Tom & Suri In NYC



Tom and Suri, 2, were snapped leaving their NYC home to spend some father-daughter time together while Katie performed in her Broadway play on Wednesday.

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  1. says

    #30 I always liked the “get wet, get pneumonia” remarks such as in getting caught in rain. My PA friend said if that was true all of the showers and baths we take would be dangerous.

    Maybe in their defense they may only be walking to a waiting car and don’t want to bother with overbundling. I know that if I’m only going to be exposed for a very short time I will wear a sweater vs having to tote a heavy coat.

  2. oriana says

    I take care of mentally disabled adults. Whenever they leave the house I make sure they have on clothing appropriate for the weather. If it is raining, a raincoat and an umbrella, and a hat. If it is cold, hat, gloves and a warm coat. These are adults, for a child, parents should step up and be adults and do whatever to help prevent any illnesses, the common cold, sniffles, runny nose, etc. is not fun. Tom and Katie are lacking in their parental duties to me in this area. I think they love her and spoil her rotten, but they should use some common sense sometimes!

  3. ajinomotto says

    I agree with #30, you have to have a host that trasmit the germs in order to get sick,any doctor should know this,only if you already sick then you have to prevent from getting worse.
    Yes he appears to have more wrikles even when he turn 40

  4. Anne says

    She should be in some form of daycare and mingle with other children her age. She needs that interaction instead of being around adults all the time it seems. Maybe even with children of other brain-washed Scientologists.

  5. what? says

    You can’t get sick from not wearing a coat….geez. It’s not like she’s being paraded around outside for hours anyway. If it doesn’t bother her, it shouldn’t bother anyone else.

  6. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Tom and Katie have brought out stores that no one has seen in a long time… Dean and Deluca…Wow haven’t
    see anyone with a Dean and Deluca cup of Coffee in a
    long time.. and now seeing that Suri doesn’t do the normal everyday New York stuff..It must be nice to be cradled when
    you are 2 years old..How warm is it in New York.. when
    Tommy doesn’t wear a coat. Everyone at Rockefeller Centre
    tree event were even wearing coats…

  7. SARA says

    LOSERS LOSERS LOSERS!!!! “HAPPY TO see her with a sippy cup not a bottle”!!!! what difference does it make to the whole world and the misery that billions people LIVE if SURI CRUISE OFF THE BOTTLE!!!!

  8. laila says

    I saw Tom on a Barbara Walters special last night and got a glimpse of the old Tom Cruise. He was humble and admitted he was wrong to jump on the couch. I respect him once again for admitting that and he also refused to discuss religeon and I really liked that!!!

  9. BaRaCk O 09 says


    If people was losing interest in tom, then why are you commenting? If you was not interested in tom, shouldn’t you, just skip this entry? People say some of the d*mbest sh*t!

    I am happy to see that suri has a coat wrapped around her, but This is what I have to say about that


    I still love TOM CRUISE. but come on tom, stop trying to pitter pat around suri, she is going to run the h_ll out of you, when she get older

  10. Analise says

    Boring as always. I have to say I don’t find a problem with kids not being in school at 2 years old. I wasn’t and neither was my brother. My daughter also won’t be.

    Of course in Suri’s case it’s a matter of control considering her parents are in a cult.

  11. oriana says

    Well she is cute LADIES!!! I love the little shoes, she will be a terrible spoiled brat, no doubt about that, but she is very cute.

  12. uoykcillli says

    I am tired of looking at this kid. It’s the same old picture – Suri in NYC with a dress on, with no coat, being carried. Take some other pictures already. Geez.

  13. ELIE TAYLOR says

    New name for Tommy ….ERRAND BOY ..!!! since that is all he does these days.. and DADDY DUTY..!!

    So where are Isebella and Conner send packing back
    to California..

  14. laila says

    It is winter and a coat is necessary. They shouldn’t be in such a hurry that they can’t take the time to dress her before running outside. And boots and tights and long sleeve dresses are available for children. Less concern for fashion and more concern fo health

  15. Razzi says

    If Suri likes dresses so much, then Katie should make long sleeved winter dresses available as choices for her. Other kids in NYC are wearing winter hats and mittens while Suri is still donned in short sleeve dresses and a make-shift covering with a blanket.
    Looks totally ridiculous if you ask me.

  16. lily says

    People are losing interest in Tom now that he uses his little girl to show off and make people pay attention to him.

  17. Cindy says

    I am happy there is a coat, too bad it’s not on her. Even if you are just going to the car part of leaving the house in December in NYC is putting a coat on! Look at the man in the background with a big parka on, must have been cold that day and Suri’s little arms are exposed. Just simple lessons in life that should be taught and enforced in children.
    #8, I totally agree. It’s very healthy to socialize our children with their peers. What’s going to happen later in life when there will be no choice and she is not accustomed…unless they home school her and don’t mind a dysfunctional adult. Poor little Suri.

  18. Scarlett says

    This poor child has no life outside her parents. She is old enough to mingle with other children her own age. It would be a good thing for the parents to place her in even part-time nursery school…I have a daughter the same age and I put her in nursery school 1/2 a day just so she could be around kids her own age. She at first had trouble leaving mommy and daddy but now she just loves it. She plays with the kids, arts and crafts and even has naps. It is a good thing…

  19. Ashley says

    aww so cute
    love the red shoes
    #3 if you can’t see her coat is actually wrapped around her
    they were probably just going to the car or leaving someplace quickly and tom didn’t want suri to get trappled by the paps

    But she does have a coat
    Geez stop picking on this family
    you shouldn’t say anything if you can’t say something nice

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