Nicole & Keith With Sunday Rose


Nicole Kidman, 41, husband Keith Urban and 4-month-old baby daughter Sunday Rose were snapped leaving Paris.

“The rhythm of my life has certainly changed,” Nicole shared during a quick Paris media conference to launch the release of “Australia,” directed by Baz Luhrmann.

“In my teens and my 20s I wanted to change the world,” said Nicole. “Now I want to keep telling some beautiful stories … but a lot of me is about just getting to my family.”

“Wherever your loved ones are is your home,” she said. “I consider myself to be a citizen of the world.”

Awww….Sunday Rose is so cute!

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  1. catsue says

    #29: You cannot even see the kids’ face so how can you comment on her looks?

    Wait until she’s older and we see more photos.

    Nicole Kidman’s hair bleeched out like that looks terrible. I like her old natural, curly red-headed looks.

    Since her last 10 movies have been bombs, I hope shse retires to Nashville and has more kids!

  2. Janet says

    I am a huge Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman fan, but I honestly thought their baby would be prettier. She’s a cute baby but not what i consider a beautiful baby. She’ll probably grow up to be a knock-out. I don’t think she looks like Keith either. It’s hard to tell who she looks like. I imagine she will change as she gets older to looking more like one of them. I’m not trying to be rude. I just thought their baby would have daintier facial features.

  3. mominpa says

    Just want to comment first of all Sunday is an Adorable baby! and I Do Agree that such as Angelina & Brad Pitt Brag about all their children adopted & Biological their all the same to them they have both commented in interviews about their kids! meaning all six . Talking about them all .You see them doting on all of them ,all six .they treat them all the same.In fact Brad mentioned on Oprah he thinks its important to take all his children to each place they were born or from that is important to him for all his kids to know where they come from. I Love the way he says my kids.It just would be nice to see an interview with Nicole or Tom talking about their kids. afterall Isabella & Conner were here first and it would be nice to see more outings as a family . It seems you never see Bella & Conner with their Mom & Keith ~Although You do now & then see Isabella & Conner out with their sister Suri & Dad & Katie like at Thanksgiving with the Beckhams. I Will say this I Think Sundays going to be a looker as she gets older. She might give Suri a run for her money .

  4. oriana says

    Sorry, I don’t see a beauty in that baby. Ordinary looking to me and very pale! I am very happy for them though, hope they have another one soon.

  5. ann says

    # 18 19 traveler I total agree what you said.Tom &Katie and Nich they don’t care about adopted children they just care about they own child,that why I love Angelin and Brad very much, they care about adoped children .

  6. Razzi says

    She should really have her bundled up in a blanket. It looks like a spring dress she’s wearing.

  7. Lauren says

    Sunday is a cutie! I agree about Connor and Isabella. Both Tom gushes over Suri and Nicole with Sunday, but they never mention their two older children. Very sad.

  8. traveler says

    I agree with whoever complained about the way Sunday is dressed. If the temperature was 40 degrees, then the child should have a coat and hat on, even if they were only walking from a car into a building or vice versa. They appear to have dressed themselves warmer than they did the child. Lack luster parenting in my opinion.

  9. traveler says


    I totally agree. You hear Tom constantly singing the praises of Suri and Nicole just gushing over Sunday, but neither one really mentions Connor or Isabella. They never say how proud they are of them or how great they are. It’s sad and disturbing. I think more than it being adopted vs. biological, it has more to do with the fact that Tom is married to Suri’s mother and Nicole is married to Sunday’s father, so those children live with the parents full time while Isabella and Connor aren’t with any parent consistently. Still, it’d be nice to hear them gush over the adopted kids sometimes because it does appear that they don’t care as much about them. Although, I’m sure they do.

    Regardless, I do feel for Isabella and Connor, as I do with most kids in their situation. They probably feel like the odd ones out in the family. At least they have each other. I have a feeling that as adults, they’ll be closer to each other than they are to either parent.

  10. uoykcillli says

    #10 Anon – do you really think tights and a sweater is enough for a 4 month old in 40 degree weather???? Because that’s what it was in Paris yesterday. That kid should have a jacket and a hat on.

  11. Kelli says

    Free Connor and Isabella!!!

    While babies are always a joyous event. It kind of troubles me the way both Tom and Nicole seem to show nothing but adoration for their biological children but rarely even speak of the two they have adopted. Nicole’s gushing over Sunday is grating me because she acts like a first time mother and I feel like somebody needs to remind her of the fact that she actually has two other kids. AND I feel that they are both making things look bad for adopted kids – as if they couldn’t hold a candle to biological kids.

    I’m not really a fan of Marie Osmond but I recall Donny once saying that when people ask her which of her children were adopted and which she gave birth to she would simply say, “Oh, I can’t remember!” Very very cool.

  12. Liv says

    #2 I agree! She does appear a bit uncomfortable with holding the baby. Awkward even! I’m surprised she’s not “wearing” her kid.

  13. Candy says

    Sunday is so adorable & those little shoes awww..& please give nicole a break…i guess she knows how to hold a baby she’s not 17 …

  14. ELIE TAYLOR says

    When they go to the museum she uses a sling for the
    baby.. and what about Conner and Isebella.. sound like
    she is happy ..

  15. anon says

    honestly Niloofar,must you have to compare her with KHC?
    the baby has sweater on and tights,are those not enough to satisfy you…..please…..yeah

  16. Niloofar says

    at least, There should be a hat for the baby,look at nicole,
    she has everything, scarf,a warm coat and a jacket…..

    Another KATIE HOLMES…….. lol

  17. Cheetah says

    a 4 months old baby is easy to hold! its not heavy at all. The reason why is most likely becouse she is afraid to make a mistake with all the camera’s on her face!

  18. Wow! says

    I think that jacket is unconfortable to hold the baby, looks like it’s too tight. She could also use a sling. I think Nicole is beautiful but unfortunately too much botox. Her face lost a lot of expression. You only need to see pics or videos from 5 years ago. Totally different smiles. Sunday is adorable!

  19. RachieUK says

    This woman is so ridiculously beautiful lol….it makes me so jealous!! her baby is a cutie too. haha my uncle once took her and keith to the dorchester hotel in london in his cab, and she tried to pretend she was a lookalike!! the doorman saying ‘good evening miss kidman’ was kinda a giveaway tho…lol.

  20. ajinomotto says

    Because the baby is getting heavier for her,#2.The baby is getting so big and plump,and it has been a long time since she held an infant.
    Maybe she needs Keith hold her baby.

  21. Just me says

    I know I shouldn’t pick because Nicole does sound extremely happy with her CUTE baby … but … why does she always look so uncomfortable holding her?

  22. Ronnie says

    sunday is adorable.

    but it keeps remindingg me of ‘sundae’s [ice cream]

    hope to see australia:)
    i loved baz’s romeo and juliet.

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