Amy Jo Johnson Welcomes A Daughter


Amy Jo Johnson, 38, of Felicity and Power Ranger fame, has welcomed a daughter.

Francesca Christine was born at 9:09 pm on December 1st, weighing 7 lbs., 1 oz. Dad is Amy Jo’s fiancé Olivier Giner, 33.

Francesca Christine is Amy Jo’s first child.




  1. laila says

    Celebs don’t go around blogging and giving out their real names and information.. so go back to school and try real hard not to flunk ok?

  2. Niloofar -1993-IRAN says

    and please tell me……. when you add just an “E” at the end of your name does it mean that you have COMPLETELY CHANGED it????

  3. Niloofar -1993-IRAN says

    ok, I didn’t want to say but I’m britney spears, sometimes jennifer lopez, somebody call me nicole kidman and angelina jolie too, oh I forgot to say ,sometimes I am a man ,like tom cruise, mel gibson, brad pitt ,etc

  4. Jess says

    catsue – since when did having a baby before your married, negate your engagement? also I think society has moved on, from people needing to be married to have children.
    I was 2 yrs old before my parents got married, and they have been happily married for 23 years this year.

  5. catsue says

    Hello! I did NOT make those typos above.

    It should have said . . .

    The only difference between the stars and ghetto hos is that Hollywood women have money.

  6. catsue says

    I like when they say “Fiance.” He is NOT your fiance or he would have been a gentleman and would have married you before you popped. He is the baby daddy and nothing else. I love it in Hollywood when they refer to the baby daddy as fiance because it sounds like ghetto. NONE of those so-called Fiances in Hollywood stick around! He’ll be gone in a few months and then you’ll be just like the hundreds of other Hollywood moms with illegitimate kids. The only different between the start and ghetto hos is that you Hollywood women have money.

  7. ashley says

    awww congrats to her
    i remember when i was younger and always wanted to be the pink power ranger
    i was her for halloween for 3 years because i loved her so much.
    #3 wow you have too much spare time to spread those lies and impersonate someone….do u think we’re stupid???

  8. Michelle says

    To #3 — If you’re going to take the time to impersonate soneone, take 2 seconds to google them first. That way, you’ll get the spelling of their name correct.

    It’s Jamie Lynn. Not Jamie-lynne.


  9. says

    hey this is jamie-lynne aldrige im 3 months along with my second daughter she is due july 29th 2009 i eloped on thanksgiving me and caysee are really excited to see what its like having 2 little girls we already picked a name her name is

    Cassie jane aldrige


  10. 2teens says

    I remember having to endure that show in the early 90’s, my son loved it. She was the pink ranger I guess. I do remember noticing that the Asian girl suddenly became boobless and very masculine figured while in the costume of yellow ranger, hmmmm. I guess she didn’t know too many karate moves so they used a replacement figuring the kids wouldn’t notice she became a boy.

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