Angelina Takes Maddox Toy Shopping


Angelina and son Maddox looked remarkably normal as they enjoyed a toy-shopping excursion together in New Orleans.

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  1. mthrethel says

    Shade it anyway you want.? Homewreaker no matter how beautiful is still a homewreaker.I like women and men.this women needs helps.

  2. oriana says

    Now Granny, I KNOW you can cook for there has been too much yummy food at your house! Yes, of course, all of us wish we had and could afford a Cook, but that doesn’t mean we can’t cook. It also sounds crazy to say that the best thing someone can cook is a bowl of cereal!

    traveler, I know you are a big fan of this family, you defend them all the time. Yes, there are better and healthier things to eat than pasta, beans, and grilled cheese sandwiches. But they are better than those bags of Cheetos those kids wag around all the time!

    In the South, where I was raised, there wasn’t a huge techniqe to putting a chicken in a pot, some potatoes on to boil. surely she knows how to do that! Chop up some tomatoes, cucumbers, fix a salad for Brad and the kids sometimes! Surely she has heard of scrambling eggs, and nothing tastes better than a good scrambled egg sandwich! Can’t complain about that surely! And to me, beans are full of protein and are healthy for you.

    My husband is Polynesian, he loves rice and I think those kids would too, the sugary cereals constantly aren’t that good for a person, at least that is what the doctors have written about, I don’t know!

  3. says

    Well, I have a kitchen – it came with the house. That’s what the sign in my kitchen states. I also tell people that my next house will not have a kitchen, just a row of microwaves and mini-refridgerators.

    I cooked when my kids were little, or we would have starved. Now that the nest is empty, we rarely cook. And I don’t miss it. We usually eat Schwaan meals and such. I hate cooking and would hire it done if I had Heidi’s resources.

  4. traveler says


    Well, I’m sure she can make a fruit salad. All there is to that is cutting up fruit. Maybe the cereal comment was tongue in cheek because she’s not a very good cook. Anyone can make pasta, rice, or grilled cheese, but maybe that’s the extent of her cooking skills. After all, before she became famous and had tons of money, she certainly had to feed herself. Still, pasta, rice, and grilled cheese is not the best diet for little growing bodies and minds. Therefore, a cook probably comes in handy.

    Certainly hard working women both cook, work, and find time to spend with their kids. But if you ask anyone of them, they’d gladly get a cook if they could afford one because they could spend even more time with their kids. The more time you can spend with your kids, the better in my opinion.

  5. laila says

    she doesn’t have much of a belly because she had what she herself referred to as a mommy tuck after the twins

  6. Analise says

    Angelina has always been beautiful and still is. I have absolutely no clue who that one poster is referencing as a fat child. NONE of the Jolie-Pitt kids are fat.

  7. oriana says

    traveler, there is nothing wrong with having a Cook, nothing at all, but I do find it kind of strange that she can’t fix anything better than cereal, if that wasn’t taken out of context. There are many hard working mothers, really hard working, much more than her, that cook, and spend quality time with their kids too. If a person wants six kids, then learn how to cook some things, that is only common sense to me. How hard it is to learn how to fix a pot of rice, or beans for that matter? I do love both! Or fix a nice fruit salad, no excuse for not knowing how to do that!

    Niloofar, you are a sweetie, glad you are on here and I enjoy you very much my Dear!

  8. traveler says


    What’s wrong with a cook? If I had the money, I’d definitely hire one. I hate cooking. It’s boring. I wish I could afford to have someone else do it for me. And think about all the time she has to spend with her kids because she’s not stuck in front of a stove for 2 hours in the evening.

  9. Niloofar -1993-IRAN says

    hi, hope you have a nice time……
    I really like your last comment, of course I like all your
    comments 🙂

  10. oriana says

    Thank you Deeds my dear Friend! Hope you aren’t freezing up there!

    Why she can’t cook, something, is beyond me! I don’t care if she is a movie star, lots of celebs cook even if they do have nannies, whatever. Anyone can fix spaghetti, meatloaf, tuna casserole, scramble eggs, Oh well, at least us common folks can!! Fix a grilled cheese sandwich for God’s sake!!!!!!

  11. traveler says


    Trust me. I’m sure they have a cook. And don’t worry about the kids, they eat just fine. AJ said in a recent interview that she’s started a healthier diet and the rest of the family is following along. It’s good to hear that she cares about her health and that of her family. In fact, she probably eats a lot better than I do because she has a cook that knows exactly which foods to make and which to avoid. Whereas, I have to do research to find that out.

  12. Eli says

    Angelina would look better with an additional 10 or 15 lbs of muscle. Hopefully after the twins graduate to the bottle, she will take the steps necessary to put on muscle mass in her legs and arms.

