Kevin Federline Shares His Side Of The Story



Since splitting with Britney in 2006 Kevin Federline, 30, has been focused on their sons Preston, 3, and Jayden, 2. (Kevin also has two children, Kori, 6, and Kaleb, 4, with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson, 32.) Now that Britney, 27, is getting her life back on track, they’re sharing parenting duties again. 

Kevin wanted to share his side of the story in People magazine

Do you remember when you first met Britney? 

I met her at a club in Hollywood, Joseph’s. Our eyes met and that was it. We just hit it off right away. I learned real fast how much of a whirlwind the press and everything was. 

What are your happiest memories of the marriage?

Well, getting married. I never thought that I would get married but it wound up happening. That was a really, really, happy, exciting moment. I pretty much realized that I was giving my life to her, and I was doing it without question. 

What went wrong?

It’s hard enough to be in a marriage, and then have a kid, then kids, it changes everything. For me, I’d become more concerned with my children. Not that I ignored Britney, but my kids are always most important … I mean, we were having complications. I didn’t give her an ultimatum, but I was trying to work stuff out with her, and she didn’t even talk to me or anything and went behind my back and filed [for divorce]. [I was] completely blindsided. 

A lot of people assumed you fought for custody of the kids because of money. 

My first question to [my lawyer] was, “Am I ever going to be able to see my children?” I told him that I would spend every last dime that I had to make sure that my children are okay. That’s all that mattered. I didn’t know how much power Britney had. That really scared me. 

How did you react in January when Britney locked herself in the bathroom with Jayden and was later taken to the hospital on a gurney? 

That whole night is a blur. You want to talk about one of my lowest points of depression, that was probably one of them. I was very, very worried for her ’cause I care about her. That’s the mother of my children. Just because I’m not in love with her doesn’t mean that I don’t love her. I’m definitely rooting for her. There’s nothing more that I want than for her to be in the best health and doing what she loves to do. 

Are things getting better? 

Oh, man, it’s totally turning around. It works out that [the kids] get to see her. There’s structure over there, there’s structure at my house. We’re trying to keep the same type of schedule. It doesn’t have to be completely perfect, but the foundation is there. 





  1. carleigh says

    Who cares what Kevin does or doesn’t do…the bottom line is that he is the one who is responsible for those kids since Britney isn’t capable right now. I fully believe they both love those kids, but both of them act out and don’t think about the things they say. Britney has a valid excuse, she is mentally ill, but Kevin rather than responding at all, should just stay quiet and raise those kids….thats the job he took on when he was awarded full custody. He should not be putting those kids on the front pages of People magazine for any reason, those kids have more then been through enough and it needs to end. He doesn’t need the money, he gets plenty from his divorce settlement and child support, so my thoughts for his motivations in doing this center around his own greed and personal agenda. He needs to reailze that if he doesn’t respond, people will have nothing to say and eventually he will be left alone, but I believe he misses the attention he used to get when he was with Britney. This article served no other purpose then to just drum up attention and sympathy for himself, and I would be so inclined to have more for him if he would grow up and keep his yap trap shut.

  2. Anne says

    He lives off Britney’s money and doesn’t work. No way does he spend all the time with the boys. He has nannies to look after them. I doubt he is the better parent-just given custody and money.

  3. suki says

    Here in the UK we dont always get the full story, but what l see is that she had the meltdown shortly after her divorce, and took it more personally than him as she has said she suffers from nerves and stress in life. l wish her well and hope one day she has full custody of her boys.

  4. claudiazz says

    Kevin is a low life leech. God knows what he will do when the boys are grown and he can’t get his hooks in Brit’s money anymore. Brit’s success unraveled when she fell for K-Fed’s line. He has caused nothing but misery for her. I hope she has her life back on track and she can find a real man who is equal to her work ethic in the past.
    K-Fed is obviously not much of a parent or he wouldn’t have been running around with Brit when he had two tiny kids—period. I don’t believe in giving stupidity a pass. I feel sorry for all four kids! Let’s hope he doesn’t father any more children.

