Jonny Lee Miller & Wife Welcome A Son


Jonny Lee Miller of TV’s Eli Stone and his wife, actress Michele Hicks, have welcomed a son.

Buster Timothy Miller was born Wednesday in Los Angeles, weighing in at 9 lbs. Jonny, 36, an1 d Michele, 35, were married earlier this year. This is their first child.

Hmmm….I wonder if the inspiration for the name they chose was from Arrested Development! 🙂




  1. samsmom says

    Timothy is of Greek origin. It means “honoring God”. Nothing wimpy about that. A lot better than Buster too!

  2. Just me says

    Michelle, your comment made me laugh because I thought the same thing. And I agree with accalia, too. Timothy’s not my cup of tea but it’s not bad.

  3. accalia says

    When I hear the name Buster, the first thing that comes to mind is a dog. I’m not saying anything negative, its just what I think about when I hear the name. I would never name my child that. On the subject of Timothy being a wimp’s name….hmmmm…I wouldn’t name my baby that either but I’m curious on why its considered a wimp name. Anyways, congrats!! He seems like a very good guy.

  4. 2teens says

    Timothy a wimps name? How’d you come up with that?
    Anyway, I like Buster… very cute and unique.

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