The Cruise & Beckham Families Out For Dinner In New York City


Tom, Katie, Suri, Isabella, and Connor joined the Beckham family as they left Tom and Katie’s apartment to head out to dinner at Il Cantinori in New York City on Wednesday evening.

Splash News Online


  1. oriana says

    #8, I saw them on a TV show a few years ago in their home in England. He sounded as bad as Ozzy Osbourne does! Ha! She was flipping around the kitchen and telling him she was the Boss and actually said, I am the Boss if I say I am, he just sat there like a lump, a pretty face that can play soccer without any substance to him!

  2. oriana says

    Kids are very cute kids. David is very handsome but when he opens his mouth he sounds dumb to me. She is the Boss in the family and I can’t stand her.

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