  5. Dnice says

    Once again Eli, I get a reaction I respond…you reacted, I responded. You aren’t really this slow? My original post was in reference to people on this site being so judgemental and hard on other human beings. Here she is trying to get her act together and the first post was…she’s stupid and Kevin’s white trash. It’s just like damn, do people get credit for trying to change? And you took that and spun that into what you wanted it to mean. Yes I told you to shut your damn mouth because you misconstrued what I said so badly that I didn’t feel like you should have commented on it. We can agree to disagree, like I said it’s not that deep. Have a good weekend.

  6. oriana says

    I agree with the Judge who gave custody to Kevin, it is very clear that he is the better parent. Britney and her career will survive, it is obvious she is more focused on her career than her children.

  7. Eli says

    I think not, when you choose to post a response telling another poster to………..& I quote “Shut your damn mouth…”

  8. Dnice says

    Duke it out? Being set up? I come here, I post, if I get a reaction I respond. That’ s the extent of my time here. It’s really not that deep.

  9. Eli says

    I love the fact that certain people (Dnice) take the bait so easily!!! It never crossed your mind that you were being set up.

    I taunt you a second time!

  10. Jordyn says

    Its better to keep your mouth shut and let others THINK you’re an idiot…then to open it and prove they’re right! Im laughing at the fact these 2 girls are duking it out on a baby website! Funny.

  11. Dnice says

    Eli please. You sound mad ignorant and dumb. My post was very easy to follow, but you aren’t too bright so I can see how you got so lost so easily. It’s cool , I won’t hold it against you…If Britney can progress, then you can too.

  12. Eli says

    Dnice…the meer fact that you chose to address KFed’s inappropriate behavior during Britney’s 2nd pregnancy can lead the reader to be believe you are pointing out KFed’s negative behavior. Point out negative behavior can be viewed as the poster promiting negativity about the subject being discussed. .

    Also….I’ll post my DAMN opinion anytime I please!

  13. Dnice says

    How was what I said negative? I said he needed to own up to his shortcomings. It’s different then me coming out and calling him white trash and calling britney stupid. I read these posts and the celebrities get bashed for when they act crazy and then they get bashed when they are trying to better themselves….Shut your damn mouth…You are the main type of poster I am talking about.

  14. Eli says

    duh #10….I agree that it is the boys are the ones who matter most and need to be wished well & prayed for because unfortunately they have Britney & Kevin for parents.

  15. says

    #18 Shar Jackson isn’t pregnant. Bad rumor from the summer of 08 which has proved itself to be wrong.

    Pictures of him rarely if ever show him with his children with Britney so maybe he sees his other two children just as often.

    We outsiders can only speculate what goes on behind closed doors. I have a feeling a lot less goes on that we imagine.

  16. littlebritt says

    For #14….I don’t think it is fair to expect him to stay out of the “limelight”, when Britney is attempting to tarnish Kevin’s credibility while she is making her “comeback”…ie. when she said that the boys must have learned the foul words from their father and also when she made the comment about wanting them to have a father figure (or whatever it was that she said). Why can’t he defend himself?

    As for Kevin….it would be nice to think that the things he says about his kids always being a priority were true…if you saw him making the same attempts to see his older two children. If his kids were “always” most important, then maybe he any Britney never would have met….as Kevin would have been taking care of his oldest and the one on the way (with Jackson) instead of hanging out at a club. In my opinion, the only difference between his oldest two and youngest two is that the younger two’s mother have a large amount of money that he could benefit from if he had custody.

  17. Niloofar says

    when we don’t know what happen between them so we
    shouldn’t judje, just I think we should say our idea,and
    maybe it is right or it isn’t……..
    now my idea:
    kevin isn’t a very good father,of course it doesn’t mean
    that he doesn’t love his kids, but he don’t know how to
    care about his kids, and what is the correct way of being a
    father as if you can remember,not many long ago,when
    jayden was sick he didn’t go to the hospital!!!

    and about britney,as you know britney is better now and
    I think she is enjoying her life, but before she was just
    a crazy!!! so if they got divorce , it was brit’s sin too…..

    if we want to really judje we should listen to both reasons
    ,and people magazien should interview with both of them
    not just with one

  18. excuse me says

    Is he still a dancer, what does he do for a living now if not? i think the other kids are happy with their mother. So Kevin fell out of love with the Britster, i think he hurt he hence depression…poor thing. The house looks yummy….

