant help thinking this child has elfish looks about her lol…

  3. TalaChick says

    I agree, put the child down already…She can’t carry her forever. This is just as bad as those big kids in strollers.

  4. Renee says

    I am sure she know full well her daughter can walk and since she is violets mother she can choose to carry her or not. Its not like when Violet turns 15 she will still be carried by her mom. People always have to complain about something. Being on the planet for a short three years, I imagine Violet is scared of all the photographers around taking her picture and that is why her mom carries her. At least her mom spends time taking her to school and picking her up everyday.

  5. Niloofar -1993-IRAN says

    VI doesn’t look a 3 year old girl, she looks more, 5 for example,……
    JEN you shouldn’t hold heavy things,PLEASE, JUST ONE MINUTE, LET YOUR DOUGHTER WALK!!! believe that, she

  6. Collette uk says

    +i mean when is baby due i reckon be boy +weigh about 7+half pound to 8pound +the other actress niomi watts if shes had her baby

  7. Collette uk says

    Num 2 have to keep it short because i will loose connection internet on phone +cant submit my question otherwise sorry if u didnt get it the comment i mean x

  8. oriana says

    She carries her all the time. I do agree, she needs to put her down and let her walk, if it is just to the car and back, it won’t kill her to walk. Pretty soon she will be too big to wag her, and looks like she is getting there fast. When the new baby comes she won’t be carrying her everywhere then surely!

  9. m&s says

    i think she carries her so that she can walk quickly past all the photogs. i think it might be intimidating for a three year old to walk basically into a group of large men taking your picture. i think it is more of a commotion then it appears to be in a still photograph.

  10. Collette uk says

    When she due i reck boy+gud 7+half ib to 8ib has nomei watts had her yet she due anyday?

  11. accalia says

    She looks great! Wow, she’s huge. Violet is so adorable. Cant wait to see what the new addition looks like.

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