Sarah Jessica Parker & Son Out For A Walk



Sarah Jessica Parker and son James Wilkie were snapped out for a walk in the West Village, New York City.

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  1. oriana says

    I think he is a cute little boy, just needs his hair trimmed out of his eyes. I have a problem with these celeb kids wearing their pajamas out in public, now of course I am not talking about being carried from the house to the car, I am talking about walking down city streets, out to restaurants and in the stores, time and a place for jammies ladies! But, I think he is cute.

  2. Analise says

    This whole family always looks like hobo’s. SJP has horrible style all the time so no surprise.

  3. Michelle says

    SJP dresses him in second hand clothes. She’s talked about this in the press. Fine enough. No problems with that. But the Thrift Shop must have at least some pants that would be the proper length for Mr. Wilkie. The flood is over, SJP.

  4. Nicholas says

    Longhair, so what? Maintain it at this length, if he desires it past shoulders, put it in a ponytail / braids / wear a bandana…

    Idle people making big deal out of things which are none of their problem,..if problem at all.

  5. Josie says

    Mother Theresa! Where have you been all my life? Your words are all laced with wisdom. We are not worthy. Such a sage person you are Mother Theresa. What would we do without you? I suppose freedom of speech was never one of your teachings!

  6. theresa says

    oh, by the way, maybe he likes to be independent. maybe he’s learning life skills by selecting his own clothes. he won’t have to drag his best friend with him to select outfits when he’s older. he’ll be able to pee on his own, and wipe his butt. i bet you all were quite messy with that at first… maybe it’s his learning curve and he won’t let others do his hair and wardrobe.

  7. theresa says

    oh look in the mirror you hags – is your hair perfect? oh then you must be perfect too. having mussy hair is obviously a sign that you will grow up to be a miscreant. you are all so right. that long hair is ruining his life – and yours, because you are all so upset by it.

  8. 2teens says

    I am one to NEVER bi.tch about boys with long hair, because usually I like long hair on boys. My own son keeps his hair shoulder length. But in this case this child just looks awful. Every time he is photographed it looks like they haven’t run a comb through his hair in ages. He has no part in his hair, it is all in his eyes… he looks like he’s being raised by wolves or something. It’s not just the hair, it’s the clothes too… either pajamas or totally wrinked clothes that looks like he slept in.

  9. Fennie says

    He´s looking like a scarecrow!
    I think that´s because he´s always outdoors…
    Cindy Crawford´s son also has long hair…

  10. Jayne says

    It’s so sad–this child just looks awful! And for having such a stylish mother, why does he look like what my mother would always say …..a RAGGAMUFFIN!!

  11. Liv says

    #10 it’s probably because the owner of this blog does not want heated debates about politics, which is why anything related to the current prez is moderated. Sucks I know.

  12. Rhonda says

    #5 – what? – You heard that on Family Guy last night. Be original with your insults, please.

  13. uoykcillli says

    I agree with a lot of the other posters on here. His hair is too long and he always looks disheveled.

  14. Zoe says

    He always looks so startled or something…it’s probably cuz of all the cameras in his face and stuff. cute little boy though, his hair could use a trim and brushing, thats all.

  15. traveler says

    Maybe his hair is in his face because it was windy outside. I’ll give SJP the benefit of the doubt. After all, I’ve never seen a picture of the kid when he was indoors. Maybe his hair is combed and under control then.

  16. Eli says

    I don’t mind long hair on boys as long as it is clean and under control. Not a wind blown, hay stack like James Wilkie’s.

  17. Razzi says

    How can you have fun playing and running when you’re always moving your hair out of your face? The length of his hair is way too long for a little boy.

  18. Everyonehasone says

    Talk about a child needing a hair cut…. please get the hair out of his face…. every picture his hair is so wild.

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