  13. Anne says

    She has 6 children and Brad says she doesn’t cook-good grief. What do the kids eat-junk food or a cook in the kitchen?

  14. oriana says

    I have to say Kudos to Brad! I have always said I think he is the “weak Link” in the family and I haven’t changed my mind about that, sorry Nicki, you know I love you dearly! But, after hearing out of his own mouth today about how he hates the paps, which is what I have also always said, there is no way, no way at all, they are publicity seeking whores as has been stated by others, I have never thought so, they would love to never have their picture taken again, as much as they have endured with zero privacy. I am glad Brad came out and was blunt in his statement about it. The paps are vultures and the laws should be much stricter. I still blame them for the tragedy with Princess Diana and what a waste!!!!

  15. oriana says

    Hello Ladies, a big Hug to you Niloofar! All in all, Angie looks healthy and happy. I wish that for all of us!

  16. laila says

    this is her normal size when she’s preggers she looks fuller and more voluptuous bu I think she looks great and so does Maddox.

  17. traveler says

    I don’t think she looks thin at all. She even has a belly on her. Her arms are thin, but that’s about it. Even her legs look a little thick and you can tell she has hips. She looks a lot healthier now than she did after her mom died.

    bambamswife: Just because she’s different from you, doesn’t make her abnormal. Just different. I’m sure my life is a lot different than yours. Does that make me abnormal also? With the exception of all the money, travel, and paparazzi, she seems to have a pretty normal life to me. She’s just a mom taking one of her kids out shopping.

  18. says

    I believe she is one of those naturally super thin women like my sister that we all curse as we start our next diet.

    I agree. No body’s arms are as bad as Madonna’s.

  19. Just me says

    I agree Oriana … if you looked at everything but the arms, she looks really good … and happy.
    I hate to say it, but give her some time and everything else will shrink, too, after she’s done breast feeding for a while. I just think with all those kids, the movies, traveling, she just wears herself out.

  20. says

    Maybe she’s purposely looking thin (gone too overboard) too shut the yappers up who keep saying that she’s pregnant again. She definitely does NOT look pregnant again!!!!!

  21. oriana says

    Frankly I don’t think she looks bad at all, she has those boney veiny arms but so do lots of actresses or celebs. Madonna’s are the worst I have seen, she looks like a freak!

  22. Dnice says

    She is beautiful but I can’t say that I find her sexy unless I met her myself. Her body wasn’t always like this…she had a nice look during her Tomb Raider days. She is bony and frail…her face is flawless but if you took her head off..that body could belong to a 60 year old.

  23. clara says

    I think if she was able to keep weight on (not easy for everyone believe it or not) she would still be breastfeeding.

  24. Niloofar says

    Jackie-come on, her lips are beautiful,…..
    and she isn’t disgusting, she is just alittle thin, I think
    her tummy is ok, don’t forget that, a few months ago she was pregnant….

  25. Jackie says

    She’s disgusting- Look at that body! She looks like skeletor! I don’t know why just because she has huge freakish lips people think she’s beautiful. It boggles my mind.

  26. says

    finally a picture of angie and one of her adorable children keep em coming webmistress

    by any chance do you know any websites or links of a recent photo of shiloh

    please tell me thanks

  27. accalia says

    She is a naturally thin woman. Some people just cant help it. Jeez. I love her dress. Maddox is getting so big! I remember when Angie used to carry him in her arms every where.

  28. bambamswife says

    She’s got more problems other than her weight. She looks like Elvira. She never wears anything nice. No, I take that back. I thought she looked beautiful for one award show_ in a gray dress. She was very elegant and gracious. It was Brad’s night for Babel, and she stayed in the backround when he was being interviewed. I still can’t stand jolie. She is a wonderful actress and I give her credit for that, but one weird person and extremely abnormal in her life.

  29. excuse me says

    stop obsessing about this woman’s weight even if she looks like a needle it’s her problem, i do love her dress

  30. Collette uk says

    It would take it out of her runing round al day she looks so happy+relaxed here cant wait 4 mre pics viv+knox x

  31. Jessica says

    Ummm Big Blomba, are you referring to Shiloh? I don’t know what you’re seeing but that girl is not fat, she just has chubby cheeks.

    She seriously needs to take 30 mins of the day and do arm and leg lifts because she has absolutely no definition what so ever.

    I like Mad’s shoes.

  32. Wow! says

    I think Angelina was a really hot girl. Now she is beautiful, I don’t doubt it, but in my opinion if she can put on weight, just some pounds, she could be back in her best look. I think trying to loose the baby weight too fast it results that you loose weight in some areas which were fine before. I think she’s got chicken legs now and very skinne arms…

  33. Bethany says

    She is looking back like her thin self….I really wish she would keep some weight on her. I think she looks much more healthy that way. She just seems kinda sickly to me.

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