Katie Holmes & Victoria Beckham Treat The Kids To A Horse Carriage Ride



Katie Holmes, Suri, Isabella, Victoria Beckham and son Romeo (both not pictured) were snapped taking a horse carriage ride through Central Park in New York City.

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  1. oriana says

    lola, Nicole didn’t run too fast, it took her 10 years and only after Tom filed for divorce. I wish she had gone way before she was forced too. Tom was too strong and more of an influence with the Scientologs weirdos backing him with their lawyers. I like Tom, I love his movies, but he is lost with the brainwashing he is knee deep in, very sad. I do wish Nicole much happiness, she deserves it

  2. jar says

    suri looks spoiled brat here..poor tom and katie..how did u raise her?i don’t like her she olweiz looks mysterious..I WANT SHILOH PICS pls….

  3. lola says

    Honestly,look what has Tom done to these girls 🙂
    Come near Tom and see what happens…..you’ll become some bored, nasty ,dull creature on the face of the earth!!!!
    Also,am happy for Nic,she ran so fast and so far away….

  4. says

    omg im gonna laugh when suris a teenager and she cant get anything she wants haha suri is so greedy that a friggin 2 year old is getting everything she wants she wont wear pants in th friggin winter shes a smart ass already..you could tell in her face that shes a smart ass and ALWAYS get her own way suri needs some parental control

  5. ajinomotto says

    Isabella Jean Cruise is going to be a fine young woman,she is in her teenager stage,she could have more than pimples.She is growing,and seems to be content with the family.
    And for heaven’s can we just not mention the scientology crap,it doesn’t even exist.Religion is about believing in God.
    All children are beautiful in each everyway they are created.People just don’t like Suri,because of her family.
    And this is more ashame.

  6. Mary says

    its bad enough suri is a mini-katie, but isabella is morphing into katie too! look at that hair! poor nicole

  7. Ashley says

    i am never sick of seeing this child
    she is the most adorable celeb child here
    people are intitled to there opinions and if you have nothing nice to say on this picture…..why even comment

    for gods sake this is a child people should not critisize her or her parents….everyone knows ho hard it is to raise children but not all of you know how to raise children in the spotlight

    so if you hve nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all!!!!!!!!

  8. Bethany says

    Wow…what a happy family outing they are having! NOT! Looks like Suri should get some sleep at night instead of being hauled around as a photo op for mom and dad. And maybe Katie needs to carry around a security blanket instead of using Suri as her security object. Good grief. All I can say for Isabella is…poor girl. Having to spend the day with them.

  9. ice says

    What a perfect chance for the Cruises and the Beckhams to do another photo op. The two most attention-needy celeb couples out together

  10. url says

    #15 to ‘anus-tear’ and #9 stupid Kay

    There’s a difference is having room for all the celebs versus every other picture being of Suri and/or Katie. And who made you two generals of this site? We can make comments as we like, just like you care to do.
    Oh! But if you don’t like the comments of others, you tell them to somewhere else… How fair of you. Hmm. I smell hypocrites.
    I’ll you what: If you don’t our comments, YOU GO somewhere else, Coward Kay.

  11. anonymous says

    Unfortunately we’ll be seeing a lot more of that family in the weeks to come because Tom has a crappy movie coming out at Christmas. The sight of that man makes my skin crawl.

  12. oriana says

    Poor Bella! She looks like her face is breaking out and looks like a boy to me. With all of Tom’s millions, he can afford some good face cream for her, I am sure there are some Scientol kooks that are dermatologists.

  13. onatear says

    There’s room in here for allll the celebs. IF you don’t like one particular family, just go on to the next picture. Geeeze, what is so hard about that? I’m wondering why this bunch looks a little tired and grouchy? Have they just overeaten, or…are they SICK OF THE ‘Razzi? Bet it’s the latter.

  14. Freya says

    if that’s the case, every single tabloid or celebrity related site must be run by scientologists!

  15. Jem says

    Pibi are we looking at the same child here? Suri – cutest girl on the planet??? have u met every child on the planet?…

    I honestly don’t get the attraction, she doesn’t appeal to me at all. Get rid of that fringe (bangs) and grow out her hair then maybe she could possibly pass for OK.

  16. pibi says

    the haters are getting ridicolous by the day ! Suri is the cutest little girl on the planet and you know people! stop being sooo jealous of her and her family ! Kingston , Violette , Shi, are all cute kids But nothing of special …GET IT !

  17. Kay says

    If you want to boycott the site because you’re sick of seeing pics of Suri, here’s the solution…don’t come here at all!

  18. Razzi says

    Let’s not comment on any Suri / Katie photos as a display of boycotting the webmistress’ obsession with them.
    Anyone in? The more comments we make, the more she thinks they’re in demand.

  19. Eli says

    As much Cruise photos/coverage makes me wonder if this site is run by someone in the Cruise entourage or a Scientologist?

  20. accalia says

    Conner was there also, as well as the other two Beckham boys. I love little Suri. Could she be any cuter.

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