Victoria Beckham On Her Well-Mannered Boys



David and Victoria Beckham are very concerned that their sons have good manners. 

“They’ve all got their own headed notepaper for thank-you letters,” Victoria told London’s The Times about her boys: Brooklyn, 9, Romeo, 6, and Cruz, 3. 

“People are always remarking on how well-behaved the boys are.” 

David, 34, attributes her appreciation for etiquette to some lessons learned from her own parents. “My mum and dad were real sticklers for good manners and so are me and David,” she said. 

She also says she shoves aside newspaper speculation about her life, claiming she doesn’t “read the stuff” written about her. 

“I’m not interested in gossip,” she sharedVictori “Some of the people that I’m friends with in America –—you know, Tom [Cruise] and Katie [Holmes] – they get it too, and we laugh about all these stupid things.” 

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  1. az beauty says

    God, what is with this woman and those enormous sunglasses. She’s always so overdone and full of herself.

    The boys are cute and look like daddy. David is handsome but when he starts talking that Mickey Mouse voice just ruins it.

  2. Anne says

    Why does she feel the need to wear everything so clinging? When the day comes that she gains weight she will regret it. A little left for the imagination is better.

  3. laila says

    She dresses beautifully and her boys are getting very handsome. She does seem unnaturally stiff in pictures but when interviewed she’s quite nice. She is not the personality you would think by her looks alone.

  4. excuse me says

    Who is David, 34 attributes her appreciation ????????????? it should have read Victoria 34……………..

  5. her sheild is broken! says

    where are they going? shopping or party? this woman is sometimes exagerated! just like JLo! 🙂

  6. oriana says

    Jackie, don’t you mean, her silver dollar size, fake nipples are showing! Ha! I can’t stand her!

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