The Beckham Family In New York City


David and Victoria Beckham, along with their boys, Brooklyn, 9, Romeo, 6, and Cruz, 3, were snapped visiting Tom and Katie’s apartment in New York City on the day before Thanksgiving. After dropping off their three sons, David and Victoria along with Tom Cruise and Isabella and Connor, all went to the Gerard Shoenfeld Theatre to watch Katie Holmes perform in All My Sons this evening. 

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  1. Dnice says

    They gave Romeo the right name…he is a little heartbreaker. I think he looks like Victoria.

  2. Muah says

    ok honestly a bra? I mean if she was coming over to my house to visit with my husband and I – I’d be like umm what the heck wear a bra. lol.

  3. says

    I know. >>> taking that much time to get ready must be some serious work! She has got to have a nanny there and a maid. I’m guessing full time. I couldn’t look this good without one (them)!

  4. L.Lodhi says

    I wonder how long it takes them all to get ready in the mornings especially posh. Ive never seen her dressed down and I couldnt imagine spending so much time each and every day getting dressed up like that.

  5. mommy-of-two-girls says

    cute, romeo and his mom seem to have the same hair style.
    #2 i agree, he is so hot until he speak or laughs. the grumpy face really works for him.

  6. Collette uk says

    Please put some weight on victoria you luk so much healthier +am i the only 1 who doesnt like david at all in any way lol x

  7. BO 09 says

    Beautiful Family! I Love how the boys are dressed! The jordans, the t shirts under their shirts! I love it! That is how I dress, but I have hair and wear earrings! LOL

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