Billy Martin Says That His Wife Has No Pregnancy Cravings!



Good Charlotte guitarist Billy Martin shared that his expectant wife, Linzi, doesn’t have any pregnancy cravings! 

“I keep telling my wife, ‘Can I go get you something weird?'” said Billy. “I want to eat ice cream at 1 o’clock in the morning. [The other] night she saw a commercial for chocolate chip cookies and I was like, ‘Please send me to get them.’ But she just said, ‘We’ll get them tomorrow.'” 

With the baby’s birth just nine weeks away Billy is only getting more excited. “We start Lamaze classes after Thanksgiving and the Alice In Wonderland nursery is ready to go.” 

Though they know the sex of the baby, they’ve decided to keep it quiet, only telling “family and friends.” And they’ve tackled what Billy calls “the hardest part” – picking out a name. 

Adding his own painting expertise to the baby’s space Billy has created, “a bunch of water color paintings that are framed. In addition to writing and illustrating a children’s book, which will be out next year, Billy says he’ll opt for reading the baby classics like Good Night Moon, Doctor Seuss, and anything illustrated by his “favorite artist” Gris Grimly.



  1. Midge says

    I think it’s so sweet that he wants to go out and get his wife whatever she wants whenever she wants it. That rocks! And, him helping decorate the nursery is super sweet. I love to hear about hands-on parents.

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