  19. BaRaCk O 09 says

    Jamie, I would have to agree with you! He just wants to be noticed because Britney is making a come back and He just want a piece of the action! If he truly cared about his children

    tell me why? Isn’t his other children in this photo op?
    tell me why? did he make Britney pay for his Court Fees? Isn’t that like, taking money out of your children mouths? No one can’t deny that these are handsome boys, but FEX EX is a d0uche

  20. jamie says

    It was so nice to have him goneeeeeeeee why did he have to come back! Nobody cares K-fed ! your moment in the limelite is overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr your a good for nothing leech! Go get a jobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  21. Sandra says

    I guess he doesn’t know where things went wrong when he was out partying and getting drunk every night. Alcohol can cause a real fog to what is happening in your relationship. If he is a real man then he should own up to his part in the relationship. We all know Britney has owned up to her part even if it was forced for her to get healthy.

    But it’s ok it’s all Brit’s fault, everyone likes to blame someone even though it was a marriage and both were responsible for the bad decisions.

  22. Veronica says

    They’re both better people now, and doing their best to be good parents to those boys. Yes, Kevin was not exactly the picture perfect image of a great husband. But, he took care of the boys when Britney was in trouble. Now, she has gotten much better, and they are working together to raise those two little boys. That’s all that matters. None of us know them personally, only what the tabloids report, which is only half of the truth. They’re doing the best they can under the circumstances, and nobody is perfect.

  23. oriana says

    Everyone has their good points. He is trying and has stepped up when she went off her rocker! Give him a break, No, he wasn’t the best she could have gotten but she has gone downhill, not him. The kids love him and want to be with him, I am glad he loves them and has been a good Dad.

  24. duh says

    Seriously, people. First of all, do not go around calling people stupid when you cannot even spell the simplest of words. Secondly, do not be so quick to judge when you only know what the tabloids reported. Have you never heard that there are always three sides to the story? His, hers, and the truth. Be better people, wish them well and pray for their children (if it doesn’t go against your personal beliefs). They are the ones who really matter in all of this mess.

  25. Eli says

    Dnice…you choose to rant about negativity but you are all to eager to point out Kevin’s deplorable behavior during Britney’s 2nd pregnancy…ooh, the negativity….hiprocracy!

  26. Dnice says

    I am going to stop coming to this site because the posters are so negative. They both have made strides to become better people. The past is the past…All that matters is that they are working together to raise their boys in a healthy and safe enviorment. No one is perfect. The only thing I will say is I completely agree with Laila. Him saying he didn’t know what happened between them. When Britney was pregnant with Jayden, Kevin didn’t seem to be in the picture. It is well known that he was partying and putting lifestyle over his family. He should own up to that.

  27. Aimee says

    Did kevin forget about the other two kids that he has …..Its like they dont exist he never mentions them

  28. Razzi says

    That counter is not a good place for the 2 yr old. Accidents do happen, especially when they’re squirmy little boys.

  29. Lauren says

    I agree #3. No one will ever know what happened between him and Britney so stop making assumptions. Kevin did what he could while Britney was in trouble. At least, they’re getting along better now.

  30. Kay says

    It’s interesting how everybody thinks they know him. Besides nobody’s perfect. He seems like a good father doing the best he can under the circumstances. Stop judging him until you’ve walked in his shoes.

  31. laila says

    It’s hard enough to be in a marriage, and then have a kid, then kids, it changes everything. For me, I’d become more concerned with my children. Not that I ignored Britney, but my kids are always most important … I mean, we were having complications. I didn’t give her an ultimatum, but I was trying to work stuff out with her, and she didn’t even talk to me or anything and went behind my back and filed [for divorce]. [I was] completely blindsided.
    Complete BS he was out partying all the time ….

  32. ann says

    Britney is NO1 stupid she married this low class man, and now she has pay high prices-so stuip, this guy just used her to made liveing for money.

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