Noel Gallagher & Family At Whole Foods



Noel Gallagher, 41, of Oasis was snapped out shopping at Whole Foods in West Hollywood with his adorable son Donavon Rory, 1, and partner Sara McDonald, before heading back to their hotel. They are in town for a performance at the Staples Center.

Splash News Online


  1. Nova says

    Beautiful little boy!

    Shame his daughter with ex wife Meg Matthews was not as lucky with the genes – she obviously got more of her skanky mothers DNA

  2. Ruby Jackson says

    His dark lashes, strong features, and the pointy widow’s peak in his hair make him look very intense. What a cute little boy.

    I’d like to see more pictures of her to see what she looks like. She’s got to be a bit off her rocker to be able to put up with Noel Gallagher.


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